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From Twitter 05-05-2010

  • 00:19:41: Turned on the last few minutes of the Lakers game. Apparently, Adam Morrison has become a mix of ML Carr and Jack Haley.
  • 08:48:35: Remember all the work I've done blistering Sony for their flip-flopping the past year? Ars did me one better. http://bit.ly/9ZEMzK
  • 09:46:10: Am I the only person who thinks Tecmo Bowl Kickoff is much easier to play in retro mode than in modern mode?
  • 09:46:42: @Jim_Sterling A lot of movie makers feel that way, too.
  • 09:48:17: I hate to say this... but Kobe Bryant's all-white photo looks like something I would see someone wear while saying "massa".
  • 09:54:36: @dmataconis Blogger. RTs are one click away.
  • 10:05:13: @dmataconis They're not even considering that question. They want a docile population and more power. They'll get it.
  • 10:27:55: @Psymin1 I'm going to be addressing that. ^__^
  • 10:54:02: Overrated games: Metroid. A game with an emphasis on exploration that penalizes people for taking their time. Classic carrot/stick example
  • 10:54:53: @Psymin1 The "classic" mode is nothing but a Tecmo Super Bowl ROM, which to me is A-OK.
  • 10:56:05: @BigSamTweets I LOVE Metroid. But I also gave up all hope on getting good endings without cheats.
  • 11:17:55: @BigSamTweets That's kinda my point. For me, that only adds a bit of replayability, but so do emulator assisted speedruns.
  • 11:31:54: Proof I emulate too much: I keep getting the SNES controls for Tecmo Super Bowl mixed up with the XBox ones for Kickoff.
  • 13:21:40: @Psymin1 I'm with you on that one. I prefer the NES version, but it's understandable to build the new game off of the SNES engine.
  • 13:46:49: @Psymin1 Not only did it have ZERO impact, they were going off. And that's close enough to 5 ft. to let it go, 100%. No one makes that call
  • 13:47:12: @Psymin1 and if someone does make that call, they're making no more because they're fired. If someone tried that shit in a USA game, I'd
  • 13:47:40: @Psymin1 beat the shit out of them in the locker room. No joke. Simply put, Wings fans are down 3-0 and looking for reasons to cry.
  • 15:07:38: @WhitlockJason Too bad it's six years old.
  • 16:20:21: AGAIN Gamefly shipped me a game I had low in my queue. Oh well, at least Alex recommends it (Last Rebellion) well.
  • 17:57:44: @Jim_Sterling Typold? (And I'm in the line of "proof it and post it later", for what it's worth)
  • 18:12:47: @ErikaS981 Awesome! But aren't temperatures supposed to dip soon?
  • 19:54:58: @revolver_ That's usually when I turn it around and get aggressive back. Metting strengths with greater strength works well with people.
  • 19:56:51: @ValleyIndy Exclusive nowadays means "first".
  • 20:46:05: @twelveicings He's emulating his hero: http://bit.ly/9pIkyZ
  • 20:53:51: Can there be an Anti-Smythe Trophy? If so, I nominate Kevin Bieksa.
  • 20:55:22: @TheGoalieGuild It's tough because he brought his rubber pads from the Gold Medal game. Initial rebound is on him.
  • 21:17:04: Alright! Luongo brought his rubber pads today! Rebounds galore!
  • 21:22:15: @TheGoalieGuild He kicks more than the average goalie. That can't be a bad thing; if you give up rebounds, give up LONG rebounds.
  • 21:39:14: Why is Joey Crawford working a Spurs playoff game?
  • 21:57:25: @Psymin1 Make sure your centre can win a faceoff. Give preference to 3rd liners and people that can hit. Other than that?
  • 21:57:51: @Psymin1 The PK is less about stats than it is about discipline. Hold your box, and take out anyone that gets near the slot. Take...
  • 21:58:00: @Psymin1 another interference call if it comes to that.
  • 21:58:37: @Psymin1 Whatever you do, don't chase the puck like a moron. Make them make a play.'
  • 22:02:11: Thanks, Alex Burrows! You stupid faggot.
  • 22:06:49: @twelveicings As I told Terrell: "That's a faggot call. Refs looked at him, said 'you're a faggot', and dinged him"
  • 22:12:30: So I've got $60 from bringing FIFA World Cup back. Recs? Or should I spend it on a 4K MS Point card?
  • 22:31:21: @Psymin1 If you're going to break out on offence, take your time. When in doubt, abandon it. Dump and change.
  • 22:32:28: @Psymin1 Depends on your goals, but I tend to go Asst. Coach > Am. Scout > Medical > Pro Scout.
  • 22:34:29: @Psymin1 Yeah... that's the exact opposite I'd go. Pro scouts aren't necessary, you can do your own homework. Medical, you don't take...
  • 22:34:58: @Psymin1 as many injuries if you actually play your games. But you need amateur scouts (huge help in the draft) and asst. coach (development
  • 22:50:53: @TheGoalieGuild He's also overplaying his angles badly. If he wasn't such a good athlete, we'd be talking about Raycroft by now.
  • 22:55:18: RT @Psymin1: #RaystormHD officially has the WORST demo I have ever played. That was an absolute joke. Oh well, they're not getting my M ...
  • 22:56:05: @Psymin1 You know what I did? Went and played the original PSX ISO. Just because they insulted me with that demo.
  • 23:00:54: Vancouver's having the same problem in '10 they had in '09: they don't have the size to handle Byfuglin.
  • 23:01:16: And before Canucks fans bitch: the goal is legit. He didn't initiate the contact with Luongo.
  • 23:11:06: Alex Burrows just hit Jay Sharres with a jab. What a FUCKING FAGGOT.
  • 23:16:33: Seriously. I'm embarrassed to have Alex Burrows on the Canucks. Why don't we trade for Sean Avery and Dan Carcillio while we're at it?
  • 23:34:02: @Psymin1 Are you reviewing this?

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