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From Twitter 03-29-2010

  • 00:00:52: @Psymin1 Trust me. Even if I wasn't watching it, my friend called me immediately afterwards to bitch about the ref. We do that kind of thing
  • 00:37:19: RT @jdeloma: It really says something that more information can be acquired about today's #Moscow #blasts on Twitter than on American TV.
  • 20:05:22: @SPBowley This is why I want to kick my editor VERY hard for making us split Twitter accounts. It splits my follower list.
  • 20:17:22: @SPBowley I found that out when I coached. They're a political clusterfuck.
  • 20:25:54: Ricky Martin's gay!? Oh Goodness! I never would have guessed! Next, someone will tell me that George Michael is gay!
  • 20:26:44: @WhalerWatch Winnipeg. And I'd like to see Colorado in Quebec. And Carolina in Hartford (with a real stadium). And the old divisions, too.
  • 20:26:54: @WhalerWatch Basically, I want it to be 1989 forever.
  • 20:28:53: So not only are the Coyotes possibly going back to Winnipeg, but they might play games in Saskatoon as well? Is this Christmas!? #happytrees
  • 20:34:55: @SPBowley I know the process. And I know how badly it gets screwed. There's SO many ways it gets screwed. I've been there.
  • 20:38:33: @WhitlockJason Judging by that shot of the stands, you're one of the very few that's actually watching.
  • 20:49:35: I... I can't watch this Stanford vs. Xavier game. It's awful. I feel bad for saying that, too.
  • 20:51:59: What did I just press to bring my DirecTV guide up, RIGHT on the porn channels? #wtf #hdporn #aaaaaaaaaaarghhhh
  • 21:03:31: http://bit.ly/cEzGzg - This is CHILLING. It's No Child Left Behind on steroids. That's NOT a compliment.
  • 21:29:08: Connecticut (Farmington) native Nick Bonino is playing in his second NHL game with the Anaheim Ducks. Just rang the post against Dallas.
  • 22:11:47: @SPBowley This reminds me of a good story for you (going to Twitlonger): in my last year of coaching, we had a (cont) http://tl.gd/m12cu
  • 22:17:52: @keithlaw A male praying mantis doesn't fear his mate. Doesn't make her less dangerous
  • 22:23:09: Nink Bonino of Farmington scored his first NHL goal on a power play at 8:11 of the 2nd period for the Anaheim Ducks against the Stars.
  • 22:33:20: @sportsguy33 We said the same things about Ric Flair, too.

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Mar. 30th, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
funny, Baila in Indian languages means gay
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