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From Twitter 04-03-2010

  • 06:34:56: @stephensonmc Let's wait until we see if he can hold that belt for awhile before we jump on his bandwagon.
  • 06:37:32: @twelveicings The last book is an absolute winner. Find it if you can, I bought it for a buck.
  • 06:38:49: Should I make a Twitter account specifically for RTing deal tweets? I refuse to sully my two main ones with that crap.
  • 06:49:34: @twelveicings What exactly did Sergei Zubov say?
  • 09:23:20: @jim_sterling You're going to butt-fuck it, aren't you?
  • 09:25:25: @dmataconis Fun fact: mentioned was Ed O'Bannon, who's suing EA Sports for using a semi-likeness in the NCAA Basketball games.
  • 09:26:23: @dmataconis Whoops, they point that out down the line. Call me Cpt. Obvious (Ret.)
  • 10:29:02: I have to wonder if everyone that's excited about the iPad knows what the hell they're even excited about. Most of it is "NEW TOY YAY".
  • 10:29:56: @Samarecarm I'm not libertarian enough for the libertarians, not liberal enough for the libs, and not conservative enough for that group.
  • 10:30:07: @Samarecarm Clearly, that means EVERYONE LOVES ME! Or not. XD
  • 10:32:02: @twelveicings Just saying anything about the wrong Russian seems to be enough to be nuked (literally) nowadays.
  • 11:38:55: Yesterday, I had a long pick-up session. Today, it took four hours for my back to become limber enough to use. Getting old sucks.
  • 11:55:48: @jperlow He's thinking "this is the sixteenth asshole who's asked me to take a picture today!"
  • 12:12:26: ENOUGH. ENOUGH DEAD WRESTLERS. Anyone who hasn't had it at this point is heartless, or a fool.
  • 12:14:44: @twelveicings Chris Kanyon.
  • 12:23:58: @Psymin1 I've basically given up on wrestling because no one will stop it. Vince is the worst at it. Always has been.
  • 12:24:29: @Psymin1 Everyone involved in the sport - including a lot of the performers themselves - treat the wrestlers like slabs of meat.
  • 12:24:58: @Psymin1 Add that to a lack of money anywhere except at the top level and the proliferation of crazy spots and weapons, it's a disaster.
  • 12:28:20: @Psymin1 To be fair, Vince stays away from shit like that unless it's genuinely heartfelt. He's not THAT bad. Bischoff, on the other hand...
  • 12:29:11: @Psymin1 He also couldn't do it this year, with Linda running for senate. They stopped chairshots to the head for that reason.
  • 19:09:42: OK, seriously! What am I saying that's drawing so many neo-conservative followers? I'm libertarian! And on the liberal side of that fence!
  • 19:12:55: @raywashere you know what else is "charming"? The Civic Centre. Wait, "charming" isn't a synonym for "run down dump"?
  • 19:19:19: I think I'm officially becoming a Butler fan for three days. A mid-major winning a title and thumbing it to the NCAA? Love it.
  • 19:35:46: @WhitlockJason Amazing drama. Not an amazing game.
  • 20:54:11: What the FUCK was that Old Spice commercial!?
  • 20:57:33: @jephjacques No tactile response on the keyboard. How can it be awesome? How is it compared to the iPhone?
  • 20:59:15: @jdeloma That's the perfect place for a snake.
  • 21:12:16: Butler might have the only coach in the tournament that still gets carded. What is he, 19?
  • 21:19:46: I hearby dub the guy jumping behind Dick Enberg "That Faggot Duke Fan That Desperately Needed To Get On TV"
  • 21:30:26: @SPBowley One problem: Griner has to catch them first. They score too much off of transition for her to have an effect.
  • 21:34:02: @SPBowley I just made the same tweet three times for the wrong account. I sympathize.
  • 21:35:49: There's a guy on the floor for WVU with no name. What is this, high school JV?
  • 21:42:43: @Psymin1 Wait, is that Mazzula?
  • 21:43:16: @TheRealBell He did, but the alternative was dropping on a WVU player's head. I'd take the former.
  • 21:47:07: @twelveicings I have an unlimited data plan, and trust me, I use it.
  • 21:47:32: @TheRealBell If it's emotion, it should be T'd. That's taunting. But I think that was safety.
  • 21:51:16: @twelveicings I'd have to look at my numbers, but I do use a lot. Especially if I'm traveling.
  • 21:53:04: Underrated: Bob Huggins has some hot daughters.
  • 21:53:31: Bad news: Butler's career ended in injury. Good news: it ended in the Final Four.
  • 21:55:31: @twelveicings I only use 3G. No WiFi at home, so I disabled it on my phone.
  • 21:56:02: @twelveicings Then again, I'm getting a laptop soon, so I'll probably be at coffee shops more. I have problems writing at home.
  • 21:59:13: @Psymin1 As of March 29th, 66th on Chad Ford's top 100. Problem: only 60 get picked. He's probably going to the D-League or Europe.
  • 22:00:22: @Psymin1 tl;dr: good leader, winner, smart, but not an NBA quality athlete.
  • 22:01:02: "Bob Huggins is sometimes misunderstood..." Yeah. So is Beelzebub.
  • 22:03:23: RT @SPBowley: RT @BH_Orange44: RT @JayAdams70 Duke fans chanting "It's all over" while a kid lays injured on the ground. Stay classy, Du ...
  • 22:06:48: What's next to be remade? Scary Movie? Are we that idea-deficient?
  • 22:09:15: At least Burger King admits that it's ripping off McDonalds now! Though... how do these companies justify using trademarked names?
  • 22:23:14: If there is any God up there, Butler will win on Monday night, while NCAA executives simultaneously hang themselves.
  • 23:51:58: @twelveicings Now you realize why I disabled them. Especially on pictures that I was tagged on. XD
  • 23:52:34: @twelveicings Some bitch tagged me on a meme, and I got EVERY comment notification from her running conversation, because she won't shut up.

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