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From Twitter 03-17-2010

  • 00:37:28: @Psymin1 Beats me! The only thing I can think is that I got it from someone at the rink last night.
  • 00:38:29: @burning_phoneix Why, because he killed FFXIII? I couldn't care less. And really, I enjoy Jim's work, but he's an insufferable asshole.
  • 01:04:44: @burning_phoneix He's very self-righteous and arrogant, though. And there's a few times when he's written very similar articles months...
  • 01:05:11: @superbus or weeks after others wrote the same thing; his article on digital rights was almost cut and pasted from mine a month earlier.
  • 08:17:52: @twelveicings And I think I'M up early! What are you doing up!?
  • 08:49:53: Happy Day Where You Pretend You're Irish So Some Skank Will Give You A Hand Job!
  • 09:37:51: You can tell I bought Mega Man 10 by the words coming out of my mouth: "C'mon, I'm supposed to be better than this" #noeasymodeforme
  • 10:49:11: http://bit.ly/bNoJig - Once again, the NHL proves that they are bumbling morons. People are already hurt! Should have been done before.
  • 11:27:50: Expanding on government rights over civil liberties is A-OK with Democrats, but Obama taking out their pork? That's suddenly unacceptable.
  • 11:30:22: @mrsdanahale Does WINE have a Mac version? They're all Unix based, so it might.
  • 11:56:22: @mrsdanahale I use WINE with Linux. It is NOT user friendly for everyday use, so be advised on that note.
  • 12:07:00: @Psymin1 I don't see the problem. Unless he's offended by the Down's reference, in which case I quote Stripes: "Lighten up, Francis"
  • 12:08:55: @burning_phoneix Before I begin: fantasy draft on or off? I'm on AIM if you need me.
  • 12:31:40: @burning_phoneix Don't look too much into that. You need multiple phones twice: NHL Draft and trade deadline. They're easy to get back.
  • 12:32:15: @burning_phoneix The important things to remember: 1) don't trade recently acquired players, 2) potential is your friend; B and up is good
  • 12:33:03: @burning_phoneix 3) Any player making more than $3m had better be justifying it (either mid-80s and young, or with potential),
  • 12:33:38: @burning_phoneix 4) You can try to bury bad contracts in Binghamton, but 1 way contracts have to go through waivers first.
  • 12:48:18: Looks like i got my Census form, too. "Required to answer by law". Does writing "FUCK YOU" and sending it back count as "answering"?
  • 13:25:19: @jim_sterling But Jim! You have no credibility! You didn't beat one boss in a 40+ hour game, and don't have 100% trophies! Bad! Bad!
  • 14:00:06: @burning_phoneix Latest roster update? Send me a PM on the staff boards with your lines.
  • 20:07:23: @WhitlockJason Bad habit of calling people stupid/dumb. You're supposed to be above that nonsense.
  • 21:21:58: @mrsdanahale You're driven, and have common sense. You'll be fine. Just don't let the system corrupt you.
  • 21:22:20: @WhitlockJason The TweetDeck application, I'm pretty sure, auto-shortens URLs on the iPhone.
  • 21:32:40: @WhitlockJason Not NEARLY on the same level. Olson was given crude remarks. This guy stalked Andrews. Not nearly the same.
  • 21:48:56: @BigSamTweets She'll find out in a few days how much grinding there is. As will I. D:
  • 21:51:27: @mrsdanahale I... have my reservations about the LP, despite being in it. I might just need to see it outside Connecticut.
  • 21:54:29: @Samarecarm Huh? Oh, uh... I don't know what he's talking about. I think I spoke out of turn!
  • 22:43:55: @Samarecarm Teasing! WHY I NEVER! >:[
  • 22:47:40: @Samarecarm :O!!!!! I AM SHOCKED AND APPALED that you would ACCUSE me so! :'(
  • 23:13:00: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: Is there a more poignant pop song in the past 20 years than U2's "One"? I don't think so. (I agree, and I'm tepid on U2)
  • 23:34:01: @twelveicings @kesselsball Don't worry, ladies. The feeling is DEFINITELY mutual. >:D
  • 23:38:02: @Samarecarm You still accuse me... I'm shattered... ;_;

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