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From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 09:21:11: @burning_phoneix BLASPHEMER >:[
  • 09:23:16: People talk about conserving spending and cutting back government, then realize that it also affects things they like, too. That stops 'em.
  • 09:23:41: Long story short, I wonder if the old saying is true for most people: "Everyone's a libertarian until their house is on fire"
  • 11:48:21: I find the comments on @WhitlockJason's latest article telling. I'll bet most of these people saying "hang her!" were drunken frat boys @ 19
  • 11:49:18: @Psymin1 Oh SNAP, son, looks like @JVB got 'ya!
  • 12:40:36: http://bit.ly/adoDXp - QU making history! I wish I could have been there, but that's a four hour drive. Damn QU for having a weak season!
  • 12:50:33: @twelveicings Wouldn't it be better just to put that money towards a MacBook?
  • 12:53:53: @SPBowley Is her reaction revulsion? Is it patently obvious that there won't be a second date?
  • 12:56:50: @SPBowley Well, shit. I guess that answers my question.
  • 13:20:23: @SPBowley My fiancee is Chinese, she was taught to be the same way. They'll finish that date, and she'll politely refuse any further advance
  • 13:31:38: @Psymin1 Yes, but it also requires a monthly fee. This is my not-happy face. :(
  • 15:38:45: @burning_phoneix Woah, hold the phone... wha?
  • 15:40:56: @burning_phoneix I don't like censorship either, though. Even if it's something I would NEVER EVER EVER WATCH.
  • 15:43:08: @burning_phoneix But "otaku" are forgetting something: this stuff might not be technically legal in America, depending on location.
  • 15:46:19: @burning_phoneix It's like everyone forgot about what happened to Christopher Handly. Or think it can't happen to them.
  • 15:46:59: @burning_phoneix In short: Censorship VERY bad, but Funimation would have been morons to leave it in.
  • 15:50:25: @thelostlolli Hon, I'm Captain Open Source, and even I have to say that Word's better.
  • 15:52:20: I think I'm the only white guy in America that likes listening to Dead Prez.
  • 15:57:28: @ErikaS981 Where the hell did he get that spoiler, a science fiction movie's set?
  • 16:02:35: @burning_phoneix No, because I don't think the sexual aspect is really the key here; remember Sailor Moon, for example. Besides...
  • 16:02:54: @burning_phoneix if people really want lolicon, there are LOADS of places to find it.
  • 17:39:52: @ErikaS981 Oooh, let me know how that place is!
  • 17:42:58: @BigSamTweets Yes, but you either have to be for or against censorship. You can't just pick and choose.
  • 17:51:10: @BigSamTweets Personally, I think the whole anime is despicable. It's a moe blob in A cup form. But that doesn't mean it should be censored.
  • 17:51:33: @BigSamTweets However, it would be stupid to release it here in America as-is; the Christian right don't need more ammo. So...
  • 17:51:53: @BigSamTweets In a case like this, Funi has two choices. And neither of them are right because American anime fans are fucking morons.
  • 18:08:21: @RaptorOnAMillie That never stopped me from watching Mariah Carey videos!
  • 18:14:02: Dear Avast: Livejournal is not a virus. Please stop assuming so.
  • 18:20:32: @citronmint Don't do that to him! :9
  • 19:36:15: @Samarecarm Oh, we're WELL AWARE of THAT fact! *Looks at Still Alive play count*
  • 19:36:52: @edropple Eidos doesn't get anything. You realize they're Squeenix now, right?
  • 21:04:39: @SPBowley Nothing abnormal here in Derby, but I know that the SW part of the state is getting hammered.
  • 21:04:57: @ErikaS981 Did you do hibachi or regular entrees?
  • 21:42:21: This is confusing. This is apparently the storm of the century, but here in Derby, it's just raining hard.
  • 21:55:50: What's this constant aching and dizziness? Ah, yes... feels like an illness coming on. Bollocks.

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