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From Twitter 04-14-2010

  • 00:53:56: @Aitherion It's literally physically impossible to win if the enemy has a Wall HP above 9. I hated this game.
  • 01:07:06: @Aitherion It'd have been funnier if I didn't spend seventy hours on this piece of shit game.
  • 12:35:36: @thestolenfork I thought all our local ones only had the old style, roll-to-the-end ones?
  • 13:39:36: Am I the only person who thinks the Library of Congress is archiving our tweets for reasons other than public interest? #bigbrother
  • 14:18:53: @mattbramanti Why? C'mon genius, tell me why, since you're so *brilliant*
  • 14:22:24: We're headed for a war! Between man and machine! @jamiedeloma inadvertently fired the first shot at Stop & Shop: http://bit.ly/9LZJEh
  • 14:26:29: I actually dreamed last night that I brought FESS back. It should also be noted I badly slept in. #sleepingpillstonight #nomoreancoviepizza
  • 14:33:39: @luiscartoonist Actually, that's... kinda my point. Deleting is ineffectual now. THAT is why I'm concerned.
  • 14:37:31: I've favourited a YouTube video -- MGMT - Electric Feel http://youtu.be/MmZexg8sxyk?a
  • 14:39:44: @KeithOlbermann "Glockfan"? The jokes write themselves.
  • 14:47:19: Gene Kiniski reminds me of one thing: the OLD (pre-steroid) wrestlers are living to old age. It's the new ones that are dropping dead.
  • 14:52:12: @thestolenfork Yeah, I really wouldn't know. I refuse to use them (I'd rather keep the clerks employed).
  • 16:27:04: @mattbramanti For one, it's not just public accounts. A lot of my personal friends have private accounts. That's been made irrelevant.
  • 16:27:40: @mattbramanti Secondly, why is the government spending money on saving *every* tweet? I get the point of saving, for example (cont)
  • 16:29:34: @mattbramanti Tweets about Obama's win, or the Iranian election scam, but *everything*? If this becomes searchable, that means that...
  • 16:30:00: @mattbramanti anyone's innocuous, 140 character tweets can be taken in any context that someone wants them to be, even years from now.
  • 16:30:23: @mattbramanti I sometimes tweet four things in a row. Someone searching a database about me isn't going to care about the other 3.
  • 16:34:48: @edzelisip No thanks. I stick to Twitlonger.
  • 16:41:19: @mattbramanti To put in in a simpler way: when I signed up for Twitter, it wasn't with the thought that the govt. would be saving everything
  • 16:47:20: @mattbramanti In a news report, the rest of the article is right there. That sentence doesn't get it's own URL, like Tweets do.
  • 16:48:29: @mattbramanti And on a bulletin board, that post-it note isn't archived on that board forever by the govt., and searchable.
  • 16:49:33: Must watch: Ron Paul condemns Obama administration for declaring Americans "OK" to assasinate. http://bit.ly/9NNY4F (thanks, @dmataconis)
  • 16:57:26: @mattbramanti It's really not so much a privacy concern as it is a concern about government. Especially for people that protect their accts.
  • 17:51:34: @KeithOlbermann That's out of context, I believe. The intention might be to say that it favours the poor, who "happen" to be black.
  • 17:59:40: @KeithOlbermann True, but I think one is related to the others. I'm not saying these people aren't mostly nuts.
  • 18:06:13: @motherpucker You get CBC. We get... Versus. #takemebackcanada
  • 20:18:25: @sportsguy33 People had to bloody ask?
  • 21:17:58: @dmataconis Tiger Woods + Ben Rothlesberger.
  • 23:51:03: Congrats to the Chicago Bulls, who have earned the right to be swept by the Cleveland Cavs in round 1. I hear Del Negro's available!
  • 23:52:00: It's been announced that Dion Phaneuf will be the Leafs captain in '11. If this was a first date, R. Wilson would be giving anal by now.

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