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From Twitter 05-10-2010

  • 00:42:03: @TheGoalieGuild I was able to play at 5'9". Stand-up style, but still. Drafting goalies is an absolute crapshoot.
  • 01:58:09: @TheGoalieGuild I've told everyone that asks that the only thing separating the best goalie in the NHL from the (cont) http://tl.gd/17pa81
  • 02:18:18: One positive note about Sami Salo: he'll be able to get CRAZY good weed in Vancouver to take the pain off of his ruptured testicle.
  • 10:13:18: @DanaTaggart As the son of a Greek (illegal, initially) immigrant: the best, most resourceful Greeks are in America. The worst stayed.
  • 13:23:33: @BigSamTweets don't forget Latin America! Reference the old Chomsky books on that.
  • 13:29:55: So... What'd I miss? #followgedden
  • 13:43:15: @burning_phoneix you sent that money, right?
  • 15:01:01: @burning_phoneix Alright, let me know when you do, and any particulars I need to know.
  • 15:23:39: A liberal, probably lesbian woman is the Supreme Court nominee in the most partisan era in history. Oh boy. Handbags at dawn.
  • 15:24:21: RT @ValleyIndy: Hi Seymour, you have a budget vote tomorrow. http://tinyurl.com/2cx5t6q (And for Christ's sake, show up for this one! - Bus)
  • 15:30:10: In honour of Dallas Braden, I will now refer to anything I do as "how we do it in the 203"
  • 16:21:56: @burning_phoneix Trials is a better single player experience. Castle Crashers is better multiplayer. Both are excellent.
  • 18:05:48: @chadfordinsider Wait, huh? Jerome James? I would think he's comfortably past draft age/usefulness.
  • 18:14:37: Yes! Social conservatives are doing it! They're saying that Kagen isn't qualified to be a Supreme Court judge because she's (maybe) lesbian!
  • 18:15:13: They're ruining their credibility left and right! I LOVE IT! Keep it up, guys! Keep fighting those windmills!
  • 18:19:27: Since I started to scrutinize labels more - and cut things out of my diet resultingly - I've tightened up two belt loops. #notafatfuck
  • 18:19:45: Long story short: getting old requires discipline. Getting old sucks. #stillonly29
  • 18:28:14: Woah, woah, woah! WE'RE bailing out Greece!? Aren't WE bankrupt!?
  • 19:20:17: God DAMNIT, Chris! You're almost thirty! You have to STRETCH before you run two miles! Fucking idiot!
  • 19:26:24: @revolver_ I miss the days where I could just do a quick stretch and be off. Now, it's a fucking adventure.
  • 19:30:59: On a positive note? That's the first time I've run a consecutive mile in a long time. Let alone twice! #notafatfuck
  • 19:36:06: OK, someone had better have a FAST explanation as to why there are two NHL games on, and we can watch only 1 of them. Fuck you, NHL.
  • 19:37:09: No. Seriously. Fuck you, NHL. I live in New England. How can I NOT watch the Bruins? Don't say it's on NESN, either. We know that's not true
  • 19:39:12: @revolver_ Yes, and I just leveled up in "you're old, you stupid fuck". +3 tendon tightness!
  • 19:41:14: @BigSamTweets Outwalk? Fucker, I RAN two miles!
  • 19:43:15: @BigSamTweets Of course, if 30 year old Bus tried out for the pro team 19 year old Bus made, 30 year old Bus would get run. It'd be ugly.
  • 20:00:36: I stand corrected. NHL (Boston) is on NESN. I read my guide and didn't switch over. That's on me. My apologies to the NHL (who still suck).
  • 20:08:22: Just bought Mikado Defenders. Expect a review maybe later this week, after World Cup, the Hexyz Force preview and Power Pros '10.
  • 20:20:34: Dear Boston fans: don't assume you'll win game 6 because of Leighton. He's small, but is a good player. He can play.
  • 21:13:10: Playing the NES version of Wacky Races (Hanna-Barbera cartoon). Who's the publisher? ATLUS! Wow! Those were the times!
  • 21:23:56: @SPBowley Nonsense. It'll never work. We have to *expand* the game! (PS. Fuck Bettman. Love, a Canadian)
  • 21:57:01: Wow, Michelle Pfeiffer's STILL hot.
  • 22:02:16: @burning_phoneix I would say Castle Crashers has more replayability, and better balance. Trials HD is masochistic.
  • 22:02:50: @ErikaS981 Pretty good seats!
  • 22:03:07: @Locs_n_Laughs Coach, or petulant players?
  • 22:42:17: Modern beer commercials are astounding. "I have a hot, half-naked woman in my house! But wow! Coors Light boxes have viewing areas!"
  • 22:48:51: RT @libertypapers: One thing can be said for Kagan. She hides her lesbianism better than recent social conservatives hide their gay...

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