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From Twitter 04-04-2010

  • 00:13:13: FINALLY! Dennis Johnson makes the Hall of Fame. Just wish he could have seen it. http://bit.ly/dpgUrx
  • 00:14:14: @twelveicings That's also retarded, and I make a point of offending those people. But these things I'm talking about? Not even my page! XD
  • 00:14:58: I could listen to Vin Scully talk about baseball all day. He's the anti Hawk Harrelson.
  • 01:46:26: RT @jim_sterling: I'm celebrating today by nailing my firstborn son to a tree as a way of forgiving my neighbors for taking the parking ...
  • 01:47:21: @burning_phoneix OVerall impressions?
  • 01:49:18: @burning_phoneix Which one is Sazh?
  • 02:05:05: @burning_phoneix Barrett V.2, then?
  • 02:11:13: Hazel Mae is hot. She's like Naoko Funayama v0.95 beta. #ricist #whiteonrice
  • 02:34:57: Butler's coach is married? How? DId his wife lure him to a van with the promise of candy?
  • 02:39:10: I wonder if @spbowley feels better now that the team that took 'Cuse out is in the title game... probably not.
  • 02:53:11: Uh oh, Vitale's talking about Duke. He's probably going to ej-- oh, crap. He did. Someone get this man a towel.
  • 21:53:59: Not only does Donovan McNabb have to deal with the indignity of a trade from a team he's been good to, he has to play in Washington?
  • 21:54:20: I've always felt sorry for McNabb. He deserves better than the cocksuckers of Philly.
  • 21:55:39: With GoDaddy's CEO now following me, I'm accomplishing my goal of having everything I hate in life follow me on Twitter.
  • 22:05:37: The Baylor/UCONN game is depressing. Not because it's close, but because Griner has ZERO help. None. Her teammates are pylons.
  • 22:25:14: Five second violation!? What is this, middle school?
  • 22:25:59: Griner's gassed. I would be too, if I had to carry 11 other women through five basketball games.
  • 22:30:14: This is embarrassing. Baylor should be down by 294. They can't win any fights for balls. No athleticism, AND they're tired.
  • 22:34:38: I've met hookers in poor countries that weren't as sloppy as Baylor is right now.
  • 23:05:14: Why is Coachman doing NBA Fastbreak? I like this show that much less now.
  • 23:16:26: I like that Opening Day is here, but did they have to start with Yankees vs. Red Sox? My Twitter feed went boom.
  • 23:24:57: It's sad when being traded to Washington is preferable to the situation you're in. #mcnabb
  • 23:26:39: Is there a point to the movie "Kick Ass"? Is there a point to any movie that isn't an 80s remake anymore?
  • 23:46:36: You know why I like Duke? They graduate. Yes, that fucking matters to me. Call me daft.
  • 23:48:54: Also, call me crazy, but Mike Krzyzewski has been at Duke for thirty years. I'm impressed if coaches make it three years nowadays.
  • 23:55:54: I love how Chien Ming-Wang is persona non-grata in NY after one game. I love Yankee fans.

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