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From Twitter 04-16-2010

  • 00:02:28: Thanks for Samuelsson, Detroit! <3 #canucks #lizisgoingtothrowsomething
  • 00:07:35: @sportsguy33 I stick to the old standard "useless bandwagoners"
  • 00:07:49: @twelveicings <3
  • 00:32:56: @twelveicings Actually, no. I've had employees claim that, due to the cost of AV, software, etc.
  • 00:37:06: @twelveicings That's the claim. Remember when I went to Mac Store and walked away furious? That was one of the reasons.
  • 00:38:12: @twelveicings Apple's claim - or at least their employees - is that that software (AV, etc.) is mandatory. It's... disingenuous.
  • 00:43:28: Awesome. Now ISOHunt sucks.
  • 01:49:41: @Psymin1 Please God, don't let 2K pull a Squeenix and C+D this.
  • 01:52:04: Sad fact: Judge Napolitano's book is being sold on Amazon alongside books by Hannity + Dick Morris. They are beneath Mr. Napolitano.
  • 12:55:29: @Psymin1 How did the cop not beat the shit out of this guy?
  • 13:42:21: @hesster56 Probably the latter. I don't care what job I have, I'm curb stomping someone like that. Good on him, I guess...
  • 13:46:50: @jamiedeloma When did the general public decide what grammar is? @trudishaffer must be going bonkers.
  • 14:11:38: @jamiedeloma Honestly Jamie, I didn't know, and neither did our editors. Say what you will about that, but "website" has been assumed.
  • 14:12:21: @jamiedeloma If I'd have had someone correct me, believe me, I'd have used Web site. But in four years of writing, it hasn't happened.
  • 17:02:02: @jamiedeloma Just think: in ten years, text talk will be "accepted". "Pope comin 2 America"
  • 18:34:56: @SPBowley What the HELL are they thinking, choosing him? SU is already an unofficial affiliate of JP Morgan, this doesn't help.
  • 18:58:09: Here's something for my journalist friends (except @ValleyIndy, who answered already): what are your opinions on Wikileaks?
  • 18:59:09: @SPBowley $30m for no real advantage to students. No scholarships, no assistance, and the building is used by the company. 100% dirty busi.
  • 19:03:13: So Elin appears to be divorcing. There you go, Tigger! You can fuck all the skanky, wanna-be porn star whores you want now, dawg!
  • 19:03:50: How desperate are Blue Jays fans for something to cheer for? They're STILL cheering for Roy Halladay.
  • 19:47:26: KFC using fit, thin people to sell its new shit sandwich is disingenuous. They need to use their target audience: http://bit.ly/aVOc7x
  • 20:22:25: @Beazus People THAT size don't help themselves. We have an obesity problem, and Americans are buying sandwiches with chicken buns?
  • 20:57:29: RT @mopupduty: How big of a joke is the NL? Carlos Silva has a 0.62 WHIP & 0.69 ERA after two starts. #mlb (I give up - Bus)
  • 21:50:02: @KeithOlbermann You realize you're implying you wouldn't be in your current line of work without the right wing nuts, right?
  • 22:02:28: @JoeTheMailman You're STILL stalking @KeithOlbermann and his followers? #beseeingyou
  • 22:05:52: Could the San Jose Sharks be the worst playoff team EVER? Seriously, EVER?
  • 22:33:20: @KeithOlbermann I also like @bostonrandy's little nod to classism with the little HVAC school jab.
  • 22:43:52: I say again: the Sharks are the worst playoff team EVER. This Avs team should have won the Lottery. Now, they're going to win a 1-8 series!
  • 22:44:58: @EricBandRakim Why the fuck are people worrying about stupid ass beefs? Just make music.
  • 22:51:55: #FF @Beazus - I gain (and lose) followers everyday. I followed this one because she's the first new Twitter user in awhile who's interesting
  • 22:52:32: #FF @spbowley Great sports writer for the @connpost. He also bitched about a lack of FF earlier, so here he goes.
  • 22:53:11: #FF @diehardgamefan - Because I work for them! Come read my shit! My bank account will thank you!
  • 22:54:21: #FF @dmataconis - The most reasonable Libertarian I know of on Twitter. Ideally sound, yet flexible. Check out Below the Beltway.
  • 22:55:57: #FF @DHGFBus - That's my videogame account. Every week that passes, our "separate account" policy seems dumber.

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