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From Twitter 04-30-2010

  • 03:54:50: So I apparently slept through a fire at the neighbours. I can sleep, apparently!
  • 03:54:58: @burning_phoneix Yeah.
  • 03:57:42: @Samarecarm I would think the fact I slept through four fire trucks outside my window tells that story! Mom's making fun of me now. XD
  • 04:01:04: Seymour, you have seriously, SERIOUSLY disappointed me today. For numerous reasons (via @ValleyIndy): http://bit.ly/dDlKSX
  • 04:02:11: RT @billmaher: Every asshole who ever chanted 'Drill baby drill' should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty
  • 04:05:24: RT @jfavreau: RT @JeffMarek: Preds re-sign Wade Belak to one-year $575,000 deal. (Former Sound Tiger, represent! - Bus)
  • 04:06:21: @dmataconis Jon Stewart: Bringing together Liberals, Conservatives and Everyone Else since 2000.
  • 04:08:16: Another reason we need to tell the United Nations to go forth and multiply (via @dmataconis) http://bit.ly/bCtuGN
  • 04:14:22: @twelveicings More interesting is the article about Sam Pollock within! You can argue about fans all you want, that's an evisceration!
  • 04:15:13: @twelveicings What's this "LJ" thing I keep hearing about? Is it one of those social netty dohickies?
  • 04:46:28: RT @dmataconis: Why Should Obscenity Be Illegal ? Answer: It Shouldn't http://ping.fm/u8PIy
  • 04:47:28: @hatsuyuki Would those even travel well? I would think they'd melt before they got to where you are. :(
  • 05:08:27: @twelveicings And BTW: That blogger's right. Vancouver's fans embarrass me.
  • 05:11:29: @dekunda Hey, people gave Final Fantasy XIII 10s while saying "it totally gets better after 20 hours in!" As if that's a compliment.
  • 05:13:33: The thing that bothers me about the Seymour vote? I'm willing to bet it was all implants that killed it. Freaking yuppies.
  • 05:17:51: http://huff.to/cQBaso - Bear in mind: the biometric card WILL be a National ID card, just like what Social Security cards have become.
  • 05:21:04: @dekunda I wish I could give a game 5 hours! I mean, I game easily 50 hours a week, but about 48 of that is work related! #woeisme
  • 05:22:06: @dekunda BTW: That's why I essentially stopped playing RPGs. I just don't have that kind of time to wait around for the tutorials to end.
  • 05:31:31: @dekunda Yeah, it's hard to sit down with a nice, long RPG when you look and realize "FUCK I have to play Spectral Force Genesis today!"
  • 05:32:25: @dekunda And JRPGs are going the wrong way; they're still in Dragon Quest VII mode, where you have no e-dick unless your game is 80+ hours.
  • 05:32:41: @dekunda In short, games are my job. I don't need my recreational game playing to be my job, too! :(
  • 05:39:46: @jlist Haha! Thought you left that shit behind when you left California, eh?
  • 06:29:30: @hesster56 Is this to offset all the horrid shit they sell on a normal basis?
  • 06:30:04: OK, Captain Your Country mode in FIFA World Cup is *broken*. And the game play isn't noticeably better than '10. Early verdict: get it used
  • 06:50:49: @jim_sterling Pat that young man on the head, as he's going places.
  • 08:49:01: Thank you, Gulf oil spill. You've done environmentalists their biggest favour since 1989.
  • 09:14:28: @twelveicings I think 90% of fans are snooker-loopy. That kinda goes with the territory, and it's why I'm not much of a "fan" nowadays.
  • 09:14:57: @twelveicings Though to be fair? If Vancouver gets past Chicago, I might find my "fan" gene VERY quickly. Not sure what that syas about me.
  • 09:15:46: @twelveicings Bingo! Hell, I'm playing Final Fantasy again! Like, the first one! XD
  • 09:31:21: @twelveicings Nope! NES! I'm old school like that! :D
  • 09:31:35: @twelveicings And a large part of me doesn't trust Antti Neimi.
  • 09:45:37: "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money". Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our "Read My Lips" award winner for this admin!
  • 16:29:06: @libertyideals Bullshit. That's completely unenforceable.
  • 16:37:04: @Samarecarm That's why I needed help yesterday... ;_; I guess I learned it in the Navy? And I woke up at 4:30, with no problem. Oy. D:
  • 16:38:19: @BigSamTweets I get the context in what he was saying (there was other shit around it). But that statement in itself can't be said. Period.
  • 16:40:06: @BigSamTweets But it is not right to forcefully take someone else's money and give it away. I believe in private charity over taxation.
  • 16:44:50: @BigSamTweets Now what would you do if the Government went with the Fair Tax? I mean, it's only fair, right?
  • 16:47:27: @BigSamTweets The one that basically says everyone gets taxed X percent.
  • 16:50:21: @BigSamTweets But if you support taking money from people, that is the only "fair" way to do it (read: it sucks). That's why we need...
  • 16:50:47: @BigSamTweets a minimum of taxes, at least as government gets bigger. Local = fine. National? I want no part of taxation at any level.
  • 17:14:04: @BigSamTweets No socialist government in modern history - or any history I can think of - has been benevolent. They have all been...
  • 17:14:39: @BigSamTweets masks to safeguard fascist states (which, BTW, is what scares off the uneducated, right wing morons in this country)
  • 17:18:29: @BigSamTweets My belief is that ultimately, every system devolves into a plutocracy or thereabouts. Wish I could remember who said that...
  • 18:09:14: @chrisbosh Let me say this as tactfully as possible: get the $#@! out of Dodge. You're killing yourself in Toronto for nothing.
  • 18:19:20: Negative part of my notorious sleep schedule being somewhat normal: 1) I'm tired now, and 2) that means likely no @Samarecarm later. :(
  • 18:24:04: @burning_phoneix Presentation = much better. Gameplay? WORSE. There are framerate issues.

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