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From Twitter 03-11-2010

  • 08:16:19: @Aitherion POSSIBLE, but make sure you're wearing rubber soled shoes.
  • 08:18:26: Holy CRAP, @ValleyIndy and @mozactly are ALL OVER the Botti case in Shelton. This is a MUST READ for CT residents: http://bit.ly/9WU0Qd
  • 08:21:11: @burning_phoneix It could be argued that modders are better mapmakers than Valve. The difference is that Valve uses their work.
  • 08:31:12: @burning_phoneix Let me finish some of my DHGF stuff first. Raidy review, editing + PSN column tonight, then MLB The Show.
  • 08:59:52: RT @dmataconis: RT @veritasthorn: RT @cbsatl: School Prom Off After Lesbian's Date Request http://bit.ly/amI3kO //absolutely despicable
  • 09:01:06: If we're going to ban things that make people uncomfortable, let's ban religion. These nutballs are making me VERY uncomfortable lately.
  • 09:07:47: "Due to overwhelming demand, all of our learn to curl sessions are full" How many of the New Curlers will stick around past six months?
  • 09:51:19: Spring seems to be here. If my house would catch up without me running the heat, it would be better.
  • 10:37:17: @burning_phoneix That's MPH, too. Driving in Saudi Arabia almost made me religious.
  • 10:39:25: @burning_phoneix Same dif.
  • 10:40:07: @burning_phoneix Essentially, driving in the desert countries is dangerous. Horrifically.
  • 10:41:55: @burning_phoneix And the UAE was horrifying. What the fuck are you people in Saudi Arabia using? Jet packs!?
  • 11:09:10: @dmataconis I loved that harpy trying to browbeat him. She's really something.
  • 12:11:01: @jlist It's strange. I hated Raidy 1, but I'm really excited for this one.
  • 12:17:40: @jlist That actually hits a lot of checkmarks of what I hated about Raidy 1! Outstanding!
  • 12:30:00: @motherpucker Don't discount my own team: the Canucks. My brethren are insane.
  • 12:34:16: The difference in quality between NEC basketball and Big East basketball is astounding. Like different games.
  • 12:45:36: I like the way Syracuse moves the ball. If they get a #1 seed, they're by far the most vulnerable, but they're still really good.
  • 12:51:47: @lukekarrys Kansas.
  • 12:58:24: On @jephjacques's website, there's an add for a "geek dating" website. I bet there's about a 10000:1 male/female ratio. Tempted to find out.
  • 13:23:10: @WhitlockJason If you're using TweetDeck, I think the portable version shortens URLs automatically as well.
  • 13:43:15: @twelveicings Like you wouldn't wear a Calgary bikini if someone got it for you. XD
  • 13:45:07: There's nothing worse than seeing a senior on the floor with a recurring knee injury.
  • 14:07:26: There goes Syracuse's #1 seed.
  • 14:09:05: @twelveicings VERY tacky. I figured your love of the Flames superceeded that. XD (FTR: They really do suck)
  • 14:25:13: @lukekarrys Kentucky has the talent, but it's a moot point now that Syracuse has lost anyway.
  • 15:08:09: So does this thing with Erik Massa officially become Ticklegate?
  • 15:20:59: @JVB Too expensive. There had better be some killer apps or it will DOA.
  • 15:21:59: Politics have become ruined because everyone has their own sandbox, and spends all their time throwing sand at the other boxes. #tiot
  • 15:23:34: RT @the_jaded_jd: Folks, the reason the Founders set Congress up to make it so hard to get anything passed is that they didn't want Cong ...
  • 15:24:41: @WhitlockJason Didn't she also do Syracuse vs. Georgetown? She's great.
  • 15:48:42: Steve Stamkos has 16G and 15A in his last 17 games. That's OBSCENE.
  • 15:50:23: NHL Network just showed a Billy Mays commercial! I miss Billy. :(
  • 16:23:07: One positive thing about the lesbian that got her prom cancelled for DARING to offend Jesus: Smith College just got a new student!
  • 16:23:38: (Before anyone gives me shit: That's a compliment all-around. Ease off, feminists. I'm on your side)
  • 16:27:16: Oh my GOD. The hooking call last night in West Haven vs. Darien was... I'm embarrassed.
  • 17:18:31: @twelveicings @citronmint Yes, if you need a distraction, FF XIII is just dumb enough to provide it! But you don't have a PS3, so...
  • 18:49:47: @SPBowley How many private high schools are in the state? I'm wondering if they need their own conference, like in Massachusetts.
  • 18:50:16: @ErikaS981 In simple terms, what exactly is a cleft palate?
  • 18:50:55: @citronmint @twelveicings Well, FFXIII will be hours of distraction, though I question the quality... XD But since you don't own a PS3/360..
  • 18:51:05: @citronmint wait, what DO you own? XD
  • 18:51:40: @SPBowley That's common, I think they did it at West Haven yesterday for hockey, too.
  • 20:16:24: RT @dmataconis: Anyone who supports the National ID Card idea is an enemy of freedom. #It'sJustThatSimple
  • 20:17:33: (To add my own .02, that includes people that are too ignorant to see what the purpose really is. Ignorance is no excuse, especially in '10)
  • 20:41:00: @burning_phoneix To be fair, I didn't think Academy of Champions sounded promising, either.
  • 21:04:26: What the FUCK is with everyone wanting me to state my location anytime I say anything? Is Twitter and Facebook assuming everyone is a moron?
  • 21:04:38: (Don't answer the last one... keep my faith in humanity intact...)\
  • 21:09:16: @ToplessRobot What... IS happening in FFXIII? Heavy Rain is less pretentious than this game.
  • 21:53:31: @burning_phoneix Does your country even have traffic laws to violate?
  • 22:17:41: @twelveicings He's still in the league!?

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Mar. 12th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
If we're going to ban things that make people uncomfortable, let's ban religion. These nutballs are making me VERY uncomfortable lately.

Seriously. There have been too many "uncomfortable" incidents as of late. *is disgusted*
Mar. 12th, 2010 04:20 pm (UTC)
12:58:24: On @jephjacques's website, there's an add for a "geek dating" website. I bet there's about a 10000:1 male/female ratio. Tempted to find out.

Dare you to sign up as a woman and see what happens.
Mar. 12th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
Only if I can use Aileen's photo. XD
Mar. 12th, 2010 07:03 pm (UTC)
Mar. 12th, 2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
eh? sounds amusing
I'll find out, what's the link
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