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From Twitter 03-31-2010

  • 00:39:33: Today, I remembered why I hate Hooters.
  • 00:40:10: It always seems like anytime my friends do something special, they pick shitty, chintzy chain restaurants. These people need to aim higher.
  • 00:40:52: "C'mon man! We're going to Chilli's!" "We're gonna meet at Hooters!" "Buffalo Wild Wings at 7!". Seriously? That's the best we got?
  • 00:41:18: When the only indipendently owned place I go to all night is Cuppy's - a dive bar in Shelton, of all places - it's a weird night.
  • 00:44:28: I can honestly say if this group of friends wasn't this awesome to hang out with, I probably wouldn't hang out at restaurants with them.
  • 07:04:20: Canadian troops are leaving Afghanistan before American troops. Once again, the Canadians have to show America how it's fucking done.
  • 07:55:37: @BigSamTweets Fans? This was the women's game. "Fans" equaled about six hundred people.
  • 07:57:30: @BigSamTweets I honestly am not sure. I haven't been to any of them since I left SF because Josh can't run a forum.
  • 08:18:24: @BigSamTweets You have to block them one by one. I learned the hard way that it's usually not worth it to try.
  • 08:18:50: @BigSamTweets That, and it does build my follower counts, which makes my e-cock bigger.
  • 10:35:15: Am I the only one thinking the Muslims bit off too much with Russia? Say this for Putin: he doesn't fuck around. Wrong guy to fuck with.
  • 10:36:45: As it comes to a close, everyone in CT needs to give massive props to @mozactly for her work on the Botti trial. THAT is how a pro works.
  • 10:39:51: Everyone's predicting that Obama could fall in '12. No one's told me yet who's going to push him. (Hint: it's not Palin)
  • 11:34:02: @gorrie What's more depressing: that, or the fact that it's down due to high demand?
  • 11:51:19: @gorrie I looked at their reported unique numbers. Nothing out of the ordinary, unless they're either woefully unprepared or taking the piss
  • 11:51:36: @gorrie And most of those are probable "what in the blue holy fuck" clicks.
  • 11:55:58: @raywashere Every day should be Sysadmin Day!
  • 12:22:52: Listening to the Isley Brothers while writing. Not a smart move. I got so much pussy to Ronald Isley's music that it's distracting me now.
  • 12:24:25: @sportsguy33 " what sets Darko apart is his toughness in the post." Jesus Christ! @chadfordinsider
  • 12:55:26: *looks at calender* Ah, shit. Guess I'm disconnecting from anything that gives news for two days.
  • 22:44:24: @twelveicings It's not Twitter without you! :( XD
  • 22:47:27: @twelveicings IPHONE SIBS! *fistbump*
  • 22:48:16: Not only does Fox News use TWO celebrties without their permission for Palin's show, they insult one of them when they mention it. Classy.
  • 22:51:32: The press release on Cool J's tweet is startling. Does anyone realize that Fox News has become an Orwellian nightmare itself?
  • 22:52:20: Wait, I forgot, all you morons watch it because you're easily entertained. If only CSI was on seven days a week instead of... what, four?
  • 22:55:41: @twelveicings THey showed Palin's show in Canada? Wow, I thought she only used Canada for it's health care system.
  • 22:57:38: @twelveicings Oh. Personally, I liked it better when it was Law and Order. XD
  • 23:08:15: I hate Obama's decision to expand offshore drilling. Yet I can't say he made the wrong one.
  • 23:15:09: And Obama also received another reminder with GOP's tepid response that he has no allies. I don't know if that's good or bad.
  • 23:22:25: Packages have officially gone out for @burning_phoneix, @Samarecarm and @Aitheron. Sorry for the delay, but it will be worth it.

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