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From Twitter 03-28-2010

  • 00:03:08: @jephjacques Let's talk about some of the ones you approved!
  • 03:47:26: @dekunda Kinda reminds me of the GBA version of Shining Force, and the special "armour" for Tao. XD
  • 04:46:38: Though I found humour in it, I find the vitriol about Earth Hour a little disconcerting. Hating greenies for the sake of it seems silly.
  • 14:32:34: @motherpucker I actually signed up. Not a bad selection, but I don't like having to call someone to cancel. Porn sites have better terms.
  • 14:39:04: @twelveicings Koharski... figures. He's a moron, and an entitled dickhead to boot. I don't blame Playfair one bit.
  • 14:40:38: Another mid-major loses another fine coach to another shitty "major" programme... good luck, Fran McCaffery...
  • 14:48:55: @SPBowley No, he knows how to grow the game. By blitzing the #3 team in the country by 34! Playing his 12th woman = RATINGS!
  • 14:52:02: @libertyideals That's it? I've been removed from places owrse than that!
  • 14:52:49: @libertyideals Then again, her crap POW comment afterwards was enough to get me to shut it off. Blargh.
  • 15:14:11: Oh, come on... "We don't like this because we don't like poor people. So let's show a stupid black woman asking for money!"
  • 15:50:35: @WhitlockJason Are you serious? You cannot really argue with 10 rings, regardless of personnel. Are you saying this just to get attention?
  • 16:14:33: My latest goal: try to offend as many Facebook friends as possible.
  • 16:16:43: Dear Duke: You do not have the athletes to drive into a 2-3 zone, especially Baylor's. Just shoot your faggoty threes and be happy.
  • 16:18:44: An extra $10 for Wrestlemania in HD? I assume this is 1080p, right? It better be, or this is the last year I'm doing this.
  • 16:26:53: What the fuck-- a hip hop Census ad? You fucking dorks. I hate you all.
  • 16:45:40: Best part of this NCAA Tournament: Butler's getting at least one home game. I love that. I hope they win. Fuck the NCAA.
  • 18:02:44: @motherpucker So far, I've watched Calgary vs. San Jose, '96 (clutch + grab era). Haven't had time for others.
  • 18:29:25: Why is Randy Orton humping the ring and doing a mating ritual?
  • 18:33:01: Oy... poor Vicki's gotta pay the bills somehow...
  • 18:33:39: Diva match! Time to take a piss.
  • 18:35:32: Money in the Bank! Let's see them destroy ladder matches even more.
  • 18:36:41: Who's the new ring eye candy!? I like! Best hire Vince's made in years! #ricist #whiteonrice
  • 18:38:10: Who ARE these people?
  • 18:38:31: No, really. Who the fuck ARE these people?
  • 18:39:34: Finally! Someone who doesn't suck! Too bad he's here only to make the midgets look better. #kane HEY A CHRISTIAN SIGHTING!!!
  • 18:42:25: Spot fest! Spot fest! More spots for the spot god! #whywrestlingsucksin10
  • 18:54:49: ... Who the fuck is Jack Swagger?
  • 19:04:24: OK, let's see what this Sheamus guy has.
  • 19:25:10: You know what? I like this Sheamus guy.
  • 19:30:09: Are they turning CM Punk into Manson? This might make him tolerable!
  • 19:37:15: These announcers SUCK. They make me miss Vince as an announcer. #whatamanouvre #onetwohegothimnohedidntcmonref
  • 19:42:20: Bret vs. Vince next... I think i'm going to puke.
  • 19:45:47: @stephensonmc So far, good focus on in-ring action. Not a lot of BS, I like that.
  • 19:51:52: So now I have to tolerate the Hart family, too? Jesus.
  • 20:05:18: Will this fucking match END already!
  • 20:11:39: I think the rest of my #Wrestlemania tweets will be on @DHGFBus, since I have NO wrestling fans following me, almost.
  • 21:13:22: @stephensonmc What the hell have his matches been recently, Ultimate Warrior quality? He could have killed Batista with that att. adjustment
  • 21:29:39: @FirstTeamTommy The other 49 states haven't dealt with her government. They might be stupid enough to go for it.
  • 21:32:30: RT @jlist: http://twitpic.com/1bnyvg - Great signs in history. "Family planning advice: use rear entrance."
  • 21:37:02: RT @mrsdanahale: @dmataconis I'd say that's pretty typical of most thinkers of this era, be they conservative or liberal.
  • 22:24:35: @twelveicings McCreary's kid is in the AHL, too. So is Fraser's kid. It's the Silver Spoon club. All three of them aren't good.
  • 22:25:29: @twelveicings It pisses me off, because while these three are "stuck" in the A, they're still taking jobs from better officials.
  • 23:00:30: @Psymin1 I'm pissed too. That official is not a good enough skater for elite 8, and was on the boards when he blew the whistle.
  • 23:00:57: @twelveicings Should I be proud that to this day, I haven't heard a Lady Gaga song? Or concerned? XD
  • 23:05:01: @twelveicings Useless whore. She sounds like a college tramp before she throws up into a garbage bin.
  • 23:07:30: @twelveicings I don't know what she looks like without a Google search. Let's find out.
  • 23:08:34: @twelveicings OK, she looks like just another whore dressed up to fit a popular niche. The big labels defiled her, and didn't kiss her first
  • 23:12:02: @twelveicings I see at least one article referring to her as "Baby Gaga". This bitch seems too stupid to notice. How sad.
  • 23:49:49: Just took "What kind of Republican are you?" and got: Fiscal Conservative! Try it ➔ http://bit.ly/aRer2P
  • 23:53:11: I... don't even understand how I got that answer. My answers showed I'm a social libertarian and fairly mixed economically.

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