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From Twitter 04-06-2010

  • 00:18:29: One thing about the Butler vs. Duke game: the refs were good. They really were. Don't let the Duke hate blind you.
  • 00:22:39: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Hall and Oates - Out of Touch [HQ] http://youtu.be/z-U6VZkDTAY?a
  • 00:28:31: Wait a minute, Graham James was pardoned!? What in the everliving fuck!? How are both he and David Frost free!? Where is justice in Canada?
  • 00:55:21: @dmataconis One problem: that atmosphere that birthed so many hackers almost killed the company. That's why Jobs killed the clone market.
  • 01:00:12: The NHL is selling Centre Ice for $80 for essentially one more week. The NBA is selling League Pass for $24.95 for a few weeks. #bettmanfail
  • 01:04:40: For the first time that I can remember, the Masters will be covered in better detail by TMZ than by ESPN.
  • 10:27:48: RT @jlist: One of the thing I did right in life was teach myself grep searches. (One of the many reasons I <3 Unix - Bus)
  • 10:36:10: Everyone needs to put down what they're doing and watch the WikiLeaks video of Collateral Murder (via @dmataconis) http://bit.ly/b4HgvK
  • 10:36:56: On the one hand, I tire of us killing innocents. On the other, no one understands the stress of a war zone. So don't hate the pilots.
  • 10:48:48: @BigSamTweets It'll never happen. The leaders of that fandom enforce it so that it will always show up.
  • 10:52:52: I might get Extra Innings just to watch Jason Heyward. That kid is fucking legit. He might be the New Griffey.
  • 11:05:49: If you're one of the seven people who didn't watch or DVD the Butler/Duke game, shame on you. But you have a 2nd chance on Classic at 5:30.
  • 14:44:08: @CDemerjian It's just as bad - if not worse - in the videogame industry. Trust me.
  • 14:45:22: @ErikaS981 God! You just reminded me that I'd be "celebrating" my tenth anniversary this year, to what can best be described as Saturn. D:
  • 17:26:41: @sportsguy33 Just think: he's an Ivy League grad.
  • 19:35:07: @dmataconis They give! In the form of taxes (for all of us). It even includes valet service - govt. - to disperse the charity for them!
  • 19:44:43: Don't look past Stanford, people. This team is GOOD. They are not a speedbump.
  • 19:48:56: RT @jeffjarvis: I just talked with two people who, like me, are planning to return their iPads.
  • 19:50:58: Oh God, Biden... please don't say something stupid...
  • 19:55:12: Is it bad that a game between the two best women's teams in the country looks like a shitty playground game in execution?
  • 19:55:44: RT @jamiedeloma: Does it make me a bad Connecticutian to root against #uconnwomen? (It puts us on a higher plane, my friend - Bus)
  • 20:02:10: Who is #41 on UCONN? She looks like the love child of Khalid El-Amin and Aretha Franklin.
  • 20:14:48: Halftime score: 20-12. In the National Championship. Those criticisms that women's basketball sucks? YOU LADIES ARE NOT FUCKING HELPING!
  • 20:15:17: There were more air balls/horrible bricks in that half than field goals.
  • 20:26:35: On Outside the Lines, they showed a game between Nigerian girls who were learning basketball. THEY shot better than this.
  • 20:30:38: Depressing Texts from Bus: BUF 5, NYR 2. #firesather
  • 20:31:41: At the end of the game, ESPN will have an interview with abused victims: the two rims. They've taken a beating.
  • 20:33:54: I give up. I can't defend women's basketball after this. This is sloppier than grandma's tits.
  • 20:37:57: After this game, I will watch the replay of the Butler/Duke game. I need to remember what basketball looks like.
  • 20:42:23: Oh SNAP SON. Geno's jacket is off!
  • 20:47:44: Stanford had their chance. They blew it. I sense bedtime coming very soon.
  • 20:51:14: @mrsdanahale Hey, Mr. Volcker, here's an idea... STOP INCREASING SPENDING!
  • 20:52:46: White House advisors are talking about a VAT now to curb the deficit. How about I dunno, NOT SPENDING SO FUCKING MUCH!? http://bit.ly/aXi0zn
  • 20:58:59: Stanford went from up 8 to down 11 in 13 minutes. Game's over. I can't watch this horseshit anymore.
  • 21:55:32: @ErikaS981 His cutter speaks English. It says "fuck you" to hitters quite clearly and cleanly!
  • 22:05:30: One thing funny about Red Sox vs. Yankees: fans get so up or down about these games, they forget there's 17 more of them to worry about.
  • 22:22:41: @jim_sterling The man should be giving you blow jobs at dusk. You've probably been responsible for most of his sales!
  • 22:23:26: @SPBowley They won. The apocalypse has been delayed another day.
  • 22:26:53: Suzyn Waldman sounds like Ethel Merman and Elmer Fudd having violent sex. I think the 7th level of hell is her voice on an infinite loop.
  • 22:56:05: @motherpucker Just losing, no. Their max points would still be higher than Colorado's current total (93 vs. 91). But if Col. wins? It's over
  • 23:14:15: @sportsguy33 If they call it, they're taking over the game. Make up your mind!

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