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From Twitter 04-02-2010

  • 00:00:01: It's also safe to say I'll never order Wrestlemania again. If I want to watch it, I'll go to Hooters or some shit.
  • 00:14:09: @twelveicings Did they actually leave him in?
  • 00:16:13: @twelveicings He's overworked and struggling as it is. Just stick Raycroft in and let him take the lumps... Jesus.
  • 00:23:32: @twelveicings They should have pulled him after goal 4. This reeks of punishment to me. You do not punish your Captain before the playoffs!
  • 08:22:24: Are Connecticut schools off today?
  • 15:49:44: A Sarah Palin fan put me up for a Follow Friday? I appreciate it, but how did that happen? Palin does bad things to my psyche. And language.
  • 15:51:38: @SPBowley Anyone who went to UCONN for the basketball team - and doesn't play basketball - is a moron.
  • 15:52:40: @ErikaS981 Personal notation: love the new pic.
  • 15:54:06: @ryanaraine Overrated, unless you can stream to an iPhone, but it kills iPhone batteries dead.
  • 15:57:18: @SPBowley If you're a writer writing about sports, it's obviously a different story.
  • 15:57:50: @SPBowley Then again, I'm just bitter that I'll never get to go to Quinnipiac. Damn private schools not honouring military benefits!
  • 16:20:00: @Aitherion Did you check the rest of the envelope? Please tell me you didn't throw out the loosies...\
  • 16:22:55: @jim_sterling Take heart: I have to review an actual hentai game.
  • 16:23:31: @Aitherion You should one DS game, one boxed game, and two loose GBA games.
  • 16:29:50: @Aitherion Figured you'd like it! I figured I had to make it worth the (HOLY FUCK) wait. XD

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Apr. 4th, 2010 12:00 am (UTC)

actually kind of old but I kept forgetting to read it until today :p
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