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From Twitter 04-17-2010

  • 00:06:11: Who the fuck is Nicki Manaj, and why is she beefing with Eric B. and Rakim?
  • 00:51:50: @jim_sterling Here's how relevant @ebertchicago still is: I thought he was the one that died. Eleven years ago.
  • 01:37:23: @Psymin1 the level of sheer OCD involved in this is staggering.
  • 03:03:37: RT @jlist: Norway's leader runs country by iPad http://moe.vg/bDgR7q (Even I have to admit. This is cool - Bus)
  • 13:08:48: @Psymin1 The SimCity 3000 video. Mommy told me never to @ reply to strangers.
  • 13:11:08: @DanaTaggart Gah. In MY day, we used correct spelling and grammar on OUR graffiti!
  • 13:14:01: @veritasthorn @dmataconis I've known that since I was a child! Thanks, Mighty Ducks 2!
  • 13:14:55: @jperlow Shit, the last time something 8-bit invaded a major city, Boston thought they were being attacked by terrorists...
  • 13:21:30: @Beazus Oh, you mean under Clinton? When we had a surplus before the "conservative" Bush blew it all on illegal wars? Those were the days...
  • 14:26:42: @libertyideals How can someone debunk something that's not even out yet?
  • 14:36:56: @Beazus Who is Beanie B?
  • 15:06:25: @maddow That would involve wanting intellectual debate. I don't see what there is to debate about McVeigh.
  • 15:21:57: @burning_phoneix What's weirder: you're playing Man City for the Champion's League.
  • 16:08:10: @APStylebook @jamiedeloma Feedback? Yeah. Don't do it. Don't let the general public determine grammar. This is a general statement, too.
  • 16:22:07: @jamiedeloma From 2001 - 2009.
  • 16:44:18: @dmataconis Does this mean we'll ignore A-Rod the way we do Barry Bonds now?
  • 18:22:21: RT @raywashere: The mall is a testament to how humanity nerfed natural selection
  • 18:39:37: @SPBowley Reminds me of the "showcases" I used to play in as a hockey player, where people would get thrown out intentionally.
  • 18:42:44: @dmataconis Yeah, so she can be replaced by her First Dude. Who else would be her VP?
  • 18:46:14: @jamiedeloma That's because the evidence was SO overwhelming. But honestly, I blame editors more than journos. The journos are castrated.
  • 18:49:37: RT @ArjenRuddSA: No one can touch me, I have diplomatic immunity! #LastTweets
  • 19:05:59: @BigSamTweets Of course he is! He can have all the cheap pussy he wants now!
  • 19:08:57: @BigSamTweets Tiger wouldn't use it. John Daly likes women you'd find in a trailer park. Tigger has SOME standards.
  • 19:12:08: @BigSamTweets John Daly is more like Piglet. I still maintain Piglet wears a gimp mask when we're not watching.
  • 19:31:21: How can someone follow 77,469 people and actually hear anything from the noise?
  • 19:32:54: Typical Saturday: I apparently have nothing original to say, so I've just been @ replying everyone.
  • 19:51:54: "Hey Chris! You know the Census Bureau is hiring at $22/hr? :D" I know freelancers don't make dick, but I'd kill myself first. Thanks.
  • 20:01:35: @libertyideals They have to have that right. It's a safety issue.
  • 20:44:47: Why do I have the MLB At Bat app? So I can listen to no-hitters!
  • 20:51:23: RT @dmataconis: Congrats to Ubaldo Jiminez who just completed the first no-hitter in Colorado Rockies history
  • 21:46:54: Jesus FUCKING CHRIST. #TheGameThatDoesntEnd
  • 21:51:28: @keithlaw How so? I'm curious.
  • 21:55:50: Mets score again in the 20th. For God's sake, keep this one! #TheGameThatDoesntEnd
  • 21:58:30: Here's what's worse for the #Mets: They'll need John Maine to eat some serious innings tomorrow. #aintgonnahappen
  • 21:59:51: Sorry, WMRQ. Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam and Greenday aren't "alternative". They're shitty mainstream bands. Try again.
  • 22:02:08: RT @OldHossRadbourn: T. La Russa: "Base ball is like chess. And I am a master tactician. Check mate!" 7-year-old: "But we are playing Co ...
  • 22:07:49: Thank God. #mets
  • 22:08:28: Time of game: 6:53. Stat of the day, right there.

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