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From Twitter 04-23-2010

  • 00:11:10: These Web 2.0 comment sections on news sites are destroying debate. It sucks to read a nice article to see it shat on by freaks and losers.
  • 01:09:49: Massive headache right now. Turning to Pepsi and Asprin. This won't end well.
  • 01:11:34: @DanaTaggart No, it's news when people are open SHOOTING. PS: if Colorado had gun laws like VA, Columbine wouldn't have gone down how it did
  • 01:13:24: @jephjacques Is that WIL with the moustache? I didn't even think he could grow facial hair.
  • 01:41:03: Gah, I can't write shit. That's been the case for a month. What fucking good am I right now? I'm no fucking use if I'm not producing.
  • 01:44:05: Maybe I should just work at McDonalds. Or maybe I should just start drinking again, that's worked SO well for others in my family.
  • 01:52:45: I figure at my rate of production I'll end up just like my uncle. I should just blow my brains out and spare everyone THAT bullshit.
  • 02:33:45: @Samarecarm Nah... this goes deeper than just an inability to write consistently.
  • 02:45:21: @Samarecarm Also, my current work isn't good enough. Not enough of it. My review deadlines are also in the toilet.
  • 06:10:33: @lesliecarbone People forget the free market would work a lot better if the consumers were better educated.
  • 06:16:47: @dmataconis Anything would be better than Michaelle Jean. She was nothing more than a stooge for Harper. I'll take a red shirt over her.
  • 06:28:28: Hockey fans are dumb. Proof: Everyone I know hates the Penguins because they're good. I wonder if Edmonton went through that in the 80s.
  • 06:38:09: Here's my take on Susan Bysiewicz: if there's a *QUESTION* about her qualifications, I have no intention of voting for her. End of story.
  • 06:38:32: It also doesn't help her case that I think she's a slimy opportunist. #givemebackmyblumenthal
  • 07:44:49: As much as I hate it, what Comedy Central did with SP made sense. Offending people is one thing, offending people with bombs is another.
  • 07:49:01: @raywashere What's your AIM name? I'll be coming across as curlehmustache, but I am set to private.
  • 07:52:50: @TheRealBell That doesn't fly well in Viacom's shareholders meetings.
  • 07:56:41: @raywashere Give me a minute. Pidgin's being stupid about my privacy permissions.
  • 08:13:44: @Psymin1 Hey, you mentioned something about NCAA '11's advertising. What's that about?
  • 11:47:51: Oh, Lucid Lynx. You do EVERYTHING right except TweetDeck. Must you taunt me so?
  • 12:42:16: When I grow up as a writer, I want to have my own fan page, like @jperlow
  • 12:43:46: @twelveicings This is going to cause hate and discontent, but yes, it IS stupid to hate a team just because of its fans. Especially...
  • 12:44:08: @twelveicings a team whose fans are rightly elated just to HAVE a team still, let alone a very good one.
  • 12:45:28: @twelveicings It is absolutely silly to me to "hate" a team that is THIS good. Appreciate the quality hockey they play, it's transcendent.
  • 13:26:56: OK, why does Ubuntu 10.04 hate Tweetdeck's certificate, and how do I make it not do that?
  • 14:08:52: @DIMEMag Johnson. More dynamic. Westbrook's great, but not a #1.
  • 23:17:56: @Psymin1 Thankfully, most banks have procedures in place for just this, since it's become so common. What happened, specifically?
  • 23:19:38: @twelveicings What is "hate"? These aren't university teams. Let me assure you, if the Flames and Flyers were the two best teams in the...
  • 23:20:07: @twelveicings NHL, and were playing for the Cup, despite my prediliction to dislike both teams, I'd definitely enjoy watching them play.
  • 23:25:32: @twelveicings That's my point. People with no *PRIOR* rooting interest in the Pens "hate" them now. Missing the forest for the trees.
  • 23:26:09: @twelveicings Liz, I'm talking generally. You very likely won't be watching in June, either. So don't take things so bloody personal.
  • 23:28:44: @twelveicings That's fine, but just enjoy the good ho-- you know what? I'm not geting into a fight over the stupid-ass NHL tonight. No way.
  • 23:30:52: @twelveicings I don't care enough about silly shit like rooting interests to fight about it. That's on you.

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