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From Twitter 04-13-2010

  • 00:18:56: @twelveicings Spoiler: it all sucks now. Unless you like cute girls in vapid situations. I miss anime. :(
  • 00:22:18: @twelveicings ... OK, that's funny.
  • 00:58:02: Dear NHL Network: Please learn a thing or two from the MLB Network on how to run a studio show. You guys are pathetic.
  • 00:58:56: It takes the NHL Network three people to do five times worse a job than the one (Hazel Mae) that MLB Network uses. And to boot, Hazel's hot.
  • 09:18:12: http://bit.ly/9NMbJl - Muslims. You need to get your fucking houses in order. Control these people, or this is what we'll think of everyone.
  • 09:29:51: EARLY SCF PICK: Penguins over Blackhawks, 7 games.
  • 09:32:41: @dmataconis So by that account, in 20 years, Democrats will talk about him as if he was Jesus, Ghandi and Mother Teresa rolled into one?
  • 10:14:49: @burning_phoneix I never hear anything from the "good" Muslims condemning this shit. Maybe because they're afraid of being killed.
  • 10:53:47: I would buy MGMT albums if they weren't signed to Sony. Sorry, guys; your company hurts your reputation by default.
  • 11:01:33: @burning_phoneix OK... so what the fuck is wrong with seemingly everyone else? In Somalia, and Afghanistan, etc.
  • 11:02:13: @burning_phoneix How can you have a "fatwa" condemning bloodshed, and also a "fatwa" saying to kill Salmon Rushdie?
  • 11:06:42: Shit... I'm thinking of a video with some guy on a car in the woods, among "primitive" people, with a drumset... help?
  • 11:10:53: @burning_phoneix That's wrong. These people in Somalia have no choice. They do what they're told, or they die. What "choice"?
  • 11:13:10: Here's my question about Promoted Tweets: if I block the advertisers, will their shit show up in my feed? Can I opt out?
  • 11:37:19: Since taking my phone off the hook, I've received three calls to my cell, and had one person invite themselves into my house.
  • 13:49:18: RT @jdeloma: Why do educated folks use bad words? http://nyti.ms/bpmjei (the efforts to cut cussing didn't fucking work - Bus)
  • 14:08:13: @twelveicings They took their cue from this guy: http://inspector-gadget.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/180px-chief_quimby.jpg
  • 14:08:37: @twelveicings Also, I'll have you know that a Rule 34 image came up in my search for that. MY BRAIN DIED FOR THAT JOKE! :'(
  • 14:09:45: @twelveicings My taxes are long done! And I owe like $600! #selfemploymentsucks #noreally
  • 14:15:42: RT @libertypapers: I wish Congress had an "unfollow" button like twitter -- or better yet, "block". #tlot
  • 14:17:14: I'm almost at a whopping 300 followers! Help me get there, and I'll give you... uh, a virtual high-five!
  • 14:17:42: (Waits to see his 300th follower be someone with 1 follower, 2 tweets, and following 62,041 people)
  • 14:18:38: @dmataconis Maybe my math's fuzzy, but that's a larger percentage than what Obama beat McCain by in '08 across the board, no?
  • 14:20:16: @WhitlockJason You two will be able to work together once @sportsguy33 signs with Fox Sports once his contract is up.
  • 14:21:28: @KeithOlbermann Front row? Must be nice to be rich.
  • 14:23:30: @twelveicings And they'll all either be 1) selling me dick pills, or 2) "web entrepeneurs" looking to globalize my synergies. XD
  • 14:25:53: ANOTHER Firefox crash. Remember when Firefox used to be the NON-shitty browser?
  • 14:27:41: #FollowTuesday, because I'm Bus and I rule: @sarajayechan is on Twitter! Old FESS peeps, check her out. (PS: follow @DHGFBus, too!)
  • 14:30:22: @dmataconis Wait... does that make @michellemalkin a voice of REASON!?
  • 14:37:04: Only in Canada can "World Poutine Eating Championship" be trending.
  • 14:39:26: @ErikaS981 *high-five*
  • 14:54:27: http://bit.ly/9qosXV - This is one of my "followers" status updates. Someone tell me what's wrong with this update.
  • 14:57:02: @burning_phoneix Notice that she's making out with "hot guy"... then look at where it was posted from.
  • 14:57:38: @burning_phoneix I don't. Poutine is gross. :(
  • 15:03:10: @sarajayechan <3 (Follow @DHGFBus for my videogame thoughts!)
  • 15:03:41: @burning_phoneix No, "prejudiced" means "pre judge". I'm not pre judging. I am judging!
  • 15:05:52: @burning_phoneix Yes, but would you be updating Twitter? "Honey, please stop licking me. I have to let my online friends know!"
  • 15:10:09: @raywashere Oh snap! Are they selling tickets yet?
  • 15:10:36: @burning_phoneix His ex girlfriend - who's somewhat boinkable - talked him into that. I don't get kids these days.
  • 15:19:05: @twelveicings Last I heard, Mark Messier was happy in retirement. XD
  • 15:19:58: @burning_phoneix She's not pretty enough to "con" anyone into anything. She better use her youth while she can; she'll be a porker at 30.
  • 15:21:17: @thelostlolli Please tell me the prof is at least female. Otherwise, that professor won't remember a thing you talked about. XD
  • 15:27:10: @thelostlolli Oh, then you're fine! As long as you weren't popping out. Still, hope things improve. :(
  • 15:29:15: @thelostlolli Uh... maybe you should go home and put something else on? It's cool today, a sweater wouldn't be bad!
  • 17:19:44: @ValleyIndy What is YOUR opinion on Wikileaks? I'm not entirely sure what to believe. Love the info, hate their tactics and politics.
  • 19:31:42: @shizuoya Maybe you should get a rename token for LJ?
  • 19:40:57: My FUCKING SHINS. My FUCKING SHINS. Jesus H. Christ, MY FUCKING SHINS. #shinsplints
  • 19:42:22: @burning_phoneix If you're talking about Boston, by having good defence and great goaltending.
  • 21:38:05: @twelveicings If this was a blind date, Wilson would be giving up anal on the first date.
  • 21:52:11: @mrsdanahale What? There's a "National" TP Federation now? Let me guess: Republicans are involved?
  • 21:57:07: @mrsdanahale It seems like you guys are being co-opted. Who made the call? And can you put out a release saying you DO NOT support this?
  • 21:59:02: @mrsdanahale Then it sounds to me like you have to do what you do best: muckrack. <3
  • 21:59:28: @sportsguy33 Maybe they're just hurt?
  • 22:07:32: Fun fact of the day: I had to explain to my mother that the small part of a rabbit vibrator wasn't a butt plug, but a clitoral stimulator.
  • 22:12:47: @mrsdanahale I got my personality from SOMEWHERE! She showed ME a picture! (some catalogue came in the mail that usually doesn't have those)
  • 22:14:14: @mrsdanahale She asked!
  • 22:16:27: @mrsdanahale And believe me, I changed the subject VERY quickly after that!
  • 22:19:14: A song dedicated to Brian Burke, and his feelings about the Bruins getting "his" #2 pick (thanks, @edropple): http://bit.ly/dCphIZ
  • 22:24:27: RT @mrscottericson: "The guy told me to hand over my wallet, but I decided I wasn't going to do that and began punching him in the face. ...
  • 22:52:36: @jamiedeloma What about The Simpsons?
  • 23:05:56: @burning_phoneix They gave away their next two first round picks in exchange for Phil Kessel.
  • 23:29:12: @Aitherion I can confirm that I actively DISlike it. Sorry. :(
  • 23:31:43: @Psymin1 2K is doing XCOM? Uh oh. That can't end well.
  • 23:32:38: @Psymin1 Well then! That's the quickest I've had fears confirmed in awhile!
  • 23:32:59: RT @burning_phoneix: @superbus I have no words to relay my utter dumbfoundness at this tweet. (\o/! - Bus)

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Apr. 14th, 2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
You're honestly giving the Pens an early pick to the finals? This surprises me, especially since you know how inconsistent they've been playing lately, being that you follow the entire sport.
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