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From Twitter 03-27-2010

  • 01:42:58: @Psymin1 Yep.
  • 03:24:54: @DHGFPsymin Dude, I don't even know what this "partnernet" thing is. What is it?
  • 17:11:39: I just said the most disgusting words I've ever said in my life: "I agree with Michael Moore" http://bit.ly/auaxGd (via @libertyideals)
  • 17:12:20: One of these days, I'm going to bring @Samarecarm with me and we're going to go to Conbust. I swear this!
  • 17:50:10: For 27 years, I heard nothing about "socialism" unless it was about Cuba. In the past 3, it's been nothing but "SOCIALISM!". What happened?
  • 17:50:30: Oh, wait, that's right. That's hos Fox News gets their sheep people to tune in. Infotainment, ladies and gentlemen!
  • 17:57:09: @jim_sterling "The human rectum is nightmarishly elastic!" - Patton Oswalt
  • 17:58:50: @BigSamTweets You watched the first season?
  • 19:18:56: RT @keithlaw: I look forward to the NCAA's inevitable rule changes to make it harder for a mid-major to reach the Final Four.
  • 19:28:30: "The only person who can fire (The Pope) is God". Too bad there's no God, so the Catholic Church is itself a sham and a fairy tale.
  • 19:38:33: John McCain is stumping with Sarah Palin and showing his hypocracy on recess appointments. Anyone still think he's a "maverick"?
  • 19:39:10: Again: we NEED a third party. Our choices in Nov. of '08 should have been "Obama", "McCain" or "Seppuku"
  • 19:42:06: @Psymin1 "Seppuku" is also known as "hari-kiri". It's a form of ritual suicide that was used by Sengoku-era samurai in Japan.
  • 19:54:17: Earth hour is a noble endeavour. At least until 9:30, when everyone turns the lights on at the same time and blows a transformer.
  • 20:22:40: I hope no one watches the Final Four. I want the NCAA to collapse upon itself.
  • 20:24:01: @motherpucker Is there a way to see what games they have available?
  • 20:26:29: @SPBowley But they just said he's the best student! CBS said it, it has to be true!
  • 20:27:51: I swear, I want Duke to lose tomorrow. More than ever. It'd be a ratings apocalypse. I love it.
  • 20:27:55: RT @brendanloy: West Virginia leads Kentucky 69-61 with 51.3 left. CBS execs bury heads in hands. Duke is only hope left to avoid total ...
  • 20:31:54: @SPBowley Hey. I hear Home Economics is a bitch of a class.
  • 20:36:35: @chadfordinsider That's OK. I'm sure Johnny C will pick up a few high-priced free agents.
  • 20:40:39: If possible, this WVU win made me LESS high on them in the Final Four. They can't handle a press and can't shoot free throws.
  • 20:41:19: Though Kentucky is going to lose a lot of their players to the NBA, Caliparri will be able to restock with high-priced free agents.
  • 21:02:25: Bad news: no CBC feed of Canucks vs. Sharks. Good news: I could do worse than CSN's outstanding Sharks feed.
  • 23:50:22: "I call her the Silver Douchebag" - George Carlin #barbarabush #matriarchofthedynasty #imanasshole
  • 23:51:53: Every time I watch Hockey Night in Canada, I'm stunned that they haven't fired PJ Stock yet. #makeitstop

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