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From Twitter 04-08-2010

  • 08:42:50: @Aitherion Turned out to be a false alarm. It was a Qatar diplomat smoking in the lav.
  • 08:43:19: http://bit.ly/cOKfBi - Yes, that's an outstanding idea. Take a huge base in a country we're not supposed to be in, and cut morale-boosters.
  • 08:43:46: When are military brass going to realize that soldiers/sailors are NOT pawns? The ones that have been in too long forget this.
  • 08:45:13: @Aitherion Clear your cache immediately. Don't report it beyond the forum, though. You don't want the feds to do a search.
  • 08:45:54: @Aitherion And don't click on anything more than bit.ly links. Firefox has a plug-in that previews those.
  • 08:46:37: @jlist Too little too late. They've been defunded, and those two are heroes. The problem is with Americans needing a "slant" to their news.
  • 08:47:44: After thinking about it? It's been 150 years. I don't have sympathy for the poor Confederate soldiers. You cannot celebrate the Confederacy.
  • 08:53:57: Here's something for all you idiots that think the entire world revolves around Sarah Palin and that crook Hannity: http://bit.ly/db3bUL
  • 09:16:22: @ErikaS981 It's fair to say that's the last thing I would have expected you, the foodie, to say.
  • 09:17:16: @wikileaks Because that's a formality.
  • 09:20:26: @Aitherion Here's the link: http://bit.ly/dmPK2T
  • 09:20:55: @wikileaks That's a formality in that situation. Most of the time, they'll get permission, even if it's just for daisies.
  • 09:34:57: @sportsguy33 She's right. Let's instead pretend that the last five months never happened.
  • 09:36:18: Someone at Augusta lecturing Tiger for his actions is laughable. At least Tiger includes women.
  • 09:37:37: @burning_phoneix Is it still $60 + $15 for three maps? Are there still no dedis? Yes on both? Then Activision can fuck themselves.
  • 09:41:35: http://bit.ly/dzCE8o - can we just force Mississipi to secede? Seriously. Know this, Constance McMillen: we in New England will welcome you.
  • 10:07:24: Why is the NBA fucking it's officials over? I wouldn't have called the foul on Durant, either.
  • 10:10:57: Everytime I look at the calender, I notice that I'm almost 30. I don't need my back to remind me.
  • 10:19:42: @jim_sterling Maybe that's why you're an athiest: you learned about it, and figured out that it was pants.
  • 10:52:32: T- 2 hours to the Tiger Woods invitational! Wait, there's other golfers there?
  • 11:22:55: @burning_phoneix Make a post, label it "news", and put a PES tag on it.
  • 11:49:03: @burning_phoneix Yeah. Make your note, give some tl;dr facts, and then put the release in a <blockquote> tag.
  • 11:49:17: @burning_phoneix Let me know when you write it up and I'll give it a once-over.
  • 12:24:38: @twelveicings What upgrade?
  • 12:25:30: @edropple Embedded, unstoppable midis!
  • 12:27:39: iPhone OS is adding multitaskIng and keyboard support! In another ten years, we might even get a SIM reader and a replaceable battery!
  • 12:29:53: @dmataconis This pisses me off that much more about McDonnell. I'll take anyone over Palin (because a third party candidate will never win)
  • 12:36:37: RT @dmataconis: ..... and in response every American male says "Thank God" http://bit.ly/db367A
  • 13:13:44: @mrsdanahale The people that made the tea party well known don't have your best intentions in mind. It's the Reform Party all over again.
  • 13:16:41: @ryanaraine Yeah: They partied like it's 2004 all over again.
  • 19:33:02: Tina Charles went #1 to the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA Draft. Next year, I figure Connecticut will "earn" the rights to Maya Moore.
  • 19:40:30: @jdeloma I STILL won't friend anyone from the high school teams I coached. And I haven't coached high school in 4 years. So no way.
  • 19:50:00: @TheRealBell They borrowed the weighted placards that David Stern used in the 1985 NBA Draft to give the Knicks Patrick Ewing.
  • 20:44:16: Thanks to Brian Berg at @therivalry for this: the sad state of Premier League clubs. http://bit.ly/a44bGG Stoke is the only "stable" club.
  • 20:44:55: @TheRealBell The WNBA wouldn't be solvent if they didn't try to keep locals in local areas. The NBA isn't exempt, either; check the Bobcats.
  • 20:47:11: I love the people that rag on Twitter unmercilessly until they end up on it. @sportsguy33 and @YahtzeeCroshaw, white courtesy phone.
  • 22:56:55: I'm sad for Britians tonight because the #debill was voted in. On the bright side, you never were a free country anyway.
  • 23:35:36: This is going to make poor @mrsdanahale foam at the mouth. Is Michelle Bachmann really what the GOP has become? http://huff.to/cyyFWQ
  • 23:36:16: It's just like I and others predicted at the beginning: the GOP has stolen the Tea Party movement from the actual people involved.
  • 23:40:53: @SPBowley In Minnesota, of all places! The state that elected a professional wrestler and a comedian to major offices!

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Apr. 9th, 2010 01:53 pm (UTC)
Despite the utter shit of the situation with Constance (who actually knew about the fake prom but said that she wasn't going where she wasn't invited), there are a few things that are showing the tide is turning:

1) Constance got a large scholarship from Ellen--I forget the exact amount, but she'll definitely have plenty of choice of where she wants to go to university.

2) Some of the gloating bigots are already feeling the sting. As many people have pointed out in this thread and those like it, future employers who check out these students prior to hiring may think twice when they find out they were involved in a group who made up a fake prom, sent seven "undesirable" kids to it, and then crowed about it afterwards.

That said, a lot of people are worrying about Constance's safety in the town. It sounds like she has no support at all, from anyone. Here's hoping she can get out as soon as possible.
Apr. 9th, 2010 03:36 pm (UTC)
On point #2: the bigots are feeling the sting from the rest of the nation, but consider this: how many people have left your original home town? Not many, right? How many will NEVER leave? That's a lot of people, no? These people live in an insular community, most of which will never, ever leave it. Their kids will go to that same high school. And employers in that area are probably going to overlook this, especially as it was a community event. In short, for the vast majority of those people - essentially, anyone not explicitly named - it won't hurt. In fact, due to the nature of their society - a rural society in a rural state - it will likely HELP them.

And she needs to get out of that area FAST. I wouldn't even go to that school anymore, or at least just go long enough to graduate (because LORD knows that school is looking for any reason to screw her academically and render Ellen's $30K scholarship mute), because even if she gets the absolute shit beaten out of her, the police in that relatively small town won't help her. She could get gang-raped and she'd be asked what she was wearing. In short, I don't even know why she - or her parents - are still there, and ESPECIALLY going to that high school, unless her parents are against it too (in which case, she better grow up fast, she's got zero help, period).
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