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From Twitter 04-01-2010

  • 00:10:44: @twelveicings STEVE OTT!? Were two of those empties?
  • 02:32:55: Dear AMD: Your driver support site sucks dick.
  • 02:56:01: Have I ever mentioned that John Buccigross is a tool? http://bit.ly/cz6kIf
  • 03:00:46: Vancover's doing well! As of right now, they get... Detroit?! No! No! Something has to change, stat!
  • 03:29:13: Fun fact: if the 9th place Calgary Flames played in the East, they would be in 6th place. 8th place Boston would be looking at elimination.
  • 10:46:36: @BigSamTweets You can't say "we're going to go alternative!" and simultaneously shut off the oil tap. Baby steps.
  • 10:50:24: Alright, internet dorks. Get your stupid jokes out of your system.
  • 13:04:18: @ReaganTMan That short link seems to be broken. Got a better one?
  • 13:44:23: XKCD's front page is FUCKING AWESOME today. Unless you're a Windows user. Then, you're sucking.
  • 13:54:47: @hatsuyuki "Date: March 32nd" And if you type up man pages, it says "you can figure it out".
  • 15:17:33: @burning_phoneix ... This isn't DOS.
  • 15:19:28: @burning_phoneix Yes! Jesus, kids these days.
  • 21:42:17: @Samarecarm I know! I need new sheets! Usually, that's your fault! *SHOT*
  • 21:56:18: @jdeloma Hey, they earned the right to be completely insufferable!
  • 21:58:21: @MissRedWing @motherpucker Depends on how she feels about Vancouver, because they're likely getting the Canucks.
  • 22:00:42: @shizuoya Jesus H. Christ Esquire, how about a warning next time!? >:[
  • 22:02:14: RT @Aitherion: If a hentai site's April Fool's joke is to say they're taking down all loli and shota and you get butthurt over it, rethi ...
  • 22:09:32: @SPBowley I thought MSG was working with the CIAC for stuff like high school football?
  • 22:23:48: "(11:21:02 PM) chaneleaufraiche: Liz is a tough sexy cookie."
  • 22:44:03: @MissRedWing I have. And I want no part of them. So by all means! Get fifth! Stay away from my Canucks!
  • 22:47:50: @MissRedWing The only thing that can stop the Wings - other than Chicago - is if Howard stumbles. That brings in a goalie controversy.
  • 22:50:59: @MissRedWing Conklin was playing well in '09, too. They still went with Ozzy. Granted, it worked.
  • 23:47:05: Stay down, Roberto! STAY DOWN! For Christ's sake!
  • 23:51:37: ... Interesting. So I recorded Wrestlemania - which I paid $65 for - on DVR, and can't rewatch it. DRM has bit me again.
  • 23:52:07: In protest, I am going to pirate Wrestlemania XXVI - which I PAID $65 FOR - at my earliest convenience. Fuck you, WWE.

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