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From Twitter 04-11-2010

  • 09:28:38: @scottpigeon That's OK, if he'd have won again, they'd have gotten rid of them. Can't have that!
  • 09:44:56: Joe Girardi forgets that Sabathia is the person that pitched Milwaukee into the playoffs on no rest. http://bit.ly/aNdqrY
  • 12:18:35: Am I the only person laughing at someone playing a cop on TV going off on doing a drive-by on Aimee Mann? #youlostyourstreetcreddawg
  • 14:17:56: So Jody Shelley - who hasn't scored SHIT before this week - has two 2 in 2 games, and could have had 3. Give credit: that was a great pickup
  • 14:27:07: @keithlaw He throws 99! He hits! He makes a delicious fruit salad! Strasberg can do it all!
  • 16:39:38: I don't care who will win: I fucking hate Shootouts, and they should not decide playoff spots. I fucking hate the NHL.
  • 16:56:18: Again: it doesn't matter who won between the Rangers and the Flyers. A season ended on a shootout. Doesn't matter who's.
  • 16:56:44: The shootout was put in to bring back idiot casual fans who got scared away by the work stoppage. The NHL is a massive failure.
  • 16:57:25: @dmataconis From the looks of things, he wields a very twitchy banhammer.
  • 18:59:55: @Psymin1 Then eliminate some US teams. Or maybe they shouldn't have shut the game down in '05, then they'd be fine.
  • 19:00:09: @Psymin1 The fact is, every wound the NHL has since 1990 is self-inflicted.
  • 19:08:27: Hey! Shin splints! It's been awhile since I've felt your familiar pain! How've 'ya been?
  • 19:33:09: @burning_phoneix I think Canada can handle two more teams, maybe three. But I think the NHL just needs to drop teams.
  • 19:56:16: @dmataconis I still think half my followers came from me pissing off a liberal who wanted to put soldiers in jail for following orders.
  • 20:06:07: @DHGFAaronS Not *every* team. Dallas is doing very well. But most of the Southeast Division can go. So can Phoenix.
  • 20:41:57: @burning_phoneix Their problems were brought on by the weak (at the time) Canadian dollar and the lack of a salary cap. Both issues are gone
  • 21:42:11: @burning_phoneix Weak! I was at 1K on Story! (BTW: I hate this review and everything about it)
  • 21:47:11: @burning_phoneix This review will be extremely through. And extremely negative. And extremely 5K words.
  • 22:11:35: @jperlow That show's still running? Wow.
  • 22:28:07: @burning_phoneix 95%. It actually reminds me more of Dragon Force more than ROTK.
  • 22:30:16: @burning_phoneix But at the end of the day? Spot on. Absolutely spot on. And I've spent 70 hours on it.
  • 22:33:59: @WhitlockJason There are none. They're all "Phil won because he fucks his wife AND ONLY HIS WIFE"
  • 22:57:54: @twelveicings Oh, does this mean I have to listen to this shit all series now that your team is out?
  • 23:04:21: OK, so either the Jets are going to become the new Bengals, or they just became Super Bowl contenders.

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