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From Twitter 03-12-2010

  • 07:44:20: @Psymin1 Don't worry. I'll have that well in mind come review time.
  • 07:45:33: @Psymin1 This is the Bizzaro Big East.
  • 07:59:27: @jlist Especially if Japan bans those childish images like they've been talking about!
  • 08:15:32: @citronmint You should get into Etrian Odyssey, then! It's distracting, and requires map drawing. XD
  • 08:38:46: RT @dmataconis: This may be the best news I've read about the Tea Parties in some time. The Evangelicals think they're too secular http: ...
  • 08:40:57: “There’s a libertarian streak in the tea party movement that concerns me as a cultural conservative” No shit, Sherlock! That's the point!
  • 11:08:41: @citronmint It's the latest Shin Megami Tenshi DS game. It's OUTSTANDING, especially for SRPG fans.
  • 11:12:42: @Samarecarm Awesome! So she gets hit, right into a pit! :(
  • 11:12:57: @citronmint SISSY! >:[
  • 11:16:59: @citronmint I prefer the term "old school". 8D
  • 11:21:52: @citronmint It's based off of Akalabeth! That's older than I am! :(
  • 11:23:12: ... @citronmint has just given me a very evil idea. >:D
  • 11:43:20: @jim_sterling You posted Ekans porn. How much worse does this get?
  • 12:15:00: @Samarecarm I might want to "borrow" you. XD
  • 12:38:05: @Samarecarm Check the Twitter LJ entry from yesterday. XD
  • 16:18:21: Ah, crap... it sucks when you write something, then do a notes process on it and find it fights with what you wrote earlier. :(
  • 16:23:49: See, this is why I dislike fiction. I'm going to have to really build Kurt's history to keep things consistent. Looks like I have research..
  • 16:28:46: That also is going to involve having his "history" with me at all times as I write. AND the history of the other "characters" as well. Oy.
  • 23:01:07: @jephjacques This wouldn't happen to be at Osaka, would it?
  • 23:02:21: @jephjacques Oh wait, you're in Seattle. My bad.
  • 23:23:43: I am currently doing my "Carmine's Pizza Is Really Fucking Good" dance.
  • 23:27:41: @twelveicings You just noticed that? It MADE that goal. I could watch that goal all day, every day. <3
  • 23:31:03: @twelveicings What's sad is that in his first NHL game back, Crosby remembered that he was a diving little faggot. :(
  • 23:37:16: @twelveicings Unless Pittsburgh gets bounced early one year and he's in the World Championships. XD

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