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From Twitter 03-24-2010

  • 00:10:29: @burning_phoneix Star-wise? No. But the average footballer is MUCH better now than in even the 90s.
  • 14:37:07: @burning_phoneix Hey... do you like tea?
  • 14:39:20: @revolver_ I took 17,432 "steps" skating and shopping at the supermarket yesterday!
  • 14:53:21: @burning_phoneix Roger that.
  • 14:53:38: @revolver_ That's because no one did what I did in the service. XD
  • 14:59:08: @BigSamTweets OK, so... is it any good? How close to the book?
  • 14:59:40: @BigSamTweets He called the way I handled someone "brutal". When HE calls me brutal? I've accomplished something. XD
  • 15:02:56: @mrsdanahale Dana, there's an awful lot of smoke here... there's a fire somewhere. I don't think we can just keep saying "plants!" now.
  • 15:05:05: This is going to sound CRAZY, but the Tea Party movement could learn something on how to run a fringe organization... from Malcolm X.
  • 15:06:02: @mrsdanahale "No" evidence that someone called a Rep. a nigger, "no" evidence that someone severed the guy's gas line... how many more...
  • 15:07:08: @mrsdanahale "incidents" have to happen before it submarines the movement? They can't all be plants. Not in '10. They'd be caught if so.
  • 15:08:44: @mrsdanahale These aren't criminal cases (yet), so that's not even applicable (sadly). But the TP movement needs to get it's act together.
  • 15:09:21: @mrsdanahale It's too badly organized right now. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to stop people from doing this crap.
  • 15:10:10: @fciac Conor Crouse made all-state, and couldn't make All-FCIAC?
  • 15:13:44: @mrsdanahale There might have to be. A few nutballs - like Nigel Coleman - are killing any momentum it might have.
  • 15:40:00: @Samarecarm Historical liberties with the book (which itself was a liberty), or with actual history?
  • 15:47:28: @dmataconis Here's my question: will the Federal Government recognise this? Does it hold up? Do state's rights still matter?
  • 16:19:43: @dmataconis WIll Virginia's law be in place while the fight goes on? And is it REALLY in the Fed's interest to fight this?
  • 17:39:58: Three packages - with extra shit - going out tomorrow! The recipients will surely be pleased. :D
  • 18:33:57: @burning_phoneix Yes, indeed.
  • 18:38:48: @burning_phoneix The one in the forums.
  • 18:54:43: @Aitherion Yep! And you're getting more than you think!
  • 19:13:06: @Aitherion Yes, that's the one I'm using.
  • 19:13:41: @dmataconis Does that mean he's about to get shot up at a toll booth?
  • 19:42:00: @revolver_ You know what I notice? DRIVING counts as a lot of steps, if you have it in your right pocket.
  • 20:38:34: @dmataconis Is that a Paul Revere-like "THE BOOMERS ARE COMING!" yell I hear in the distance?
  • 21:34:05: Got the newest 4Kids abomination! It's TaiChi Senjimon, another shit YuGiOh/Bakugan wannabe. At least it already sucks. http://bit.ly/cnhM1R
  • 21:49:14: Milton Bradley says he's like Kanye West and Ron Artest. One problem: those two are among the best at their professions. Milton? Not so much
  • 21:51:54: Let me state now, so everyone remembers this time: I didn't like picking up Bradley when it happened. Remember this in August.
  • 22:52:27: @twelveicings Wait, is that seriously going to happen? Are they daft?
  • 23:36:32: @twelveicings So people already forgot why Calgary was accepting trade offers?\

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