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From Twitter 03-15-2010

  • 00:29:21: @twelveicings I think that explains Iggy's insane TOI today, actually...
  • 00:39:24: @twelveicings NHL shifts should be :45 in length. That's LONG.
  • 00:49:47: @twelveicings Have you seen Ovie's hit yet?
  • 09:14:32: RT @jdeloma: rt @BreakingNews iPad pre-orders now estimated at over 150,000 http://bit.ly/cvVI2S (GOD, Apple fans are dumb - Bus)
  • 09:21:25: @WhitlockJason To be fair, Jason, your article was rather... presumptuous. For those accusations, I think you need more than hypotheticals.
  • 09:24:17: I would like the LT move beter if the Jets didn't take a massive shit on Thomas Jones's head in the process.
  • 09:28:02: http://bit.ly/crbgm3 (Thanks, @jdeloma) - Connecticut needs revenue. This is NOT the way to go about getting it. Horrible move.
  • 10:05:09: Looking at all the "popular" anime that seems to be coming to America confirms it: Paedophiles are RUINING THE FUCKING MEDIUM.
  • 10:44:41: Does anyone know where I'll be able to watch the Quinnipiac game on Wednesday against Va. Tech?
  • 18:21:14: I've been saying all year: St. Joseph's has no defence. They had Branford beat, but their best defenders are forwards.
  • 18:24:17: Also, dumb move by the CIAC in not switching one of the St. Joes games. This is a home game for Branford without hone ice change.
  • 18:41:40: St. Joseph's 6, Branford 5 (OT). Another goal off a broken play.
  • 18:49:23: Trumbull vs. Amity next at Ingalls. I'd love my former employer to win, but I don't see it. Nit enough skaters.
  • 19:15:35: Amity scored @ 3:41 of 1st. Amity 1, Trumbull 0
  • 19:17:07: Another Amity goal @ 5:08 of 1st. 2-0, Amity. And it's not that close.
  • 19:22:11: Trumbull PP goal @ 7:01 of 1st. 2-1, Amity. But Amity is taking it to Trumbull.
  • 19:25:07: Amity goal @ 8:45-- TRUMBULL goal at 9:03! 3-2! Apparently, roller hockey is a CIAC sport now.
  • 19:32:30: Amity goal w/ :06 left. 4-2 after 1 period.
  • 19:51:53: Amity PP goal, hat trick goal for Joe Bianchi. 5-2, Amity. Worse, John Pritts of Trumbull serving 10 min. misconduct for hit from behind.
  • 19:55:32: I am confident in saying it will be Amity vs. St Jo-- whoops. 6-2, Amity. The rout is on.
  • 19:58:25: Trumbull goal, Zack Usinger on the PP. 6-3, Amity.
  • 20:04:10: Another Amity goal. 7-3.
  • 20:05:42: The definition of horseshit: all the fairweather fans high-tailing out the moment Fe
  • 20:06:43: Correction on 3rd Trumbull goal: it was Cory Watson.
  • 20:10:32: Shot count: 28-12 Amity. This is all but over.
  • 20:21:50: 8-3 Amity after 2. I see no reason to stay for the 3rd.
  • 22:03:43: @twelveicings You don't buy 1st generation Apple hardware! But 150K preorders? Those are some DUMB people.
  • 22:04:23: @Samarecarm Considering the Apple brand is a luxury to most people, no. It's a status symbol. An $800, exploitive status symbol.
  • 22:56:24: @stephensonmc For what? Being destroyed by Vince's marketing machine in the 80s?
  • 23:04:15: @stephensonmc Depends on how you viewed the territories. I say it worked for the WWF. NOT for wrestling.
  • 23:59:48: @twelveicings "Disappointed" is similar to "aw, shucks, we lost". No. A team this good should be FURIOUS right now.

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Mar. 17th, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)
Looking at all the "popular" anime that seems to be coming to America confirms it: Paedophiles are RUINING THE FUCKING MEDIUM.

I don't watch that much anime anymore, but...how about this:

"Looking at anime: Pedophiles are running the fucking the medium!"
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