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From Twitter 04-18-2010

  • 03:27:26: @burning_phoneix Six hours and fifty three minutes for a baseball game. That's the "beauty" of baseball... there's always a winner.
  • 03:28:12: @DanaTaggart They still pay attention to that *silly* antiquated document? #sarcasm #dontkillme
  • 04:19:04: "Furry Vengence"? Are you fucking kidding me? That sounds like what would happen if 7chan released a porno themselves.
  • 13:49:25: I've heard 4 unrelated people make the same exact joke about sacrificing M. Cyrus and J. Bieber to make the volcano gods happy. FOUR.
  • 13:49:57: I'm just saying guys, there comes a point where witty is no longer witty. BTW, they're both still minors. Stop it.\
  • 14:07:19: @jperlow I had to Google her + listen. Blech! We can toss that one in. I don't even care if it pleases the gods, toss her just for sport.
  • 14:17:48: @jperlow I found it on Hulu. Let's just say I didn't finish. #makeitstop
  • 15:32:22: @Samarecarm How ironic, we have ample supplies of both~ 8D
  • 16:28:37: @keithlaw Customs?
  • 19:45:23: @Beazus About as "indie" as Ke$ha. Put it this way: if you've heard it on the radio, it's no longer "alternative".
  • 19:50:04: Dear Youtube video guys: 99% of you suck at making the "History Will be Made" mockups. Stop making them. You all suck.
  • 19:51:42: RT @jim_sterling: Today's freebie App tip: Sword of Fargoal. Usually hate Roguelikes but this is quite fun despite shitty controls. Also ...
  • 19:55:28: Uh oh... my laptop bag doesn't fit my laptop. This is a problem for Tuesday.
  • 23:25:20: Thank God the San Jose Sharks are hockey players. If they were prostitutes, their gag reflex would have choked them by now.

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