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From Twitter 04-28-2010

  • 00:13:19: After listening to the "side effects" of NuvaRing... what rational woman would want that NEAR her vagina!?
  • 01:49:18: @stephensonmc Hey, would you be willing to do an interview with us (Diehard GameFAN) about Smackdown vs. RAW?
  • 01:49:43: @stephensonmc Bear in mind we're linked to Inside Pulse Wrestling, so we have a mutual audience.
  • 06:48:23: @dmataconis I loved the Fox News dork trying to argue law with Judge Napolitano. It was like a child debating his bedtime.
  • 19:57:45: VERY nice call by Brad Watson, one of the best referees in the world. Incidental contact on the goalie. No goal, no penalty. Excellent.
  • 20:12:13: @Psymin1 Wrong. He clipped Halak. Trust me, he got BOTH of them right.
  • 20:13:39: It's still 1-0 in the game between the Washington Capitals and the Jaroslav Halaks.
  • 20:20:36: @DanaTaggart @dmataconis Huh? 1) What is in those vaccines, 2) we have immune systems, let them work. The last "scare" was a nightmare.
  • 20:22:29: @burning_phoneix I was wondering about that yesterday! Glad you got it OK.
  • 20:28:56: WOW! Where was Washington's backcheck!? Jaroslav Halaks 2, Washington Capitals 0
  • 20:30:28: Looks like the Halaks are playing the ol' football "Park the Bus" strategy.
  • 20:31:07: @ErikaS981 They charge for Twitter clients?
  • 20:31:22: He's human! Jaroslav Halaks 2, Capitals 1.
  • 20:34:20: Bear in mind: it's 6-4. THAT means there's no icing. Montreal can aim at that open net the entire time.
  • 20:42:16: @burning_phoneix We stuffed some extra shit in there, and we wanted to make sure international shipping didn't hurt the contents.
  • 20:47:56: @burning_phoneix Remember, we have experience shipping to the Middle East from my Navy years, so that's where that comes from.
  • 20:51:16: @burning_phoneix BLEH! These changes SUCK! :(
  • 20:55:36: Ladies, gentlemen and hockey fans: Josh Gorges has arrived.
  • 21:05:27: Oh, and every argument about Ovechkin vs. Crosby is hearby declared decided until further notice.
  • 21:06:57: @twelveicings Wow! Though I don't think they beat Pittsburgh... more mutli-dimensional.
  • 21:23:29: @DanaTaggart I agree 100%. I'll decide for my children, not someone from the government who's likely on the dole from the pharmacuticals.
  • 21:26:30: @thelostlolli Was this THAT personal that he never used those bonuses?
  • 21:28:05: Bud Selig cheapens the All Star Game again. http://bit.ly/c8aSEW I don't see how he's able to. He should be in jail.
  • 21:30:50: YES! Justice, finally! Next up: China's 2008 Gymnastics medals, hopefully! http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/gymnastics/news/story?id=5142755
  • 21:31:24: @thelostlolli Would your father consider getting rid of the other two troublemakers to bring him back?
  • 21:38:38: @twelveicings It was blatant each time. China's notorious for this, and it's government ordered. They'll do it again in '12, too.
  • 21:46:29: Now, let's see how long it takes China to mail the medals back. Considering their history, I figure it'll be by 2043.
  • 21:47:19: Holy shit, a Bogut-less Milwaukee team just beat the Atlanta Hawks on the road. Are they for real?
  • 22:51:57: @ryanaraine They'll look better in a Boston uniform in '11
  • 22:52:58: Jemele Hill's point is valid, but she forgets that the NFL is about winning. NOTHING else. http://bit.ly/cCQeL0
  • 22:55:07: The sad thing? With the NFL's character issues, asking someone if their mother was a prostitute is a legitimate question! Sad but true.
  • 22:58:58: OK, Tea Party people. Explain this one. http://bit.ly/9Mb0gV
  • 23:02:48: Zoe Saldana is the first actress I've seen in years that's made me go "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN". Thought I was too old for such wanton lust.
  • 23:09:31: TNT's cross-promotion is getting a little bit out of control.
  • 23:21:03: @DHGFPsymin The LW and the point man can pass as much as it takes to open up a lane. They're trying to stretch (cont) http://tl.gd/12mfoq

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