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From Twitter 05-07-2010

  • 00:26:18: So I was a little nicer to Mount & Blade: Warband than I was to the original. http://bit.ly/dkoZwP
  • 00:27:10: @twelveicings I should ask my other female friends (other than Ai, who liked the hair) what they think. XD
  • 08:53:50: @dmataconis You do realize the kid's just 16, right?
  • 08:55:56: @dmataconis Don't worry. That kid'll be in rehab before he's old enough to drink. I see him marrying Lindsey Lohan.
  • 08:57:10: It's almost done! Winnipeg might get their team back! Please let this happen!!! http://bit.ly/a3giA3
  • 08:58:20: @Jim_Sterling I'd never considered the spectre of Optimus Prime felching. And I review hentai games.
  • 08:59:39: The Liberal Democrats, after all that noise, LOST four seats. So it's not just Americans who are lazy, stupid and incapable of reason.
  • 09:01:15: @twelveicings I say that because I'm fairly sure that the city of Phoenix is going to reject almost anything that crosses a desk.
  • 09:03:16: @jephjacques You're not *really* in Canada, though. You're in New York North.
  • 09:06:36: @dmataconis Michael Jackson lived to be 50. Yet James Dean died at 24. Anything's possible.
  • 09:08:05: @dmataconis But they're taking over mine. I said two days ago that two people who were arguing were going to go handbags at dawn.
  • 10:50:51: @mrdatahs Are you in a public high school?
  • 10:53:28: @mrdatahs Then I can't argue against it. I don't *like* it, but it's public school. I'd say, ask the parents for their OK first.
  • 10:54:06: @mrdatahs Though I think it's telling the picture you used was one of cattle being herded. That's... apropos.
  • 11:55:03: @ValleyIndy Shelton IS in Fairfield County. That's pretty exotic.
  • 12:05:34: @CDemerjian So they admit they're plagerizing?
  • 12:16:01: Hat trick! RT @motherpucker: How about a double? RT @Wes_Mantooth Except that! RT @smalrus: Nothing I tweet is worth retweeting.
  • 12:16:48: OK, so are all the copycats getting this shit out of their system now? #timessquare #anotheraerosolcan
  • 12:17:32: Hey, I wonder if the NYPD will have people marching in single file with their hands held up like they're in a chain gang, too!
  • 12:44:07: I'm STILL learning stuff about Mount & Blade! Marrying adds the ability to store things, addressing a minor issue I had. Score!
  • 13:02:18: RT @ValleyIndy: Car v motorcycle reported in the area of 434 N. Main St. in Seymour. #cttraffic
  • 15:24:31: I am extremely, horrifically disappointed with Canada right now. http://bit.ly/bsz9qW
  • 15:32:32: Jesus Christ, does ANYONE use Twitter for its intended purpose? Everyone that follows me lately is a bot.
  • 18:22:20: The first thing I can say about Xexyz Force is that it's absolutely a @BigSamTweets type of game.
  • 20:02:53: AWWWWWWWWWFUL goal by Boucher. He wasn't ready for the shot and was going down when it was tipped. No chance due to his laziness.
  • 20:23:27: @TheGoalieGuild Boychuk could have been getting a hot dog. That much change of direction, that puck's going in.
  • 20:32:52: @twelveicings @citronmint I agree! Dead sucks! :( <3
  • 20:39:17: Dear NHL: I can't watch the Vancouver game on Centre Ice. Why? Because of Versus? Fuck you.
  • 21:13:44: @TheGoalieGuild Goaltending can only do so much. Lesson, kiddies: defencemen play the *PASS*
  • 21:14:56: Someone mind explaining to me how Simon Gagne got open in front? Why was Wideman playing the puck and not the pass?
  • 21:48:06: RT @TheGoalieGuild: These aren't just bad goals that Luongo is giving up, they are tired goals. I think he's starting to feel the energy ...
  • 21:48:47: @TheGoalieGuild Forget the Olympics, this is routine. Any coach that has a goalie play over 60 games should be fired, I think.
  • 21:51:01: @ryanaraine He obviously should go back to the bullpen.
  • 21:52:19: @TheGoalieGuild Look at what happened in New York. Valiquette had one bad game, and Torts dropped him. He's going to the KHL now.
  • 21:53:18: @motherpucker You know it's a long change, right? *SHOT*
  • 22:02:13: Loking at pictures of me from '08. I didn't realize just *how* fat I got. Oh my God.
  • 22:13:35: @motherpucker When in doubt, blame Gary Bettman.
  • 22:14:54: Vancouver will lose this series. I'm convinced of it. Chicago is in their heads, and Louie's gassed.
  • 22:15:51: @TheGoalieGuild He's also waaaaaaaay back in his net. I do think he's lost confidence, mainly because he's gassed. He's overcompensating.
  • 22:24:28: @TheGoalieGuild No. That tells the other 18 skaters that the game is a wash. That's fatal, considering that puts them down 3-1 going to Chi.
  • 22:26:28: @TheGoalieGuild The onus was on Vigneault to rest him *before* the playoffs. He failed, and it's biting him now.
  • 22:45:14: @revolver_ Wait... how old are you?
  • 22:55:31: @revolver_ Jesus! I thought you were about 22, at least! Whoops!
  • 22:56:04: @revolver_ And remember that these people are young, too. Young people are BS'd into thinking that "fun" = beer. They'll learn.
  • 23:20:41: @revolver_ See, here's the thing: if these are your friends, you need new friends. Being 21 won't help things. (cont) http://tl.gd/16q7d4
  • 23:23:19: "I hear Jared Weaver's throwing a no-hitter! Betcha it's against my Mariners... *clicks on the game* ... yep!" #limpbatsket
  • 23:27:13: @revolver_ Hey, if you ever need to blow off steam or just need to BS, if you have AIM, you can find me at curlehmustache. Just an FYI.

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