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From Twitter 04-12-2010

  • 00:52:35: @twelveicings I remember that goal. Anyone saying this is an idiot. What a crock of shit.
  • 00:53:22: @twelveicings That's like saying the Flames "gave" Henrik four points. They tried all night. They just... sucked.
  • 00:58:21: @twelveicings That, and knowing Iggy? He'd hate being "gifted" like that anyway. I don't think he'd even shoot.
  • 00:59:59: @jdeloma Wow... I think I'm gonna set a date on that one. That's everything I need at this point in my career. Thanks!
  • 01:03:48: @twelveicings That's why I never liked Louie as our captain. He quit on his team that day.
  • 11:25:22: RT @jephjacques: And now CT bishops have the GALL to oppose a removal of statute of limitations on child sexual abuse? They should ALL b ...
  • 12:16:29: @BigSamTweets SFG. It's looking at a potential 3.
  • 12:26:38: @revolver_ I would hit on him just to see if you strike gold.
  • 12:32:35: @revolver_ Things have changed since I was young. I thought you were supposed to get that AFTER you fucked. XD
  • 12:34:36: @revolver_ Now you're getting it! XD
  • 12:36:27: @dmataconis You know what I wonder? If the Republicans should be grooming Scott Brown. So long as they ignore their fringe.
  • 12:38:03: @revolver_ Wear nametags or something. "HELLO, My Name is _________", right at the top of your tit where he'll notice. XD
  • 12:58:51: @revolver_ Who cares? You do the right things, your name will be burned into his head forever. XD
  • 13:10:09: @WhitlockJason Think the dumb-ass will learn now?
  • 13:14:43: @burning_phoneix That's basically why. No one watches TBS. But for Conan, it's good because they'll let him be him. No shackles.
  • 13:22:30: @thelostlolli On the positive side, you DO go to a pretty liberal school. That's probably routine.
  • 13:58:36: @sportsguy33 One benefit: the egghead demo knows it can watch Stewart online, in full episodes.
  • 14:06:16: @sportsguy33 Blank page, on two three different browsers across two operating systems. There's nothing there.
  • 14:54:47: @shizuoya At first glance, it's a bad look: 11PM time slot (bad slot), unwatched network, and he's competing with Stewart and Colbert.
  • 15:37:39: Dear Puck Prospectus: Keep this Sabrmetrics shit out of my hockey. Thank you.
  • 15:43:11: Of all my foreign friends on Twitter, only the Brazilians can't seem to make up their mind on what language to speak. XD
  • 15:57:15: RT @dmataconis: Here's a thought. Let me keep my money and leave me alone. #Liberty
  • 17:05:55: @Psymin1 Has he hired an agent?
  • 17:10:25: @Psymin1 Chad Ford has him currently on the first round bubble at 34. I think he needs good workouts to get into the 1st round.
  • 17:51:01: @sportsguy33 $1,300+ so far... and his reserve HASN'T been met.
  • 18:04:17: @sportsguy33 @M_Toney It's Fanhouse. Their whole site is devoted to making self-righteous, poorly thought out statements just to get hits.
  • 18:56:02: @Psymin1 There's a difference between college and pro. Butler doesn't have NBA athletecism. NBA GMs like "upside". Butler doesn't have that.
  • 19:02:11: @Psymin1 I agree. As it is now, he's not mature enough to play in the NBA. I think most NBA GMs are retards.
  • 19:07:51: @dmataconis That's because you, SIR, took on the one voice of righteousness we have in this country, SIR. Do you have any shame, SIR?
  • 21:47:58: @Psymin1 MacGuyver's long lost evil twin?
  • 21:54:35: @twelveicings Even when going from 1080 to 720. I can almost hear an audible "clunk", as if someone dropped it from 3rd gear to neutral.
  • 21:59:09: RT @OldHossRadbourn: Chinese Pres. Hu J. agrees to impose sanctions on Iran. In honor of this, China will also continue to impose sancti ...
  • 22:15:36: @twelveicings I haven't seen any game that plays in 1080p. Every one I've seen plays in 720. It makes me ask what the BFD is. XD
  • 22:16:07: @twelveicings And a PS2 is one thing, but my PS2 doesn't like my component cables. That means I have to play it in SD, Stretch-O-Vision! D:
  • 23:46:14: @sportsguy33 They'd both be there if they had tolerable owners. I hope Jimmy Dolan gets a painful disease.
  • 23:46:48: @dmataconis I think you're overreacting. It's a greeting. I don't think there's anything to extrapolate about this.
  • 23:56:17: @dmataconis The intention was not to subordinate himself. His only fault here was ignorance (bowing like that is a Japanese thing)

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