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From Twitter 03-22-2010

  • 04:14:09: http://bit.ly/c3gzuF - Apple is actively censoring what you can use on your iPad. That you bought. (via @jperlow)
  • 04:16:24: 4Kids is apparently fucking up -- I mean, licensing anime again. I'm interested in seeing just what they butchered.
  • 05:14:29: @Aitherion Don't know yet. We should find out in a couple of days.
  • 05:17:06: I've had three nosebleeds - bad ones - in an twelve hours. Either I'm dying, or I need more iron.
  • 05:24:49: Reading the Huffington Post today is nauseating. It's one thing to celebrate HCR, but this breathless fellatio is something else.
  • 14:48:43: @Samarecarm They don't care. This was a favour to the HMOs. You know, the ones they're supposed to "punish". This is an HMO wet dream.
  • 14:49:06: @Samarecarm When you start driving, wait until you start shopping for auto insurance. This is the same thing, but you can't choose anything.
  • 15:02:03: http://bit.ly/doFvUL (via @dmataconis) Hear that, everyone? Big Pharma won. Just like we said was going to happen LAST YEAR.
  • 15:04:58: @WhitlockJason Wal Mart prank? Got a link, brother?
  • 15:09:33: Nothing pisses me off more than "liberals" telling me to "sit down" about HCR. @mrsdanahale said it best: King James said that once, too.
  • 15:10:28: And for the record: I'm liberal. In a classic sense, I'm liberal. You modern day people have perverted the term.
  • 15:14:08: @dmataconis It's "GrammarCop", not "GrammerCop" #SpellingNazi
  • 15:22:16: @MikeHassinger It's "hypocrisy" That one always gets screwed up.
  • 15:34:11: @revolver_ Modern day liberals have no interest in free speech. In fact, no side does. They'd rather end debate.
  • 15:35:01: @revolver_ I go to the BBC and the Guardian. Two British sites. That's SAD.
  • 15:38:02: @revolver_ Actually, I think the NY Times has a good look. I linked it earlier.
  • 16:47:27: @dmataconis I am, but that's a general feelings I've had since he's moved to Fox News. I'd line them all up like a carnival game.
  • 19:10:20: @dmataconis In that case, this administration is a success! Look at all those new IRS agents!
  • 20:00:54: We reformed credit card laws to the point where companies found new loopholes + charged MUCH higher premiums than before. It was useless.
  • 20:01:16: Keep that in mind while celebrating our bastardized form of health care reform, which gives all the power to the HMOs.
  • 20:18:03: Rain does interesting things to my hair. I look like Lionel Ritchie right now.
  • 20:48:38: @burning_phoneix They do, but they're going to justify a wage hike on this. Plus, you HAVE to buy health insurance now.
  • 20:54:03: @burning_phoneix Yes, when it's forced to do it from private insurers who can jack up rates mostly on a whim. There's no public option.
  • 21:38:11: @Aitherion 1) Only seniors can use Medicaid, 2) It's getting cut to ribbons
  • 21:38:32: @burning_phoneix No, and that's my point. I don't WANT to be forced to deal with Allstate, nor do I want to be forced to deal with an HMO!
  • 21:46:58: @burning_phoneix Yes, you are, and that's the bloody problem!
  • 21:47:54: @burning_phoneix What the fuck are Bioware Points?
  • 23:28:21: @Psymin1 Matt Yeager did some irregular pieces. If you want to cover them regularly, assuming he's not coming back, you could do that.
  • 23:29:05: When my girlfriend - Capt. Liberal - wishes HCR didn't pass, holy shit, do you have a bad bill.

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