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From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 01:43:57: http://bit.ly/9aRFko - Forget the Linuxvangelism. What @jperlow's troubles say is simple: NO ONE is exempt from getting nailed by malware.
  • 06:41:09: Rewatching Undertaker vs. Shawn Michales at WM26, I notice one thing: Matt Striker had to be told to shut up during the climatic moment.
  • 07:22:08: Who'da thunk that while Arizona is trying to combat one brand of aliens, Stephen Hawking would be combating a whole other breed?
  • 08:23:02: @dmataconis Just remember: Comedy Central cowed because pissing off a religion that kills people doesn't fly in shareholder meetings.
  • 08:38:07: A lot of my Twitter friends are Macintosh users. Therefore, they should think twice before getting the new 17" MacBook http://bit.ly/bsTcHJ
  • 08:39:02: @dmataconis Agreed. But the decision was made by a lot of cowards who wanted to keep their jobs, not just one.
  • 10:19:23: @twelveicings PK? Andrew PK? *SHOT*
  • 10:20:15: @Psymin1 Even Bill Simmons - who's as casual a wrestling fan as they get - hates him. When he talks, I long for Michael Cole.
  • 10:31:42: @twelveicings Liz, to be completely fair, remember who we're talking about. A lack of accuracy can be forgiven. :P
  • 10:39:35: @twelveicings Someone you remember from juniors? XD
  • 13:14:04: RT @ThePajamaPundit: Wow. As best as I can tell, this is a real story and not a joke: http://bit.ly/a2bU2n (Bwuh? Young people, confirm?)
  • 13:15:04: Am I the only person noticing that it's Republicans bemoaning the fact that the feds aren't stopping illegal immigration?
  • 13:41:14: @dmataconis Read enough Chomsky and you'll think we annexed them in the 70s.

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