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From Twitter 04-07-2010

  • 08:39:53: @dmataconis Well, since I'm paying almost a grand, I guess I'm a genius.
  • 09:01:14: Rupert Murdoch has singlehandedly destroyed non-partisan reporting in America. Now he wants pay-walls. He is destroying American media.
  • 09:16:59: @raywashere This has the negative effect of giving Dan Shaugnessey material for two whole weeks.
  • 10:52:27: @raywashere That's like asking if Hitler or Stalin are worse. Either way, they're not good.
  • 15:11:42: @Paul_Baldovin I hear you loud and clear. I get my news from the BBC and Guardian... two British sites.
  • 15:25:24: @jamiedeloma Tweets like this make me kick myself for choosing the military.
  • 15:46:25: @WhitlockJason What a crock of shit. That's it, huh? It's OK to walk out on your wife because she's "over the hill" in her 30s?
  • 15:47:04: @WhitlockJason And all for some groupie skank? That's an upgrade? Maybe I'm the one that's screwed up.
  • 15:50:05: This article angers me on about 1,290,045 levels. http://bit.ly/9ZwFjG
  • 15:55:12: Ronald Reagan was such a great man, yet his presidency kick-started the neo-conservative movement. What happened?
  • 16:03:40: @dmataconis Thankfully, no one watches MSNBC.
  • 16:15:53: While I love what Wikileaks does, Mediaite had the best commentary about their video: http://bit.ly/a6z6fH
  • 16:28:43: @burning_phoneix Make that decision in a war zone. Go ahead. Try it.
  • 16:34:37: @burning_phoneix Dude. Weapons are weapons. If I think someone's about to shoot at me in a WAR ZONE? I'm lighting them up.
  • 16:35:40: @burning_phoneix It's war. You kill people in war. Or you get killed. These semantics are useless when dealing with life or death.
  • 16:42:01: @burning_phoneix I'm not saying this wasn't a fuck-up. But I am saying there's more to it than "Yay! Defenseless sand niggers!"
  • 16:42:56: @burning_phoneix It's a war. Taking too long to consider things can be fatal to more than just yourself. You wouldn't understand.
  • 16:59:22: Obama is targeting Americans for assassination now. It should be noted that this man won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. http://bit.ly/dndmEf
  • 16:59:54: Before anyone asks: yes, linking to Salon is like linking to HuffPo. Both make me feel dirty.
  • 17:04:13: @burning_phoneix To be fair, they're kinda hot. On the other hand, they're posting bikini shots as news. I fucking hate HuffPo.
  • 17:04:39: @keithlaw That contract's worth it! Suppan pitched three great games in '06!
  • 17:10:57: @burning_phoneix As Bill Engvall said: "If I like your truck, I will look at your truck! That don't mean I'm drivin' it!"
  • 17:12:58: @burning_phoneix In short, she doesn't mind if I say something is hot, she knows I'm wrapped around her finger anyway. And I <3 asians. XD
  • 17:22:21: OK, fuck work. I'm going back outside. Yes, I'm 30, why do you ask?
  • 18:58:13: RT @beckychr007: "Liberals want govt 2 be your Mommy. Conservatives want govt 2 be your Daddy. Libertarians want govt 2 treat you like a ...
  • 19:21:15: RT @Psymin1:RT @andrewpfister: Almost $40m generated for three new maps. Era of free is long gone. (Everyone say "thanks, stupid consumers!"
  • 19:21:41: @BigSamTweets As Lewis Black stated: "The good die young... and pricks live FOREVER"
  • 19:51:30: @Samarecarm What can I say? I'm on you like white on rice... literally! 8D
  • 20:32:07: @jephjacques I would go with @dcorsetto. Partly because her last one ruled, and partly because your Tumblr pick was shamefully kinda hot.
  • 21:07:41: That pitch by Papelbon was so far into the happy zone that when Granderson hit it, the ball ejaculated.
  • 21:08:15: RT @ryanaraine: my apologies to the magnificent chan-ho park. (Ladies and gentlemen, Yankee fans! - Bus)
  • 21:12:41: On the positive side, this opens the door for the closer job to go to Scott Schoenweis.
  • 21:15:44: @raywashere The AL East is a whole different beast than the rest of baseball. It'd be different if he was in the AL West.
  • 21:16:36: ANOTHER idiot trying to light his shoe on fire?
  • 21:18:19: Homeland Security has announced that to keep air passengers safe, from now on, they will randomly execute one passenger.
  • 21:19:50: Remember when people were using the term "Papelboner" in a complimentary manner? That seems so long ago, doesn't it?
  • 21:21:40: @burning_phoneix It's a baseball thing.
  • 21:26:04: @ValleyIndy It should be noted that I received three forms, and two postcards telling me I need to respond AFTER I responded.
  • 21:31:36: Mariano Rivera is so clutch, I've already turned on the Mariners game. Wake me if something happens.
  • 21:40:35: RT @jperlow: iPad: Some Lingering Questions http://bit.ly/dpOxgE (This from someone who was practically drooling over the darn thing - Bus)
  • 21:42:47: Earlier today, I listened to Bob Uecker call a game. Then I later heard John Sterling call one. Let's just say the quality dropped.
  • 21:47:22: RT @USABreakingNews: NBC News: Name of suspect in Denver is Qatar citizen Mohammed Al Modadi. (Here comes the racial profiling! - Bus)
  • 21:54:59: @jdeloma Who's confirming that?
  • 22:00:29: @jdeloma What the hell!? I thought that one was over!

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Apr. 8th, 2010 01:31 pm (UTC)
Obama is targeting Americans for assassination now. It should be noted that this man won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.



...Are you serious?!
Apr. 8th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
The bit.ly link that's attached to that goes to a Salon article about it. The guy's not an angel; anything but. But we're supposed to have a legal system to deal with this kind of thing. The article is pretty long, but I agree with a vast majority of what he's saying: targeting Americans for assassination brings things to a whole new level.
Apr. 9th, 2010 02:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I read the article, and holy shit. I mean...geez, it wasn't like I was an Obama fan before, but there's quite the difference between once again blowing off the LGBT community (same old, same old) and approving assassinations of his own citizens.
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