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From Twitter 03-26-2010

  • 02:01:06: With the things I say - like comparing young women to sports draft picks - if there's a hell, I have a reserved seat.
  • 02:12:38: @edropple You don't understand. I told Ai what I said, which meant I had to explain how sports drafts work. And why she counts as a "sleeper
  • 06:06:57: RT @rangershockey: Tickets to Rangers / Maple Leafs game on Mar 27, only $80.00. (LOL!!! The NHL, ladies and gentleman! - Bus)
  • 06:24:37: @jim_sterling Nowadays? It's good enough.
  • 20:13:27: @jlist Finally! We can finally get Brave Soul!
  • 20:44:03: My bracket - which has been on life support for a week and a half - breathed it's last tonight. RIP, bracket. Oh, and RIP, Ohio State.
  • 23:29:34: @dmataconis I think his last paragraph was telling. And correct.

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