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From Twitter 04-24-2010

  • 03:04:00: @Aitherion Then there's the one of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and two Japanese people having an orgy. Don't forget that.
  • 03:08:29: Dear Linux community: I do not carry around a sheet that translates Ubuntu versions to their names. 10.04 is easier on me than Lucid Lynx.
  • 03:35:01: Hey, here's a shock: Pete Carroll blew off one of his kids. http://bit.ly/bSjovf
  • 12:40:03: @Beazus What do you mean by a campus station?
  • 13:11:37: @dmataconis This is a time when we need men like Bill the Butcher.
  • 13:14:45: @jim_sterling @Gamevil's also very good. They're the guys that did Zenonia as well as a few others.
  • 13:17:36: @jim_sterling Not familiar with Donut Games. Which ones are they responsible for?
  • 13:23:01: @Beazus I don't really listen to a lot of radio, unless internet radio like Pandora counts. Oh, and sports radio like WFAN.
  • 13:27:46: @KeithOlbermann Gun shows!
  • 15:30:09: @Beazus I'm pretty varied. Neal Schon, the Isley Brothers, Common, Pendulum and The Smiths are my regulars.
  • 16:03:24: @libertyideals You linked a birther site. Fail.
  • 20:50:03: @twelveicings iPhone HD? Is that what is in the iPhone that got leaked?
  • 21:00:47: @twelveicings I'm also seeing things that only work on 3gs (like that Cave shooter). You made the right move.
  • 21:03:30: RT @dmataconis: RT @OneFineJay: "Illegal aliens don't have rights in this country" is the largest pile of bullshit I've ever heard from ...
  • 21:20:34: In New England, blatant racism makes you a pariah. In Arizona, it's the law!? #WTF #showyourpaperscitizen #orwell
  • 21:21:50: Seriously, the new law in Arizona is the worst abuse of civil rights since MLK was shot.
  • 21:22:21: @burning_phoneix correction: THREE goal lead.
  • 21:29:58: I love fat white Americans bitching about "illegal" immigration. Last I checked, 99.9% of all "Americans" were technically illegal.
  • 21:31:16: Wait, I'm wrong. They were made legal after invading the land and killing all the native tribes. Illegally. #manifestdestiny
  • 22:11:54: @burning_phoneix ^__^ Just means I get the Penguins/Capitals matchup I want~
  • 22:15:06: http://tweetphoto.com/19824677 - This is how I roll~
  • 22:26:57: @Samarecarm You wouldn't, and you know it~ 8D
  • 22:58:44: @Psymin1 I think Fenix has a point. He DID blow off the Pens.
  • 23:05:15: Fuck I pulled something fuck I pulled something fuck I pulled something #fuckipulledsomething
  • 23:06:04: @DHGFAaronS Yes, but those rules were made by people that occupied this land illegally. That was my point.
  • 23:07:12: @twelveicings A tendon that connects my outer calf to my ankle. Didn't have time to stretch, now it hurts. :(
  • 23:08:21: @DHGFAaronS Of course, I say this being from a country where we just shoved our "natives" up into uninhabitable land instead of killing them
  • 23:14:29: @KeithOlbermann One problem: this new racist law was wanted by their people. A boycott won't work. Stupid breeds stupid, esp. in AZ.
  • 23:23:32: @EileenLeft I don't think your boycott will succeed, but bear in mind that 11 of the team's 40 man roster is Hispanic, including 1 Mexican.

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