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From Twitter 03-10-2010

  • 07:37:17: @Psymin1 That's been there since before the "new" interface, actually.
  • 07:41:25: @WhitlockJason What about us old cats that grew up on Public Enemy, before Flav became a step'n'fetch?
  • 07:42:49: @AnimePlanet If you didn't know that going in, you haven't been doing your homework. :(
  • 07:43:40: @burning_phoneix WTF? Is that why it was cut off? I know the latest one was recent.
  • 07:53:25: @sportsguy33 This is screwed up, but... I almost feel sorry for him.
  • 07:54:28: @WhitlockJason How is 71 wins good for women's sports? That's like saying US vs. Canada women's hockey is good. "We have no competition!"
  • 08:30:50: This just in: Steve Stamkos is becoming an elite player in the NHL (40-34-74), and no one's noticing because he plays in Tampa.
  • 08:41:44: Corey Haim: Another Dead, Stupid Celebrity. Parents, don't let your kids become child stars. You stupid pimps.
  • 10:01:12: The Clippers' press release is really, really shitty. The problem wasn't Dunleavy. The problem was D. Sterling, and he's not going away.
  • 10:43:19: @burning_phoneix Are you talking about the author or the mods?
  • 10:45:21: @burning_phoneix Then the forum admin is a fag. Did the guy writing take it somewhere else?
  • 10:49:38: @burning_phoneix Where did the OS admin kill the story, exactly?
  • 10:54:22: @burning_phoneix So because of one dipshit, he cut it down? That's stupid. And this is coming from someone who was once compared to Himmler.
  • 10:56:26: @burning_phoneix And killed Hurst's thread as a result? Again, stupid. I'd have at least whitelisted a few acceptable stories.
  • 11:12:44: @burning_phoneix And he did this with no warning? Like, "get it together or I will"?
  • 11:13:09: @Psymin1 This makes me wonder if some of the vitriol I had against me at FESS was warranted.
  • 11:23:33: Thanks, beautiful. #nomah
  • 11:24:10: @burning_phoneix We don't know what their orders were, to be fair. But yeah, he has the stink of someone who's powerful, and abuses it.
  • 11:24:19: @burning_phoneix I... wasn't like that, was I?
  • 12:58:48: @Psymin1 I used to run a Fire Emblem based website/forum. I'll let @burning_phoneix and @DHGFAileen explain my administrative style.
  • 13:18:13: @sportsguy33 DUNLEAVY! DUNLEAVY!
  • 13:45:43: @SPBowley I should hope so! Good show. *tips hat*
  • 13:50:47: Currently playing College Hoops 2K8. In the NEC Championship. At home, against Robert Morris. I swear, this is a coincidence!
  • 14:03:27: @AnimePlanet Aha! Someone read the Games Radar orgasm that posed as a review!
  • 14:09:16: @AnimePlanet Metacritic = 82 avg. The fact that that seems low says all we need to say about modern game journalism. It's a travesty.
  • 14:11:13: @AnimePlanet No, these companies accept advertising or advance copies from Squeenix. They do what they're told, and they're told score high.
  • 14:40:27: @lukekarrys I would think that physically impossible. Even for really good earbuds like I wear with my iPod classic.
  • 14:40:47: @lukekarrys The sound is too focused on your eardrum. I know if I wear mine for a long time, it always hurts.
  • 15:50:09: Something I don't get while reading comments in Malkin's blog: The melding "anti-war" with "anti-American". These people are confused.
  • 15:50:56: I'm against the war. I was against the war when I was IN the war. Does that make me anti-American?
  • 16:08:11: @Psymin1 It's a good game, but it's not "greatest of all time" like some say. It's the king of a small field. And easily gameable.
  • 17:31:23: Forget the NCAA Tournament. Does UCONN even make the NIT after this season?
  • 17:50:52: Joe Lunardi of ESPN has Quinnipiac against Syracuse in Braketology. I think they're trying to get @SPBowley and I to duel, Aaron Burr style.
  • 18:13:45: @BigSamTweets They were allowed for awhile until the admin decided that a few were enough to ruin it for everyone. Superbus X 1000.
  • 18:22:39: @burning_phoneix No, because I never would. I would handle the problem children. I'm an asshole, he's an INCOMPETENT asshole.
  • 18:25:14: @burning_phoneix Negative! I would have just personally policed the for-- oh. Shit, I got nothin'. :(
  • 21:43:18: The definition of heartbreak: 52-50. #quinnipiac
  • 21:45:11: The definition of annoyance: being stuck in QU's garage for 20 minutes (and counting) afterwards.
  • 21:47:32: The definition of horseshit: all the fairweather fans high-tailing out the moment Feldeine's shot was blocked. Don't bother coming, guys.
  • 22:32:48: @JVB The site is, but I'm not. I couldn't swing it financially.
  • 22:34:43: @BigSamTweets You know what, though? Beck wasn't too bad before. Fox News ruined him.
  • 22:35:42: @JVB Same here, but the hotel + everything else would have killed me.
  • 22:44:34: Rooting for a basketball team can be very, very stressful. Basketball is too up-and-down. Hockey, you pretty much know where you stand.
  • 22:58:20: Cinncinatti's coach reminded me of Gerry McNamara. Looked him up; unsurprisingly, he's coaching now. He was made to be a coach.
  • 22:58:34: I also maintain that Gerry McNamara might be the most underrated college player of my lifetime.
  • 23:20:02: @mrscottericson You mean like those people that left the building the moment Feldeine's shot was blocked? It was disgraceful.

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