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From Twitter 03-14-2010

  • 08:57:57: Wait, what the fuck? Clocks went forward?
  • 14:23:21: @Psymin1 Wait, wha? How can you like Detroit AND Chicago?
  • 14:23:52: @Psymin1 And it also gets those managers fired if they're not careful.
  • 14:43:28: Here's a question for my Libertarian bretherin: without public schools, how would X % of children be educated? I don't get your logic.
  • 17:53:25: Syracuse getting a #1 seed is indicative of the Big East's strength. The conference is just the toughest.
  • 17:58:19: Jesus Christ. The only way the NCAA committee can make things easier on Duke is if they also get every player an escort to blow them.
  • 17:59:45: If Alexander Ovechkin isn't suspended at least five games, the NHL is officially the bitch of its best players. He needs to sit.
  • 18:00:46: So the Jets got Ladanian Tomlinson, eh? This is great, but why do I have images of Namath with the Rams dancing through my head...?
  • 18:03:36: Wait a minute: if Kansas is the official #1 seed, then why is Duke playing the play-in winner? Wait, I forgot, the NCAA are whores.
  • 18:20:52: @Psymin1 He violently threw him into the boards head first. Absolutely. You have to hold up on the numbers. And he's a repeat offender.
  • 20:26:50: @Psymin1 Skate got caught? Bullcrap. There was no reason for Ovechkin to extend on a hit to the back. None. Ever.
  • 20:27:12: @Psymin1 This is going to sound meaner than it is, but you never played; you don't understand. You HAVE to lay off the back. Period.
  • 21:16:01: @DHGFPsymin over the plate - it actually screws me up. I have to tell myself to trust myself; see the ball, hit the ball.
  • 21:17:16: @Locs_n_Laughs But this IS what sports is about nowadays. Welcome to the year 2010, man. A bunch of anonymous cowards with keyboards.
  • 21:18:51: David Beckham's injury is heartbreaking. Yes, I said it. Anyone who doesn't believe that has no soul.
  • 21:19:14: @Psymin1 Dude... yeah, that's a good idea. But I've been reffing for 14 years. I know a hit from behind when I see it.
  • 21:23:57: @SPBowley Not EVERY story has a happy ending... especially if you root for the Knicks and are under 40.
  • 21:29:24: @SPBowley God damnit, @YankeeMegInPHL beat me to it!
  • 21:30:58: @Samarecarm Honey, the DS version is night-and-day. It's amazing. Trust me.
  • 21:33:14: @Samarecarm Trust me. It's AMAZING. You want to play it just to experience the story in a new way.
  • 21:38:34: Bad day for college hockey in Connecticut... both Yale and Quinnipiac fell in the ECAC tournament.
  • 21:41:06: 3-0 Vancouver over Calgary in the first! Good news: Vancouver rocks! Bad news: @twelveicings is inaccessible for the rest of the night. :(
  • 21:48:57: The South of my NCAA bracket is going to make or break it; I have upsets galore out there, including Siena and - here's a reach - RMU!
  • 22:02:50: Quinnipiac basketball will play Virginia Tech as an 8 seed (out of 8) in the NIT. Yeesh.
  • 23:06:20: @Psymin1 Torn achillies tendon. He's all but out of the World Cup.
  • 23:40:03: @Psymin1 Anyone can say whether they liked something. But a true pro can look at something and assume who will like it. I disagree with him.

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Mar. 15th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Am I heartless shell of man for liking Aaron Lennon's chances of going to the world cup now?
Mar. 15th, 2010 03:45 pm (UTC)
See, the problem is, I'm not sure Beckham would have been taken anyway. So I'd say no.
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