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From Twitter 04-05-2010

  • 01:00:02: Knicks fans are stupidly talking about all these free agents... why not just re-sign David Lee?
  • 01:07:34: @dcorsetto Could you PLEASE moderate your Project Wonderful ads? Your "two naked furry lesbians" ad could get people in serious trouble.
  • 01:11:45: Everytime I try to be nice and turn off adblock for webcomic writers, a (NWS) ad like this comes up: http://bit.ly/cif1uJ
  • 01:12:34: For those wondering, yes: that's two topless lesbian porpoises engaged in a liplock. Fucking furries. Thank goodness I'm not at work.
  • 01:13:16: "Concession! The furry comic with no shame!" NO. NO, NO, NO. THERE SHOULD BE SHAME. LOTS OF SHAME. AND FIRE.
  • 01:14:05: So thanks, Project Wonderful and Concession! Thanks to you, I turn Adblock back on for @jephjacques and @dcorsetto.
  • 07:41:09: @raywashere Meant to say Chan-Ho Park. But the point remains. I also love the NY press freaking out. "WE'RE 0-1! NO!!!!!"
  • 14:44:52: Hasn't liked any administration in his 30 years on Earth, and would give anything to gave Barry Goldwater back. #takethatchrismathews
  • 15:11:01: I've fucked a LOT of women in my life. I usually got high fives. Tiger Woods gets scorn and loses money. Doesn't seem fair to me.
  • 15:13:20: So MLB wants me to purchase the 2010 version of their At Bat app - at $5 more than '09 - AND the $130 MLB.tv package? Fuck you, Selig.
  • 15:17:31: Everytime McCain opens his mouth, I realize that Obama was the LESSER of the two evils. Then I realize how fucked our electoral system is.
  • 18:22:20: @ErikaS981 I did too. To be fair? Background play support makes it worth it. They did good.
  • 18:22:49: @ErikaS981 I'm still waffling between Extra Innings or MLB.TV. What's your opinion there? Remember, streaming video KILLS iPhone batteries.
  • 18:46:31: @Samarecarm Yeah, look up an emulator called Nebula. But your PC can't handle Neo-Geo CD.
  • 18:50:32: @Samarecarm If it can? I'll be surprised. But expect it to chug.
  • 19:13:52: @Samarecarm I am now; it's not even giving me sound, because I think the dump sucks. And it's... interesting.
  • 19:14:22: @Samarecarm It's both derivative of other shooters, and yet totally unique at the same time. I don't know how to describe it.
  • 19:29:53: @Samarecarm You should see the reference I just made in the staff forums. XD
  • 19:32:12: @ErikaS981 I get a lot of auto-follows that defriend me once they see I won't reciprocate the follow. Could be that.
  • 19:40:27: @ErikaS981 That's what's got me thinking Extra Innings; I like background noise while working. And i work on my computer.
  • 20:01:51: @Samarecarm Describing? It's a simile. Don't start getting ideas, dear. >:[
  • 20:13:46: @Samarecarm Wait a minute, I realize now that I wrote that simile, in an article that YOU'RE writing and editing! D:
  • 20:21:00: @twelveicings Hon, I'm a techie, and I would NEVER sell you on an Android. That's best for tinkerers. You're not a tinkerer.
  • 20:25:55: @SPBowley They started it? Aw, right when I got into a fetching game of shuffleboard!
  • 20:40:52: So Butler's the "road" team. Right. And Canada was "away" in Vancouver against the Americans.
  • 22:31:10: Oh my God. Butler could do this!
  • 22:34:36: STOP. GOING. TO. COMMERCIAL.
  • 22:35:36: Uh oh.
  • 22:36:36: BTW: That last timeout for Butler? Costly. They have to get it up.
  • 22:37:11: He almost fucking hit that. Holy shit.
  • 22:37:58: That's right, Duke fans. Exhale. You got scared. But... I don't think that would have counted.
  • 22:38:41: What's most sad of all? In the end, all that matters is that Duke won. They're the Champs. No one cares about 2nd. Goliath won.
  • 22:40:25: I also don't think I've ever hated @TheRealBell more in my life.
  • 22:44:49: Does Butler give hope to all the mid-majors? I'll answer that with a question: did George Mason?
  • 22:49:43: RT @SPBowley: Not only does Duke wins the national championship, but we've got 96 teams to look forward to next year. #fml (#ftncaa - Bus)
  • 22:57:53: Anytime I'm watching a baseball game and they make a point of staying put for God Bless America? I mute the TV. I refuse to take part.
  • 22:58:18: I'm so fucking tired of stupid jingoism. And I'm ex-military, I KNOW about excess jingoism!
  • 22:58:39: @twelveicings These are the same people that jizz about Linux for the sake of it. They are easily dismissed. XD
  • 23:43:07: Oh my God, I've come to a horrible revelation... I... I might be a closet Hall and Oates fan. Oh my God. The dirt won't come off!

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