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From Twitter 04-22-2010

  • 02:03:55: @Samarecarm Hey! I'm here! You still around, baby?
  • 02:06:40: @jlist I write for the Gamefan that Mr. Halverson gave approval to in '08. http://diehardgamefan.com We'd still love to review your games!
  • 02:14:39: @jlist That's the site where I reviewed Princess Waltz like a regular game. I gave it a good score, too! http://bit.ly/aDw90c
  • 02:21:36: @jlist I'll review anything, especially games with gameplay elements, like Raidy 2 (been working on Raidy's review) and Downhill Night 2.
  • 02:23:03: @jlist We're a videogame site, so I would not focus as much on sex as typical H-game reviewers. But I'll do anything, my fiancee does yaoi.
  • 02:57:35: Fun fact about my sleep schedule being fucked up: seeing all these commercials for terrible companies like Club Love and Finally Fast.
  • 02:58:07: http://bit.ly/cFLs4X - Surely, the people at WFAN and the Daily News saw Hughes pitching and went "he'll be a GREAT guy in the bullpen!"
  • 04:14:16: I like this Ike Davis kid. He reminds me of a modern Kevin Maas. Oh, wait... #mets
  • 04:37:35: Just watched highlights of the Nats' win. When did teams start hiring cheerleaders as their colour guys? He annoys me more than the Hawk.
  • 04:37:53: @dekunda What does ffs stand for? This always confused me.
  • 05:23:10: How God damned hard is it to find a wooden hockey stick? I don't want to spend $200 on a stick I don't like!
  • 05:27:08: Am I the only one laughing that Labour and the Torries are now attacking someon (Clegg) they couldn't have picked out of a lineup before?
  • 18:05:46: @jperlow Twinux sucks too. Gwibber makes that one look like candy.
  • 19:42:32: Am I the only person that uses my cell number so much that I forget the home number I've used only since 2008?
  • 19:47:06: @SPBowley John Sponheimer? I don't follow #ctfb, but is he Paul's son?
  • 19:48:09: @BigSamTweets I got MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Ponyta~ \o/
  • 19:49:28: Are my fellow Canucks fans STILL convinced that there's a vast NHL conspiracy to "get" them because of D. Sedin's no goal? Really, guys?
  • 20:00:08: RT @GaryJBusey: The fact that people use the wrong "your" and "there" yet spell "Bieber" correctly murders me to death. One. Piece. At. ...
  • 20:01:24: Wait, the NFL Draft is TODAY? What the fuck? On a Thursday? Who made THAT decision?
  • 20:07:56: @Samarecarm Now you know why my review of The Show has been in draft status for about a month. :(
  • 20:09:35: Just to tempt fate, I'm going to draw a picture of the Prophet Mohamed getting buttfucked by the Christian God. And God will be female.
  • 20:11:48: @jlist Ever try to load a script heavy site in the latest Mosiac? You can almost watch it blow up!
  • 20:34:25: @Samarecarm I struggled too. I thought too much.
  • 20:42:36: @burning_phoneix Oooh! Oooh! Does that mean I'll get one of those cool fatwas too? :D
  • 21:41:31: Tim Tebow needed a good system to develop in. Denver does not provide that. Uh oh.
  • 21:58:54: @DanaTaggart Because guns kill people! Duh! (Says the man pushing for open carry in CT)
  • 22:43:04: @KeithOlbermann I think it's a Catholic thing.
  • 22:47:41: Since I put out my call for followers to get me to 300, I LOST 5 of them. I need to draw fewer spammers and "entrepeneurs"
  • 23:04:37: The amount of information my Facebook "friends" - generally stupid, simple people - can share by default is FRIGHTENING. Jesus Christ.
  • 23:36:07: @DHGFPsymin Really, your best bet is probably Halo Wars. It's baby's first RTS.
  • 23:47:27: Give Denver credit: They drafted the only person in the first round guaranteed to not end up on Roger Goodell's shit list.
  • 23:48:35: As for Dallas and Dez Bryant? I've seen this movie before, it was a CBS 11PM special. It was called "The Charles Rogers Story"

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