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From Twitter 05-01-2010

  • 04:40:47: Wait. So I have to have a Starbucks card to go online at Starbucks, and only for 2 hours at a time? Jesus, we need more coffee houses in CT.
  • 04:52:31: Go figure. All the local coffee houses are over 30. min from the Valley. Living here makes me feel dumber by the day.
  • 10:04:27: @twelveicings I don't go to Starbucks enough to really take advantage.
  • 10:50:27: @KeithOlbermann What's the difference? Boycotts aren't selective.
  • 11:13:11: @Psymin1 It's... not really. It's part SRPG, and part 3rd person action game. It's... unique.
  • 12:34:50: Before I head out, I am going to Shaw's to give some money to the fireworks fundraiser. I live on that river, damn right I am!
  • 14:22:31: We need more places like Port Coffeehouse (Fairfield) in the Valley. It will never happen. Valleyites only pay attention to marketing.
  • 14:31:18: RT @DanaTaggart: Damn. Great reminder though. Please read and RT! RT @dmataconis May 1st--Victims Of Communism Day http://ping.fm/9kFXt
  • 14:47:57: As a Ranger fan who's team drafted him: I never thought I would say the words "Marc Savard, Playoff Warrior" unironically.
  • 14:50:49: @dmataconis Sharon Stone on network TV? She can't be naked on TV, what good is she there?
  • 14:53:04: @Jim_Sterling At least in a horror movie, their incessant screaming fits in>?
  • 14:53:48: If Old Spice and Geico teamed up to make commercials, the combined awesomeness would destroy Mars.
  • 14:54:10: @KeithOlbermann Never has "Javier Vasquez is off the hook" sounded so hollow.
  • 15:00:29: Since coming to this coffeehouse to get away from distractions, four people have called me. The iPhone has left the building.
  • 15:31:10: RT @mopupduty: Roy Halladay collect his 4th hit of the season. Stud #jays #phillies (Poor Toronto fans - Bus)
  • 15:37:24: @burning_phoneix That's funny. I've had zero issues since it was in beta.
  • 15:46:14: @dmataconis The early bird gets the ambulance!
  • 16:20:44: @twelveicings "I'm on a horse!"
  • 17:37:39: @Samarecarm Good thing I use Old Spice body wash, I guess. XD
  • 18:03:48: @dekunda You have tickets to that thing you like! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME! ;_;
  • 20:14:10: You know those workouts where you are so tired afterwards that you can barely drive home, you're swerving? Yep. Welcome to Spring.
  • 20:14:55: @jlist Underboob is winning. And therefore, we are all winners.
  • 20:16:02: Islamic priests say they cause earthquakes, Virginian DAs are covering them up on statues... who knew the female breast was so dangerous?
  • 20:16:47: Though I have to ask... is there going to be a protest group for women to expose their breasts over this? #boobquake2 #boobquakestrikesback
  • 20:34:55: OK, I've been ignoring this... but what the fuck is #nerdprom?
  • 20:35:42: I was going to eat out tonight until I realized 1) I'm not that hungry, and 2) I'm getting tired. So I will save Fratelli's for tomorrow.
  • 20:36:09: @ErikaS981 It sucks to get old, doesn't it?
  • 20:37:31: @PaulaInTulsaOK Thank you.
  • 20:39:33: I feel like getting some cheap heat and the resulting followers... #nerdprom #justinbieber #mileycyrus #barackobama #twilight #ladygaga
  • 21:00:09: @jlist Japan still has royalty?
  • 21:10:09: @Samarecarm Hey, FYI, I'm fading fast. MIght want to get online quickly.

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