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From Twitter 04-21-2010

  • 00:04:13: "Look at Douglas Murray, pushing people back!" Um, Drew? Look up rule 56 in the NHL book on Interference: http://bit.ly/10XVTB
  • 00:06:15: @Psymin1 Not to mention some interference on Murray. But they're not calling that at that point.
  • 01:43:24: @Psymin1 This thing is pants, though. Apparently, one of my "favourites" is someone that's been on Twitter for a week and a half.
  • 02:35:52: @Beazus The Tea Party movement wasn't started by those people. It was started by primarily Libertarian voters who (cont) http://tl.gd/v3v6v
  • 03:25:27: Here's a question I have about the iPhone 4G: Apple has a history of chaining prototypes to their desks. Why did some kid have this one?
  • 14:15:12: @Beazus I pay no attention to Fox, so I don't know. I get my news from British sites. I can't trust the American sites. Too much slant.
  • 14:40:39: So Arizona is going to remove Obama from the '12 ballot unless he shows the birth certificate that he's already shown? #yourstateisdumb
  • 14:41:11: Admit it: you use his birth "status" not because you're concerned, but because you hate Obama and want to use *something* against him.
  • 14:42:00: Hawaii put the certificate forward in 2008. He himself put forth the same copy. So everyone starts acting like 4chan users and going "SHOP!"
  • 14:42:21: @BigSamTweets I've always liked the Economist. I've just never liked the price tag.
  • 14:51:51: @PhanMan69 NoBama? I lost interest in everything you had to say after that.
  • 15:04:39: It's sad that I get on well with my uncle - by all accounts, a mediocre man at best - and yet tend to shy away from my honourable father.
  • 15:19:45: MORE bullshit from Arizona, this time of the Orwellian nature. @lukekarrys, what's happening over there!? http://bit.ly/9eWhWW
  • 15:41:05: Wow. So not only does Open SuSE 11.2 run like a dog on my laptop, but Twitux sucks as well. Guess I'll try 10.04 again later...
  • 15:59:50: @TheRealBell: I thought that's what everyone said about Ubuntu? (Believe it or not, I'm running GNOME. This would be worse with KDE)
  • 16:00:26: @dmataconis: That's actually consistent with their policy of not criticizing other MSNBC hosts. Even if their policy is stupid and broken.
  • 16:50:12: @citronmint She looks frazzled, doesn't she? *munch munch* Popcorn?
  • 17:06:24: @citronmint: Oh, don't mind me. You won't even know I'm here. ^__^
  • 17:08:10: @DanaTaggart: What IS the story about that, for us non-locals?
  • 18:21:07: @DanaTaggart That's it? Maybe three pages of personal printing?
  • 18:21:30: @dmataconis They're going to call up Strasberg probably at the end of the month. That'll help.
  • 18:34:14: RT @raywashere: Bullshit call on the #sabres, shoulda been both guys! (Maybe it's a makeup for all the Bruins calls they fucked - Bus)
  • 18:37:57: There are eight series in the NHL Playoffs. Why do only the guys doing Bruins vs. Sabres terrible?
  • 20:46:33: Good job by the dorky white guy behind Boston's bench, with the Asian chick! Fellow ricists, unite!
  • 20:49:49: I have heard entirely too many people talking about their anuses and their colons today.
  • 20:54:11: In honour of the anuses and colons of the world, I think I'll describe the mind-altering blowjob I got yesterday. #tmitheatre
  • 21:11:46: If @Samarecarm ever finds another man, he's going to give me a high five. We'll both know. And then I'll punch him. #tmitheatre
  • 21:25:49: @raywashere You have NESN, right?

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