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From Twitter 04-15-2010

  • 00:01:39: I was going to write a whole entry on this, but instead, I will give my 1st round predictions here (these were written Tuesday):
  • 00:04:47: EAST: Wash over MTL in 5, NJ over PHI in 6, BUF over BOS in 6, PIT over OTT in 5 (whoops)
  • 00:05:41: WEST: SJ over COL in 5 (whoops), CHI over NSH in 4, VAN over LA in 6, DET over 5 (ouch)
  • 00:06:02: @pkollar I love this, actually. Everyone "wants" to write about games. Then they learn there's work involved. That narrows the field.
  • 00:07:13: Poor @twelveicings: http://bit.ly/d44pfY
  • 00:09:09: @Psymin1 This one's my "favourite": http://bit.ly/8YB2Ri (poor @edropple)
  • 01:17:06: The cool thing about being a "liberal" Libertarian: watching the catfights between by "liberal" and "libertarian" friends.
  • 01:19:21: Dear NHL: Nice try on your commercials, but the NBA's commercials are better.
  • 01:22:03: @libertyideals I can't believe you actually posted something by that whore.
  • 01:22:41: Ever read something, go "what is this crazy nonsense!?", then look up and go "Ahh... Coulter. It makes sense"?
  • 01:29:33: @twelveicings Is that confirmed?
  • 02:57:34: @twelveicings That's a crock of shit, and assumes the iPhone store is currently nothing but rainbow cumshots. This is an Apple power play.
  • 02:58:00: @twelveicings (I say that still seeing the humour in the comment, and your interpretation of it)
  • 03:05:03: @twelveicings Apple didn't tell anyone. Adobe learned when I did. This is routine for them. "We say this is law", and poof!
  • 03:05:27: @twelveicings Irony: the rainbow cumshots that are given to the 'Droid now? Were given to the iPhone when it was new. XD
  • 13:25:07: @pkollar Someone RT'd it. It ages well, though!
  • 13:25:30: @Psymin1 Other than run it's league, not have work stoppages, keep its fans happy, and just about everything else?
  • 14:30:40: @WhitlockJason Why is it personal with Lupica? Other than the fact that he's a self-righteous arse? Some ESPN shat?
  • 14:52:24: @twelveicings They might have been working with Adobe, but what about the rest of their developers? They don't have Adobe's capital.
  • 14:53:11: @twelveicings And Apple today banned a Pulitzer winning cartoonist because he "ridicules public figures". Guess that means the NYT goes, too
  • 14:54:52: @dmataconis Will there be a link to watch it later on the site?
  • 15:01:19: Apple's censorship issues have me considering something drastic: potentially dropping the iPhone (and my apps) altogether.
  • 15:03:00: Apple's policies are a dangerous precedent: not only is it censorship, it's third parties determing what I can do based on what others like.
  • 15:04:13: My ultimate shame in this is that I choose the iPhone over Blackberry because I felt Blackberry was just as locked down. That's a mistake.
  • 15:04:33: In retrospect, I probably should have just waited for Droid to go to AT+T.
  • 15:08:04: I have a question: if I drop the iPhone, does that make my (paid for) apps useless? Will it lock me out of my bought phone?
  • 15:11:55: Essentially, my smartphone choices are 1) Apple, 2) RIM or 3) Google. Jesus Christ! I think Big Brother's fucking winning!
  • 15:15:49: Worst of all? There's no guarantee the Nexus One will survive, because Apple - you guessed it - has started a patent war.
  • 15:16:17: Hmmm... Steve Jobs trying to start patent wars with companies he shouldn't fuck with? Sounds familiar.... http://bit.ly/9ytzrN
  • 15:17:09: This would be a wonderful piece for SBNet if I didn't have three reviews, editing and two download pieces to do.
  • 15:22:22: @burning_phoneix One positive: the mod community will jump in on this one!
  • 15:25:25: LOL at Youtube for recommending me a video, which I then find is removed due to a TOS violation.
  • 15:36:46: @Beazus One of the reasons I went iPhone was because I hated the keyboard, and web surfing was a nightmare. That was one of the final straws
  • 15:37:06: @Beazus And the iPhone is much, much better for gaming. Since that's my profession, I had to consider that.
  • 15:37:40: @Beazus I'm not sold on "tablet" PCs. It makes no sense to buy half a laptop for more than I bought my laptop for.
  • 15:44:48: @dmataconis They STILL can't get it right?
  • 15:46:07: @Beazus Yeah, they make great e-readers. But so do e-readers like the Nook.
  • 15:48:20: @Beazus There's almost no great open source games. Hell, the best one is a $10 iPhone app now (Battle for Wesnoth).
  • 15:53:10: @dmataconis I just find it funny that the President makes below the National Hockey League's minimum salary.
  • 15:59:36: @Beazus Same as the iPhone: 30% (don't know about refund policy, though). http://bit.ly/drZeY9
  • 16:04:12: @Beazus Don't forget that Opera's browser is online, and got a good review so far: http://bit.ly/bfTvOp
  • 16:06:46: This is a MUST READ. Keep this in mind whenever you buy that $20 mouse at Staples: http://bit.ly/9K2tiB
  • 16:17:28: @sarajayechan The problem is that most people just don't give a shit. If it comes down to their lives or a $3 savings, fuck 'em.
  • 16:18:15: @Eclectic_Negro To be fair, the average NHL 4th liner is having a better year than Obama.
  • 16:19:31: @Eclectic_Negro (And BTW: I'm Canadian. Hockey's very successful where I'm from)
  • 16:22:04: @raywashere I also blame Microsoft. Their "investigation" is spin until I see otherwise.
  • 16:44:34: @raywashere I use too many apps that I receive from companies via the App Store. Don't want to brick something I use for work.
  • 16:59:19: @Eclectic_Negro Ah, but notice: I said HOCKEY was successful. Not the NHL. :)
  • 17:00:42: @mopupduty Why on earth would you want a good hitting pitcher in the AL? I said this when CC came over, too.
  • 17:01:12: @mopupduty In fact, the best hitting pitchers are all in the AL (CC, Dontrelle Willis). The NL teams get guys like Oliver Perez.
  • 20:59:30: @dmataconis Fred Thompson with a goatee!?
  • 21:11:59: Wow. Both #1 seeds have lost their opening game. Expected it from San Jose, didn't expect it from Washington.
  • 21:35:11: @Samarecarm I'm with him. if I took everyone's "advice", I'd be sectioned by now.
  • 22:10:27: Give Jack Johnson credit: I wouldn't have been able to ignore green latex men hanging upside down on my boards.
  • 22:16:41: I want the LA Kings to lose because they're playing Vancouver. Here in Jon Quick Land, that officially makes me The Enemy.
  • 22:18:09: Don't start your melodramatic bullshit, Burrows. Get up and play the fucking game. #canucks
  • 22:23:05: Found a song that aptly describes that last Sedin goal. http://bit.ly/3r35dL
  • 22:23:37: I'd be so excited about the Canucks if I didn't feel in my heart that the road to the Finals goes through Chicago.
  • 22:24:18: (Related: That video for You Can Do Magic might be the worst music video of all time. Yikes)
  • 22:25:48: Oh my GOD. That video gets worse and better at the same time. If it wasn't the early 80s, it'd be the gayest thing ever.
  • 22:26:31: See, this is the shit we have to take out of the game. Stupid fucking penalty. #canucks
  • 22:29:06: I now have non-hockey friends asking if Jarome Iginla's going to be traded. If Sutter trades him, he should disembowel himself on camera.
  • 22:45:04: Related to that America video: check out the beard on that bassist, back left. THAT is a beard! I want my beard to be like that!
  • 22:57:59: Dear rest of the world: I apologize on behalf of America for KFC's new chicken sandwich. This is why we're all fat fucks. I'm truly sorry.
  • 23:15:45: @twelveicings Mini crunch wrap things?
  • 23:23:50: I can't deny it: Alex Burrows is a faggot.
  • 23:26:25: @twelveicings The shitty food dujour they're advertising for us is Hot Pockets in buns.
  • 23:31:11: @DanaTaggart What the hell is a helicopter needed for at 12:30 at night at that level? That'd better be some drug-cartel level shit.
  • 23:40:19: @DanaTaggart I would say "A Libertarian was born today", but... yeah. :)

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Apr. 16th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
Okay, I am definitely bookmarking that piece about cheap electronic goods for closer reading later (when I'm not only half woken up). Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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