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From Twitter 04-19-2010

  • 00:08:14: @twelveicings I remember my mother used to send me VHS tapes of big games. I watched Bourque raise the Cup on COMPTUEX! XD
  • 00:08:35: @twelveicings Dude! If you do that, pizplz! XD
  • 00:09:36: @Psymin1 That's not fan-made. That's an NHL video, I saw it on the NHL Network.
  • 00:10:50: Hey! I just realized something! I don't think Obamacare applies to me! God bless Veterans' Affairs!
  • 01:03:22: I feel a LITTLE better about the Library of Congress tweet thing now that I know they're not including private tweets. That helps.
  • 01:15:52: @Samarecarm MOTHERFUCKIN' PIXPLZ!!!
  • 04:04:38: @Samarecarm We can fix that! 8D
  • 04:07:42: According to Wikipedia, Tim Hortons is now at Norfolk Naval Base, where I used to be stationed. Motherfucker! Six years too late!
  • 14:55:21: RT @dmataconis: Joe Klein Equates Advocating Limited Government With Sedition http://bit.ly/druvCC (Then I guess I'm seditious - Bus)
  • 17:03:47: So, any games journalist peeps going out to the Deep Silver event tomorrow?
  • 18:05:23: @jim_sterling How the fuck are you writing so much lately? I'm struggling through MAJOR writers block lately.
  • 19:31:41: @JVB Ai and I are due for 2PM
  • 19:36:17: @KeithOlbermann Mr. Olbermann, with all due respect, I feel Mr. Klein is wrong. Beck and Palin are sideshow clowns, not revolutionaries.
  • 19:36:42: @KeithOlbermann Furthermore, I am against government in almost all aspects of my life. Does that technically make me "seditious"?
  • 19:37:47: @dmataconis Why should a student group of any membership receive government money?
  • 19:46:34: @dmataconis If it's based on tuition, then they should get the same as any other exclusionary club. I say it's up to the school.
  • 20:03:34: @Beazus What benefit would that give? The Tea Parties are mostly good people offset by a few whackjobs. In other words, the Reform Party V2.
  • 20:11:26: @RAINN01 I didn't know "my bad" cut it.
  • 20:14:37: @twelveicings Daaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww~ <3
  • 20:59:22: @jim_sterling What would these people do if you pulled a Carrot Top and just got massively jacked?
  • 21:01:37: @jim_sterling Dude, *I* get called "fat". And I used to play sports professionally!
  • 21:02:04: @JVB Ah, shit. Oh well. There'll be others.
  • 21:38:13: listening to "The Smiths - Atomik - The Boy With the Thorn in His Side" ♫ http://blip.fm/~oya2a
  • 21:39:08: @twelveicings HAHAOLD
  • 21:46:06: So Vancouver can't kill LA's penalties. Who knew.
  • 22:28:04: @Samarecarm Watch it, young'un~ Last I checked, you were going to see me in less than 12 hours. I'll teach you who's "young"~ >:D
  • 22:31:45: I see Vancouver's Captain being yanked... yes, it's definitely the playoffs. Like clockwork!
  • 23:08:14: Re-watching old Daily Show clips makes me ask one question: how does Jim Cramer still have a job?
  • 23:35:01: @jperlow You poor bastard.
  • 23:49:25: Dear Ice Cube: when you start sharing sitcom time with Tyler Perry on TBS, you lose your G Card.

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