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From Twitter 03-21-2010

  • 01:20:42: @jim_sterling That idiot that went off about your trophies again? Please say yes. I need something to laugh at.
  • 01:32:54: @EvanVelez Oh, bullshit. Everything about that post was a malicious attempt to assassinate someone's character to steal his heat for hits.
  • 01:35:24: @EvanVelez So you don't control what goes up with your name on it? You're either spineless or lying.
  • 01:36:11: @jim_sterling Now he's blabbing to me that it wasn't really him. Jim, this is fucking hilarious.
  • 01:39:45: @EvanVelez Assuming this is true, both you AND your editor are spineless AND incompetent. Maybe you should stop talking for awhile, champ.
  • 01:40:16: @EvanVelez And if your site's editorial control is that bad, wow. I mean, WOW. I'd tell you to put out your CV, but after this...
  • 01:47:21: @jim_sterling Old boy seems to forget that Wordpress has a delete function.
  • 01:52:42: @jim_sterling Shit, you're nicer than I was. But he's done talking now, apparently. Too much logic.
  • 02:09:42: @jim_sterling Sir, I don't need to take someone else's heat to get hits on my work. Too much integrity, and better things to write about. :)
  • 02:12:12: @jim_sterling I know. But I'm writing at 3AM EST, and needed to pat my own back.
  • 02:34:06: I have to wonder if I would like Haruhi Suzumiya more if it wasn't for Mikuru. I fucking hate that character with a burning hatred.
  • 02:45:04: @edropple My girlfriend's as into this shit as I am. Therefore, I have nothing holding me back from pure Weeaboo bliss.
  • 02:46:39: @edropple What "squeeing"?
  • 11:25:57: @Jokesound @evan_velez That was something else, yeah: he was in comments, antagonizing everyone. Unless that was the "other editor"
  • 11:38:43: New UTS is up: http://bit.ly/dqTvse This didn't come together quite how I wanted it to, but my point is valid. Bring on the flames!
  • 15:17:08: @Samarecarm HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA
  • 15:20:03: The Stupak deal makes it official: HCR will pass. Women, your rights had to be sacrificed to make it happen. Sorry. Now make me a sandwich!
  • 15:22:42: @Samarecarm Actually, wrong. There's no underscore in the name.
  • 15:34:36: @burning_phoneix Remember the tosser that said Sterling was a bad reviewer because of his PSN trophies?
  • 20:33:15: @burning_phoneix Dualshockers. Let's just say I had some fun with the guy.
  • 20:35:48: @Gruel @Psymin1 Wow... uh, Steamboat vs. Flair says hello.
  • 20:39:20: RT @jim_sterling: http://bit.ly/alL7ZU (Classic. Honestly one of the best parodies I've read in awhile - Bus)
  • 20:40:02: "It's not perfect, but we have to do something"... no. You don't. You get it right the first time, or you don't fucking do it. #hcr
  • 21:04:17: Good on the Twins keeping Mauer! Now, here's the question... who do they surround him with now?
  • 21:07:01: RT @dmataconis: The House of Representatives is mere moments away from passing into law, a bill that the majority of Americans do not ap ...
  • 21:13:46: @PatriotJournal And you're going to do this by putting in the same Neo-Cons who abused it so much during the Bush years?
  • 21:18:18: You FUCKING WHORE. #pelosi
  • 21:19:50: @mrsdanahale I can't watch this anymore. I'm literally screaming at my TV. Time for me to take a time-out.
  • 21:21:16: @mrsdanahale I was. Past tense. I've had it.
  • 21:23:25: RT @NotAndySere: So disappointed in the smoke and mirrors of GOP leadership tonight. Defeat all Dems, and DEFEAT ALL REPUBLICANS.
  • 21:27:31: @burning_phoneix Just read back in my @superbus history to last night. You'll see.
  • 21:28:34: @jim_sterling About a week too late.
  • 21:32:01: @burning_phoneix There's not enough time in the day to go over the things she's doing to my country right now.
  • 21:40:17: @jim_sterling That stinks like a copout to me. This site is run like some Proboards message board who's admin is a 15 year old WoW addict.
  • 21:48:39: @mrsdanahale Is it bad when I think a health care bill is so bad I consider moving back to Canada for a "better" one?
  • 21:56:59: @SPBowley This makes me want to go back to Canada. Seriously. That should say something.
  • 22:07:22: @jdeloma This is why being a video game journalist rules so much. I can say whatever I want politically! <3
  • 22:11:15: @mrsdanahale You answered your own question! Support third parties. Shit, even the GREEN party is preferable.
  • 22:41:03: Now, I look forward to Republicans trying to "repeal" this bill the way they've tried to repeal Roe vs. Wade. The drama never ends.
  • 22:41:17: BTW: I think "repeal" efforts are lip service to the tea parties. That's it.
  • 22:41:57: @mrsdanahale "you still have to BUY it FROM PRIVATE COMPANIES" - Fixed that for you.
  • 22:57:25: @mrsdanahale People argue with me that it's just like auto insurance. As if that's a GOOD thing.
  • 23:08:41: @mrsdanahale Here's a Q for you: say Obama's taken out in '12... what Republican replaces him? (No question they'll be as bad, if not worse)
  • 23:35:14: @Psymin1 >:[

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