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From Twitter 03-23-2010

  • 02:34:27: @nuveeena Do you even know what's in the bill? Or are you just a cunt?
  • 02:34:55: @Psymin1 I have no fucking clue, to tell you the truth.
  • 02:36:53: @jephjacques One critique: Pintsize is becoming a parody of himself.
  • 02:37:28: @stephensonmc I didn't even watch, and knowing they're going into WM, I could have called that finish. Too predictable.
  • 09:32:12: @jim_sterling Hold shift or ctrl and select songs, just like you would in Windows Explorer. There shouldn't be any problem.
  • 09:36:04: I never really appreciated how invigorating it was to have "liberals" call me names because I think HCR is shit. It's almost fun!
  • 11:19:03: @dmataconis That's SO 2008. THIS is the new "roll'! http://bit.ly/98Hd5J
  • 11:20:13: RT @jim_sterling: I hope the 3DS just has a cardboard Miyamoto that pops out when you open the case, and that's ALL it does.
  • 11:22:13: @dmataconis Russian "Entertainment" from 1976. The new Rickroll! And everyone I've shown it to has walked away shaking their heads.
  • 11:23:00: RT @kcbs_morning: 8:56:44 AM PST: President completes signing the bill. It's the law. (Succinct. Reminds me of a time of death announcement)
  • 17:49:24: @Samarecarm You didn't see the one RT of that post. I love how bitches think they know what they're talking about. :(
  • 18:02:57: Am I the only person who doesn't care if my Vice President says the word "fuck"?
  • 18:07:39: RT @motherpucker: Quick! Someone send me their goalie shit! http://bit.ly/aRjJtV (Oh, if it was at MSG! I'd go! - Bus)
  • 18:08:07: @chadfordinsider Why do these people declare without a 1st round guarantee? Stupidity? Bad advice? Ego?
  • 18:15:30: RT @CDemerjian: Nvidia is still twisting arms from the gutter. http://bit.ly/cn2F1l
  • 18:22:25: @Samarecarm Some stupid bitch added "or a REAL dumb girlfriend". I called her a cunt. :D
  • 18:23:36: @shizuoya Whoops, thanks for the tip! Though all my #1 Pokemon are female, I think. XD
  • 18:25:07: A wise man once said: "There's nothing wrong with a man who enjoys a good blowjob"
  • 18:28:00: @WhalerWatch @stevegiglio I can make one. Give me a few.
  • 18:32:46: @stevegiglio Do you want it from the beginning, or where the horns start at about the :09sec mark? (@WhalerWatch)
  • 18:58:51: @shizuoya Normal type? I have an acquired Machop if you need it (Lv. 12, female)
  • 19:26:11: 73-23... and this isn't a 16 seed. This is an 8 seed. This is unreal. Shameful.
  • 19:41:15: UCONN is still shooting threes. I wish someone would kick Geno in the nuts.
  • 20:31:31: @ladyluck34 @Psymin1 Turok was the first one I remember. Remember when that was a good game?
  • 20:35:31: @dmataconis Just think: that woman could be our PRESIDENT in two years!
  • 22:05:05: I just named my new Ekans after his biggest fan, @jim_sterling. I don't know if that's awesome or creepy.
  • 22:42:09: @dmataconis Shit! I forgot to make that point earlier! Oh well, great minds and all that.
  • 23:48:06: @burning_phoneix NVidia's press and customer relations are notoriously, hideously bad. I'm shocked they're still in BUSINESS, honestly.

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