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From Twitter 03-19-2010

  • 00:00:18: @SPBowley I'm not so lucky. I had Marquette going to the Final Four.
  • 00:02:07: @SPBowley I wish that game was earlier, if only to be able to take a picture of steam coming from the press box at Ingalls.
  • 00:03:28: @SPBowley You're fucked.
  • 00:12:30: @SPBowley I actually have them moving on! Then again, I screwed up the South something fierce (1 for 4)
  • 03:02:11: @jlist What about stuff like Golgo 13?
  • 03:02:24: @jlist As for your question about ages, I'd say 13's good.
  • 03:16:17: http://nyti.ms/aQxjGZ - Does anyone realize the implications of the Democratic Party "allowing" people to vote no on this bill? *crickets*
  • 03:20:51: No, seriously. Read that last piece. What the NY Times is saying is that Pelosi decides who votes where. What has this country come to?
  • 11:36:19: @PatriotJournal Awesome. What about the anti-American Republicans?
  • 11:39:14: @Psymin1 Wow. In other news, water's wet.
  • 12:40:50: What is this Formspring, and why is everyone asking me to ask them things?
  • 14:03:22: The comments on Debbie Schlussel's expose on Sean Hannity's scam are weird. Do these people not get that she's a conservative pundit?
  • 14:03:58: The ones saying that Hannity stealing from his charity is justified because he helps defeat Democrats are really strange. Prob. Astroturfed.
  • 14:13:35: Siena's getting it done so far against Purdue! MAAC Militants, represent!
  • 18:43:28: Did they move the D1 final? This crowd is HUGE! Too bad only one team showed up. #cthk
  • 19:32:16: To all prospective goaltenders: you are not Martin Brodeur. Stop handling the puck like a defenceman. #cthk

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