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From Twitter 04-25-2010

  • 00:20:08: @dmataconis The article itself is pretty bonkers itself!
  • 01:21:36: These Been Verified commercials make me want these people dead. Yes, I want the people responsible for this company to die. Painfully.
  • 01:45:40: @Psymin1 Hossa signed for 12 years in Chicago after going the mercenary route. Because Pittsburgh wasn't "ready" to win the Cup. XD
  • 16:15:13: @DHGFAaronS But this continent DID have natives. Cherokee. Iroqouis. Quinnipiac. Wampano. Naugatuck. And that's just from Connecticut!
  • 16:15:43: @DHGFAaronS My point is, a nation - and a state - of immigrants just made Hispanics second class citizens.It reeks in so many ways.
  • 16:16:38: @KeithOlbermann Aren't you... above making silly statements like that? Beck and his lot are below you. Don't drop to his level.
  • 16:17:25: @Samarecarm The only cure for that is more cuddling in a large bearded man's arms. <3
  • 16:20:38: @Psymin1 $50.
  • 16:21:50: @jlist What do you think of My Japanese Coach?
  • 16:22:41: @sportsguy33 Wouldn't the Flu Game count as a 10?
  • 16:39:51: Racial profiling has already started in AZ: http://bit.ly/dg3faT (thanks, @dmataconis). Doug's right: this isn't America anymore.
  • 16:40:24: I think every Hispanic person should leave Arizona. Then we'll all watch gleefully as their economy goes kablooey. That'll change the law.
  • 16:50:04: Any manga fans on my list know anything about Gauken Alice? I'm interested in it, wondering if it's worth the time investment.
  • 16:51:03: RT @Beazus: http://tweetphoto.com/11579727 @superbus I miss snowfalls like this! (This was an AWESOME storm... if you work from home! - Bus)
  • 16:54:05: http://bit.ly/c7oAlw - I can't believe I'm saying this... but Colin Campbell made the right call. Hossa's shove was barely existent.
  • 17:48:34: @SPBowley Yikes! 3 2/3, 5R (all earned), 5H, 3BB and a HR.
  • 17:51:59: @SPBowley And the Angels only swung and missed six times out of 47 strikes. Sounds like an NL bully to me.
  • 18:17:13: OK, Ubuntu. In my bar, I have no wireless icon (it's a volume icon, and unclickable) and some "us" thing. Don't fuck up on me now.
  • 19:14:01: 360 controller drivers show up when I dmesg. It shows that it's connected and recognized. So... why isn't it *working*? #linux
  • 20:50:01: @BigSamTweets Tendon connecting my calf to my outer ankle. Today, it's just sore.
  • 22:31:51: Dear NHL: We will gladly take either Chicago or the DET/PHO winner. Bring 'em on. Thanks, love, Bus.
  • 22:33:49: Doink! Empty Net Goal. Game, set, series. PS, fuck the pundits who picked the upset. :)
  • 22:35:16: @twelveicings 2nd round is reseeded. If Nashville wins, they get San Jose and Vancouver gets the DET/PHO (4-5) winner.
  • 22:35:58: @twelveicings Not really. But we have to play SOMEONE if we want the Cup.
  • 22:36:22: @superbus And there's a key difference between last and this year: goaltending. Neimi's a gas can.
  • 22:49:22: Dear pundits: please stop assuming that Burrows has "broken out" of his slump. It was an ENG. My girlfriend could hit a 6'X4' net.

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