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From Twitter 04-09-2010

  • 01:30:34: @burning_phoneix I put it up a few hours back. That's really all you need for news posts.
  • 10:34:48: @dmataconis Whatever they do, as long as the new Justice is confirmed before November, it'll go through.
  • 10:35:28: @twelveicings Hey, we get a warm-up in Nashville! It's poor Phoenix that has to deal with the Wings! <3
  • 11:07:41: @TheRealBell KDE Unite! *high-five*
  • 11:11:32: RT @RAINN01: RT @LizLovesSVU You're Not a Rape Victim Unless Police Say So: http://bit.ly/bRnkJM Despicable. (you see this, @RAINN01?)
  • 11:13:41: @dmataconis Does ANYONE still have "experience" with nuclear weapons? Last I checked, Nagasaki was a LONG time ago.
  • 11:56:32: @burning_phoneix JBOX is his all ages site; everything JList has, with none of the adult material.
  • 12:51:57: @dmataconis How's all that hopey, changey stuff workin' out for 'ya?
  • 12:52:47: @ErikaS981 "Look at us. Tiger is contrite, and we're contrite with him. Therefore, you should buy our shit".
  • 12:54:01: For GOD'S SAKE. Obama is NOT a Socialist OR a Marxist. I'm tired of hearing this. Anyone who says this is showing blatant ignorance.
  • 12:55:22: Though I can't stomach a good portion of the man's platform, if you call him those things, you are falling into the Fox News Word Trap.
  • 13:00:43: I swear to God, people on both sides of the Lib/Con fence just say stupid shit so much that it becomes fact by proxy. Stop it! Fucking stop!
  • 13:07:48: @TheRealBell You win the daily "No Shit Sherlock" award!
  • 13:08:40: @RaptorOnAMillie The whole reason why progressives were being "socialists" was to tie them to people like Castro, Lenin, Chavez, etc.
  • 13:09:18: @RaptorOnAMillie Who cares if it's factually ludicrous? It scares simple-minded people who think that watching network news is research.
  • 13:10:23: @sportsguy33 1000 words on how Donald Sterling is a discriminate douchebag, best one "wins"?
  • 13:14:35: @RaptorOnAMillie I've always said a political system is as strong as its weakest link. We're a Democracy, and our people are idiots.
  • 13:15:28: @RaptorOnAMillie What's sad about that? It was this kind of thing that turned our health care bill into the horror that it is now!
  • 13:27:45: @RaptorOnAMillie Democracy is not the problem. A population that is fat, happy, and willfully ignorant is the problem.
  • 14:43:32: NEW LAPTOP GET~ In celebration, I will write my next two reviews from a trendy coffee shop while wearing my sexy new hat.
  • 14:49:06: It also should be noted that I am running the default Windows install enough to back it up, so I can drop it for the Ubuntu RC ASAP.
  • 14:53:27: @raywashere Acer Aspire 5534, refurb from Tiger Direct. Not a horse, but for $420, it does what I need it to: be a more powerful netbook.
  • 15:17:34: @RaptorOnAMillie America's prosperity primarily occured during a financial boom that resulted from the positive (cont) http://tl.gd/q6ris
  • 16:02:19: @jim_sterling @inspchin has "no interest in video games" (quoted), but only talks about Koei games, and once mentions Metroid. I <3 it!
  • 16:05:04: @twelveicings I think we'll get past round 1. Round 2? :(
  • 16:15:47: @twelveicings Hey! Luongo has a vast and well known history of playing well in big games! For instance, let's look back at USA vs. Canada!
  • 16:16:25: @twelveicings Ed Olczyk said it best: "He's been fighting the puck all day, he does not look like himself" Wait, wrong one...
  • 16:16:56: @twelveicings "Luongo can't control any rebounds today, it's only a matter of time before it hurts him" Wait, again, my bad, hold on...
  • 16:19:12: @twelveicings (after the tying goal by Parise) "Luongo's had problems all game, and it finally came back to bite him". Oh, fuck it.
  • 16:22:14: @marinabrant Does this artistic license include a realistic ending to the story? Please say yes!
  • 17:23:28: So far, the "social broadcast" portion of Ubuntu 10.04 is... hm. Let's just say it'll take adjustment.
  • 17:30:15: I do NOT like that Ubuntu's Twitter app doesn't mark different feeds on the home page, and doesn't separate my two feeds well enough.
  • 17:31:14: While I can dig total integration with the operating system, for someone that's forced to different accounts, it's not good enough.
  • 17:56:49: @shizuoya: Yeah, I have it on my laptop. Full version drops in three weeks. I've only gone deep into "social" options for now.
  • 18:05:37: @shizuoya: 10.04 is LTS, so you only have a few more weeks to wait!
  • 18:26:52: And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why Chris Drury makes $7m.
  • 18:33:06: Jody Shelley!?
  • 18:43:08: Someone needs to explain how there's no version of Flash for AMD 64 environments in Linux. Do I have to go 32 bit?
  • 18:55:46: I think I can sum up Canonical's meetings on what to do with Ubuntu 10.04 in four words: "Let's be like Apple!"
  • 19:06:27: GOD. I just had an epiphany! I used to listen to Glenn Beck when I was a kid! He was a DJ on KC-101 when I was a teenager!
  • 20:12:44: @ErikaS981 Does he have a thing for the local skank fare?
  • 20:36:50: @jlist: To be fair, in '98, it looked like NOTHING could win at Apple. They were a MESS.
  • 20:41:44: Woah, when did Alex Auld become a Ranger? That's kinda awesome. I've always liked Auld.
  • 20:48:17: After 81 games, for the Rangers, it's down to one game. Win and they're in. Damn. I hope this doesn't save Sather's job.
  • 21:05:32: @ErikaS981: *AHEM* 3-2. :D
  • 21:07:00: This touchpad on my laptop is a travesty. This is the strongest case for a clitmouse yet. This thing is killing productivity.
  • 21:12:36: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Souls Of Mischief - From 93 Till Infinity (Best Quality) http://youtu.be/1mt3vZHDiM8?a
  • 21:13:53: I liked a YouTube video -- Souls Of Mischief - From 93 Till Infinity (Best Quality) http://youtu.be/1mt3vZHDiM8?a
  • 21:29:23: @TheRealBell: You know I'm here to please! :)
  • 21:35:51: http://bit.ly/cN3YCu - What in the EVERLIVING FUCK is going on with USA Swimming!? This is like Graham James times twenty!
  • 21:52:07: How can any org. in 2010 - especially one that features half naked children AS A REQUIREMENT - not have an anonymous tip line AT LEAST?
  • 22:15:16: http://twitpic.com/1eg2h4 - So it seems the laptop's default webcam works well enough in Ubuntu to get in my dapper hat.

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( 4 comments — Leave a comment )
Apr. 11th, 2010 12:26 am (UTC)
For GOD'S SAKE. Obama is NOT a Socialist OR a Marxist. I'm tired of hearing this. Anyone who says this is showing blatant ignorance.

My contention is always whether it's so bad if he is a socialist. Many of our fellows in the industrialized world are.
Apr. 11th, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
I will always say that our current system - where we have freedom of where we can get our goods, prices aren't artificially controlled and talent is rewarded - is preferable to socialism. You say a lot of our fellows use it successfully. Who, Venezuela? I think Argentina is the better example to view, honestly. Frankly, I don't think socialism is sustainable.

It's not as bad to be a socialist as these right-wing nutjobs say it is, though. The problem is that they use things like our "freedom" (we're not free, don't let anyone fool you) and our "liberty" to sell the status quo to the people the most hurt by the status quo.
Apr. 11th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
I was considering Europe, which have more social benefits. I know they have problems though too.

As for socialism being sustainable, that's probably true.
As you say, the whole problem is that being socialist isn't freaking treason like the Right is making it out to be. The policies have to be looked at individually.
I haven't even been paying attention to the health care thing to be honest, but apparently that isn't a problem as even people following it somewhat closely can't explain the health care bill. Can Obama even explain it?
Apr. 11th, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
Even trying to explain it is a problem, since the right uses his ability to talk and enunciate and give great speeches against him. "He's one of the intellectual elite! He thinks he's *BETTER* than you! He doesn't understand how the real world works from his ivory towers! Sarah Palin is the person that gets YOU!"

ONLY in 2010 can being intelligent be a FUCKING CURSE.
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )