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From Twitter 05-08-2010

  • 00:05:03: @twelveicings You can get the slim 120GB for $300USD. That's your best bet. A 250 is $50 more, but changing drives if necessary is easy.
  • 00:22:36: @twelveicings Don't be surprised! Remember, a lot of PS3 games require installations. It's going to disappear more than you think.
  • 00:23:05: @twelveicings My advice? Get the 120, and save up for a larger (500GB) SATA 2.5" (laptop) drive, and switch them out.
  • 01:51:13: @SPBowley I wonder if he'll draft one of them when he takes the Chicago job.
  • 02:05:41: I notice pages I was a fan of or liked on Facebook are public. There is no way to make this not so. Looks like I'm not going to "like" shit.
  • 02:06:06: @twelveicings ... Oh. Well, then 120 is fine! XD
  • 02:07:56: This also means I can't "like" something like the Valley Sentinel - therefore, keeping news updates - and not have it or my friends show up.
  • 10:00:16: @burning_phoneix The wha who?
  • 10:19:28: @dmataconis Since getting to 299 followers less than a week ago, I've since gone... to 293 (likely all bots unfollows). So it's possible!
  • 10:33:47: There's something bigger going on with the Phoenix Suns: they have the perfect coach. Goran Dragic doesn't go off like that for D'Antoni.
  • 10:35:16: @burning_phoneix I'm so tight of funds right now that I can't really pull it off. Not at the moment, anyway.
  • 10:46:33: @Jim_Sterling Don't even fuck with a "netbook". I bought a decent laptop for just that purpose (LAX): http://bit.ly/adBSd0
  • 16:21:34: @jperlow Why not? One failed administrator stumping for another.
  • 16:59:21: @sportsguy33 My first thought is "what's so special about this?", then I ask... is this really exceptional for NBA teams?
  • 17:02:05: @dmataconis Do people not realize that Fiorina almost *ruined* the company she ran through mismanagement?
  • 17:19:59: @dmataconis Not the people of California.
  • 18:34:09: @WhitlockJason Did he apologize for kicking a man while he was down and bound?]
  • 18:39:16: @KeithOlbermann To be fair, when you have only like-minded people to talk to, you're no better than Hannity or O'Reilly.
  • 18:41:04: What the hell is this? "Game Boy"? Bah. It'll never take off. #Tweetsfrom1989
  • 18:42:10: This Power Glove looks amazing. It's going to revolutionize how we control video games. #Tweetsfrom1989
  • 18:42:38: Going to see The Wizard. Sadly, I don't have a girlfriend to watch it with. :( #Tweetsfrom1989
  • 18:52:04: Sega's "Genesis" system looks like just another TurboGrafx-16. It'll suffer the same fate. #Tweetsfrom1989
  • 19:03:08: $99 for a Genesis game? This "Phantasy Star II" had better be worth it. #Tweetsfrom1989
  • 19:05:04: To hell with the Game Boy. HERE'S a handheld that's going to take off: the Atari Lynx! #Tweetsfrom1989
  • 19:57:03: @JPosnanski Fine for error = bush league. Fine for a LAZY error like that? The error itself was bush league.
  • 20:10:39: @burning_phoneix Yeah, that's not a problem. Via Western Union? I probably won't get to it by Monday.
  • 20:17:44: @burning_phoneix I live in Derby, but Seymour's WU is doable.
  • 20:43:38: Soon, there will be a generation of Fire Emblem fans that don't know what a "Jeigan" character is. Damn you, Intelligent Systems.
  • 21:05:40: @shizuoya But he's not "Jeigan" anymore. He's "Jagen". Just like Sheeda is... uh, whatever the fuck she is (depends on region). :(
  • 21:07:18: Listening to "conservatives" crying about Palin's "betrayal" is delicious. You people don't realize she was never one of you. She's using u.
  • 21:10:02: @shizuoya I refuse to use the "new" names. But if I went on SF right now saying that, I'd probably be bricked...
  • 21:10:54: @shizuoya ... bricked by a generation of Fire Emblem fans who don't know who "Superbus" is. XD!
  • 22:08:07: @sportsguy33 The hell. Does Disney have a No Cursing in Tweets rule or something?
  • 22:25:18: @Psymin1 There. Boyle, for tripping. Calm down.
  • 22:26:27: @TheGoalieGuild Nabokov is very good with traffic, he stays low well. I don't know where Razor's coming from there, either.
  • 22:31:38: @dmataconis Sorry, hockey's more important. Signed, a dual citizen.
  • 22:34:04: @Psymin1 They even got a leg trip. Referees are not evil! (and I think Chris Lee's out there. One of the best)
  • 22:34:23: @Psymin1 Nope. He was tripped, and it caused a change of possession. Legitimate call, as was the leg trip that SJ's killing now.
  • 23:01:40: Uh oh. Penalty shot? @Psymin1's going to explode, I think. BRILLIANT call, though! (Very quick hold, took a break. Right call)
  • 23:02:48: I love how everyone's marveling about Betty White, as if she's always been a Golden Girl. Has no one seen her old work!?
  • 23:03:32: Back in "the day", Betty White was the dirtiest female comic around. She was basically Sarah Silverman before Sarah was conceived.
  • 23:08:00: @dmataconis Does NBC put all of this stuff on Hulu, or is it going to be butchered?
  • 23:19:54: @Psymin1 Missed call = Bad. Goal = 100% on Detroit. But guess what? Stuart got a hit, too. Consistency.
  • 23:24:09: @Psymin1 A hit to the head is a hit to the head. The only penalties being called now have to take away the puck, or a scoring chance.

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May. 9th, 2010 01:49 pm (UTC)
So they'll either call him a "Jagen character" (which is pronounced the same as "Jeigan character") or a "crutch character," the latter courtesy of Television Tropes & Idioms. Shall we also lament over how a generation of people don't know what a record is at this point?

I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill here. :/
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