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From Twitter 04-20-2010

  • 00:36:20: @sportsguy33 Who's that on? Karl? Dantley? Collective screw ups?
  • 00:46:48: So... who still thinks Utah will trade Deron Williams if they get the #1 pick in the NBA Draft?
  • 00:50:34: @burning_phoneix The talk was that if they got the #1 (via the Knicks), they would trade Williams and keep John Wall.
  • 00:50:54: @burning_phoneix I thought that was retarded before. Now, even a dumb front office wouldn't do it (Utah's is smart)
  • 02:38:32: OpenSUSE 11.2 running KDE? It is SEXY AS FUCK.
  • 03:17:06: As pretty as SuSE KDE is, I don't have time to play with it; I need a JFW in 10 hours. Back to GNOME I go...
  • 07:36:18: OK, New York City! Let's FUCKIN' DO THIS! it's nice to be a reporter field reporter for a change. Want to do more of it.
  • 08:03:28: Hip hop heads just lost a legend... spin your Gang Starr albums in honour of Guru today!
  • 08:18:08: Tupac Shakur... dead. Biggie... dead. Guru... dead. Proof... dead. Ja Rule? Puffy? Still around. It's not fair.
  • 21:09:54: @dmataconis now you know how fans of The Nashville Network felt.
  • 21:12:06: @jephjacques Ke$ha shouldn't be criticizing fashion decisions. That's like William Hung judging American Idol.
  • 21:13:05: I already miss @samarecarm. :(
  • 21:24:37: On the train, listening to Gang Starr while I read The Economist. Adulthood rules.
  • 22:23:36: @Psymin1 When a female friend did this, I went "daaaaaaaaw"! With a dude, I go "Doh!" XD

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