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From Twitter 05-12-2010

  • 00:01:38: I hope the Phoenix Coyotes fold at this point. And take Tampa with you. http://bit.ly/dmt5vY
  • 00:38:50: I fucking love Ubisoft. They charge $60 for a PC game, AND infest it with their draconian, useless DRM. Stay classy, you French fucks.
  • 11:41:19: @burning_phoneix Ah, yes. The whole "money makes the industry better" thing. I'd like to see their sales numbers.
  • 11:48:09: @dmataconis They allowed Prop 8. I have no faith in California anymore.
  • 11:55:05: @ryanaraine This piece of shit is flat-out lying to us. Infuriating.
  • 12:01:03: If anything should scare off people from Facebook, this guy is it (via @ryanaraine) http://nyti.ms/c8HxCV
  • 12:31:23: @TheGoalieGuild Now tell a casual fanbase that is known for rioting that. That's the thing: they attack what's convenient. That's Luongo.
  • 12:32:15: @burning_phoneix They're doing what they're told to do. Gamers are sheep. The best games don't even come from EA or Ubisoft. But...
  • 12:32:55: @burning_phoneix They don't know that because they're lazy and not curious. They're "rooting" for large, multinational corporations.
  • 12:55:18: RT @libertyideals: Kagan: Government should decide if free speech is good for society #libertarian http://bit.ly/a6AzMc (WARNING! WARNING!)
  • 13:17:56: @dmataconis That's like something we'd see in Miley Cyrus's "I'm All Grown Up! Really, I Can Have Sex Now!" tour.
  • 13:21:24: @huicerasguksd Fuck yourself. #beseeingyou
  • 14:26:35: @jlist You used the upload link, not the actual link.
  • 14:34:58: I love the haters hating on Lebron. Ghetto Logic 101. Amazing player has a bad game, bring him down to your level. Fucking mediocraties.
  • 15:09:11: Firefox once again shows it's sucking dick. No, Mozilla, I KNOW I have the latest Flash plugin and Javascript enabled. Stop saying otherwise
  • 15:46:32: @libertypapers I... well, shit. Kinda got me there.
  • 15:46:40: RT @burning_phoneix: Holy shit! to celebrate launching Steam on Macs, Valve is giving #Portal away for free! But only till May24th! HURR ...
  • 15:53:01: @Aitherion Exactly. I've owned it since I've run Steam.
  • 16:02:05: Just an FYI: Steam is giving Portal away to PC + Mac users. This is the best way to break in Mac users EVER.
  • 16:06:45: Random challenge: Let's see if I can beat France with American Samoa.
  • 16:16:14: @dekunda It doesn't matter to me who the main character is. The game is still vastly inferior to P4 in almost every fashion.
  • 16:27:13: Nope! American Samoa 0 - France 2, AET. Oh well, game effort, at least. #fifaworldcup10
  • 16:47:27: Here's a better idea: don't buy, torrent, or do anything to Hurt Locker. Just punish the maker with your wallets. http://bit.ly/bqNeTQ
  • 17:58:19: @chadfordinsider Because people have pageviews and articles to sell. Have to fill time. It's like John Briggs: It's politics. Just politics.
  • 18:03:26: I have to admit: the more I hear about Paul Roy, the more I like him. I think Seymour voters did well, there. #seymourct
  • 19:02:30: Biting the bullet, and going into Online World Cup mode. First opponent? Spain. Best team. *Of course*
  • 19:12:18: I hate online I hate online I hate online I hate online I hate online I hate online I hate online I hate online I hate online
  • 19:21:44: I'm better than my opponent at passing, defence, and positioning. He's better at getting Torres the ball and running. Naturally, 4-1 ESP.
  • 19:22:16: For those of you wondering, I'm playing as Canada. Let's just say there's a *massive* gulf in class between Canada and the game's best team.
  • 19:22:27: @ValleyIndy Yeah. Like I'm in Oz.
  • 19:27:13: To hell with work. Let's see what I've missed in the Penguins game... ... Holy shit! 4-1 CANADIENS!?
  • 19:33:31: Halak has to be out at the top of the blue crease. That's why that shot went in; the tip has nowhere to go if he's farther out.
  • 19:34:27: @twelveicings PIT just scored. 4-2.
  • 19:37:44: @burning_phoneix They'd closed by the time I got out there at 6ish. Sorry about that. I'll definitely get out there earlier tomorrow.
  • 19:39:23: @TheGoalieGuild He's at least showing life, at least letting people know that he's there in that scrum.
  • 19:40:21: @ValleyIndy The former. :(
  • 19:40:52: @burning_phoneix I was told when I went there that Western Union closed at 5. It's entirely possible the Indian guy was full of shit.
  • 19:41:20: @burning_phoneix Wait. Give me ONE second.
  • 19:50:10: @burning_phoneix Check your email.
  • 20:20:28: Game over. Montreal is going to the ECF on one of the few goals you see and can say "there's nothing he can do".
  • 20:29:04: AWESOME save by Halak! Kept his feet angled properly, didn't overplay his angle. THAT is a great save. Someone diving madly is not.
  • 20:29:55: @TheGoalieGuild I didn't watch the first 30 minutes. How bad were MTL's first four goals?
  • 20:33:01: @dmataconis Isn't the Chamber of Congress a government organization? How can they endorse anyone?
  • 20:34:08: disappointed in Pittsburgh fans. They're leaving with 3:19 left. That's kinda chickenshit. Last game in your arena, stick around.
  • 20:34:43: RT @SPBowley: RT @orangeorange05: Canada is taking hockey back, bitches. Phoenix moving back to Winnipeg, Montreal in the conference fin ...
  • 20:37:46: What time is it? It's "Turn on the Boston game" time!
  • 20:53:50: @DanaTaggart Dana, just reading your tweets about kids, I'm thinking of a vasectomy and I'm not even married yet.
  • 20:59:17: @DanaTaggart It's not just you. My mother's own stories indicate I probably don't want to deal with another me.
  • 21:04:22: RT @sportsguy33: The Game 7 loss infuriated Lemeiux - he just took the bunk bed out of Crosby's room and grounded him from texting for 2 ...

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